Green beans: cooking features, useful properties and recommendations Green beans go well with various ingredients. Therefore, it is widely used in cooking. It makes delicious salads, first and second courses. Today we will tell you how this vegetable is useful and what is prepared..

Fifteenth day. St. Petersburg. Katkin kindergarten-Kazansky-Dvortsovaya. 1 The dynasty of merchants Eliseev began to build their empire in St. Petersburg. It is not known what their activities would have been if it were not for the revolution, but we will not consider theories. Interestingly..

Gel for washing Weasel - important points to use The fashion industry does not stand still; it sets everything around it in motion, drawing it into the vanguard of countless fabrics and textures. And the textile industry is rightfully the engine of such progress!.

Japan successfully tested the smallest space rocket Yesterday, the experimental ultralight launch vehicle SS-520-5 was launched from the Japanese spaceport Utinoura. The mission ended in success. The rocket successfully put into a low near-earth orbit a 3-pound satellite of geological survey and communications TRICOM..

Some interesting facts about Georgy Danelia's Mimino Mimino. One of the most favorite works of George Danelia, the master of sad comedy. You all remember very well the story of a laconic provincial pilot who dreamed of long-range aviation, but when the dream came..

Mongols consider vegetarianism a mental disorder Therefore, it is often possible to meet the advice of guides to tourists not to spread about their love for green food. Why is that? The fact is that the Mongols very zealously honor the traditions of their..

Astronomers have found five new exoplanets in red dwarf systems An article on the discovery of five new exoplanets in the systems of two red dwarfs was published on the site The discovery was made by a group of Spanish astronomers based on..

Erdogan: Turkish army entered Syria to overthrow Assad The Turkish army entered Syria at the end of August to overthrow its president, Bashar Assad. This was stated by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, speaking at a symposium on Jerusalem in Istanbul. "According to my..

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