5 kW generator (diesel): technical specifications

Electricity gives the consumer light. This statement is especially true for residents of high-rises of megacities, who additionally acquire power sources in the manner of lanterns and rechargeable lamps in case they turn off the light. As for the owners of private houses, electricity for them is all, because accidents on power lines lead to a complete shutdown of the heating system, water supply, as well as all household appliances in the house. Such problems can lead to even greater difficulties.


generator 5 kw diesel

In order not to dive into the Middle Ages in case of breakdowns on power lines, consumers are forced to purchase generators with which they can brighten up the period of lack of light. If you also decide to follow the experience of the majority, then you should take a closer look at the peculiarities of choosing a generator that can act not only as an emergency but also as a permanent source of energy.

This article will focus on diesel appliances with a power of 5 kW. In order to make a choice, you should consider several models, study their technical characteristics, which will allow you to understand what is the fuel consumption for the full operation of the equipment for a certain time.

Technical characteristics of the generator brand FUBAG DS 7000 DA ES

diesel generator 5 kw

If you decide to purchase a 5 kW diesel generator, then you should pay attention to the model FUBAG DS 7000 DA ES, which costs 57,700 rubles. This version of the device has an automatics connector and an electric starter, and for ease of transport, the design is supplemented by a wheelbase. The generator of this brand is distinguished by its versatility, because with it it is possible to ensure the power supply of single-phase and three-phase consumers.

Autonomous operation is guaranteed by low fuel consumption, which indicates that without refueling the unit will be able to work for 5 hours, this is true at 3/4 load. The 5 kW generator (diesel) described above has a synchronous alternator, as well as a 12 V output. There is also an indicator in the system that is responsible for the fuel level. The equipment weighs 99 kg.The number of revolutions per one minute is 3000. Fuel consumption is equivalent to 2.09 l / h.

Before purchasing the device should consider its dimensions, they are equal to 770x475x590 mm. This generator 5 kW (diesel) has a battery. The volume of the oil tank is 1.65 liters. The equipment works, powered by a four-stroke engine. For more convenient operation, the design has an oil sensor. The noise level is 82 dB. It is very convenient that the system is supplemented by the option of a clock counter.

Technical characteristics of the generator brand DAEWOO DDAE 6000XE

diesel generator 5 kW with auto start

This equipment is somewhat more expensive, its cost is 67,000 rubles. The model is a generator that has a powerful alternator. Its winding is made of copper, thanks to which it was possible to achieve a stable current and effective cooling. The scope of application has expanded significantly, because the unit is adapted to connect inverter welding machines.

The station is easy to use, because it has an electric starter, which makes it easier to start the engine even in cold weather. This diesel generator 5 kW with auto start has such technical characteristics that force consumers to make a choice in his direction, among them it is necessary to highlight the presence of the control automation function.The equipment weighs less than the above, its weight is 82 kg. This mobile power plant has positive operational features, among which one should definitely highlight:

  • easy transportation;
  • availability of automatic voltage control system;
  • smart overload protection;
  • launch from the key;
  • oil level sensor;
  • built-in charger;
  • low noise level;
  • multifunction display;
  • solid frame construction.

Technical characteristics of the generator brand Elitech DES 8000 EM

best diesel generator 5 kw

If you want to choose the best diesel generator of 5 kW, then you should take a closer look at several models. An excellent example is the option of equipment Elitech DES 8000 EM. To pay for it will have 62,500 rubles. The generator is designed to power garden equipment, lighting and household equipment. The design has an electric starter, which easily allows the launch of the station, this is true even for an inexperienced user.

The described generator 5 kW (diesel) is equipped with a socket designed to power high-power devices. Equipment has the option of control automation, which is very convenient.The maximum power of the unit reaches 6 kW. The fuel tank capacity in the kit is equal to 12.5 liters. For ease of use, the manufacturer supplied the generator with a fuel level indicator. But the handles and wheels are not included. The equipment functions at the expense of the four-stroke engine. Its power is 12 kW.

Specifications of EuroPower EPS20TDE diesel generator

diesel generator 5 kW fuel consumption

If you need a diesel generator 5 kW, then you can consider the model that was mentioned above. It is a complete station intended for intensive use. The alternator in a set produces high quality energy that distinguishes the model from its analogs. The device is equipped with a casing that effectively absorbs noise and acts as a protection for internal components from damage.

Having the function of the hour meter allows the user to detect the need for maintenance. There is a control automation option in the system. Capacity of a fuel tank in a set is equal 80 l. The weight of the equipment is 660 kg. The design is equipped with an electric starter. This 5 kW 3-phase diesel generator has a fuel level indicator, but it does not have a handle or a wheel.

The unit operates at the expense of a four-stroke engine. This stationary power plant has a synchronous alternator. Among other things, the design has many positive features, namely:

  • protection from dust and moisture;
  • ease of maintenance;
  • effective cooling;
  • the presence of four cylinders;
  • full compliance.

There is an electronic speed controller in the system as standard.

Technical characteristics of the petrol generator brand ELITECH DES 8000 EM

generator 6 5 kw diesel

On sale you can find another generator 6.5 kW (diesel). The cost of the above model is 72 900 rubles. It is an equipment whose working volume is 473 cm3. With a full tank, the unit will work for 6.25 hours. This device is a backup power source. Its weight is 104 kg. The design has wheels. The dimensions of the equipment are 700x485x605 mm. The generator tank has a capacity of 12.5 liters. Active power is 6.5 kW.

Technical characteristics of the generator brand Champion DG6501E

diesel generator 5 kW 3 phase

This 5 kW diesel generator, whose fuel consumption is 280 g / kW * h, has an oil tank in a design with a volume of 1.7 liters.The noise level during operation is 82 dB. Engine capacity is equivalent to 473 cm3. There is an oil sensor and an hour meter in the system. The operator can also use the fuel level indicator. For ease of transport and movement there are handles and wheels.

This mobile powerhouse has a 12.5 liter fuel tank. You should take into account that the design does not have control automation. The weight of the unit is 99 kg. Among the additional characteristics should be highlighted:

  • visual control;
  • resistance to moisture and dust;
  • minimal vibration;
  • electric starter;
  • corrosion protection;
  • long service life;
  • brush type rotor.


On sale today are generators in a variety of varieties. They can run on a specific type of fuel. However, if you prefer the diesel version, it may have a cooling system at the expense of liquid or air. Low-power air-cooled power plants do not have advantages in terms of reliability over petrol analogues. An additional disadvantage for many consumers is the rather high noise level and massiveness.However, if you need non-stop round-the-clock operation, the diesel equipment option will be the best solution.

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