A child bites children in kindergarten - what to do?

In kindergarten in each group there is often a child who bites his peers. This behavior of the baby is unpleasant for everyone: the victim, the parents of both parties, the caregiver and the “kusak” himself. Naturally, the mother immediately asks questions: why does the child bite the children in the kindergarten? What to do? Let's try to understand why such situations arise, how to react to them and whether they can be prevented.

The first actions of parents after the incident

After parents have learned that their child has bitten a peer in kindergarten, first of all you need to do the following:

  • Do not give in to emotions, behave calmly.
  • Ask the caregiver if the group has a bad example to follow. Maybe another child bites children, and your baby decided to repeat its behavior.child bites children
  • Ask working personnel to observe the child to find out when and under what circumstances such situations occur.
  • If the incident occurred for the first time, you need to analyze what changes in the life of the baby have happened recently.
  • Do not allow the crumb to feel depressed, depressed and not like everyone else because of an unpleasant incident.

Why does a child bite?

There may be several reasons for this unpleasant phenomenon, all of which will be described in detail below. But they have one source - emotionality. According to statistics, about ten percent of children are born more temperamental than the other ninety. These babies react very violently to any events, both positive and negative. The feelings of these children are hypertrophied. They are either all too well, or, conversely, very bad. Experiencing any strong emotion, the child bites children in kindergarten. He does this not because he wants to hurt another pupil of the group, but from the inability to keep his emotions and feelings and express them in a different way. He can bite not only when he is upset or offended, but also if he is overwhelmed with joy, and the kid wants to share it.

If the child began to use his teeth after he started attending kindergarten, then the infectious example could be to blame.Even a kid who does not display aggression can be influenced by the majority and begin to perform such actions so as not to stand out. Confident children who are praised by their parents will often not be influenced by the collective in such a situation.

The main causes of this harmful habit in a child are described in detail below, and ways are given to solve the problems that have arisen in connection with this.

The first reason. Proof of significance

Often the child begins to bite only in order to prove its importance and gain credibility in the team. In this way, he wants to bring about the subordination of the surrounding students to the group and the ability to control their actions. The first reason why a child bites children in the kindergarten is indicated. How to act in this case?why baby bites childrenThe main thing is to teach the child to express his desires not with the help of bites, but with words. It is available to explain to the child that being bitten and hurt to be bitten is possible with the help of games where he should participate in the situation, first in the role of “kusaki”, and then as an injured person. During this entertainment, you need to show that simple phrases like “I don’t want”, “I’m angry” or “I don’t like it” act much more effectively than bites.

The second reason. Sense of anxiety

A child may bite when experiencing anxiety or discomfort from being in a particular place or environment. He is probably scared, or he feels defenseless. If a child bites children in the garden for this reason, then to solve the problem, parents need to surround him with even more love and care, and the caregiver should try to create a friendly atmosphere around the baby and maybe give him a little more personal space. Kindergarten workers should help their ward find a place where he will feel safe. If the crumb goes to the garden quite recently, you need to give him time to adapt. Let him take with him to the group his favorite toy or other thing from home, which will give him a feeling of confidence and calm.

The third reason. Unspent energy

Sometimes it happens that in the role of "kusaki" a hyperactive child acts. And he uses his teeth only because during the day he was not able to throw out enough energy.why does a child bite children in kindergartenWhen such a child bites children in kindergarten, what should the caregiver and parents do? Follow the baby’s daily routine.Before lunch, he is recommended outdoor games and physical activity, for example, dancing, swimming, cycling. But the second half of the day is better to spend calmly, drawing, playing with the designer, sculpt from clay or reading books.

The fourth reason. Excessive emotionality

If the child with the help of bites expresses positive emotions, then you need to offer him an alternative how to show your feelings in other ways - using kind words, hugs and kisses.

Another option is possible - when a child bites children because of aggression surging at it. How differently you can express it, the crumb does not yet know. That resorts to the use of teeth.

The fifth reason. Lack of attention

If it seems to the baby that mom and dad do not pay enough attention to him, he is looking for ways to fix it. To somehow catch the parents, the child bites the children in the garden.child bites children in the gardenWhat do adults do? You need to try to spend as much time with your baby. Hugging him, kissing, playing together, reading books and just chatting. Soon there will be an invisible connection between the parents and the child, his psychology will become more understandable, and it will be possible to predict when and for what reason the baby can bite.It is at this point that you need to move his attention to something that distracts the child from the desire to use his teeth.

What you need to do after the child bites, and what you should not do

It is strictly forbidden to respond to "kusak" aggression. You can not scream or try to slap him, especially not to try to use his teeth in order to bring up. The retaliatory aggression will not lead to the solution of the problem, but can only intimidate the child and engender complexes in it. The main thing that an adult should do is to calmly and confidently explain to the crumbs how he hurt his peer.

It is necessary to make it clear to the child that it is better to replace the bites with the words “no,” “I don’t like,” “I don’t want,” “I’m angry.” That the use of speech is more effective than the use of teeth. Playing such situations with the use of dolls has a positive effect on the baby.

It happens that a child bites children to check those around them. He is curious about what the reaction will follow, what is the limit of what is permitted, and what he can get away with. In this case, adults should make it clear that this can not be done. Parents need to explain: when you bite, you hurt.Much better to hug and kiss.

If the child repents

It happens that a child bites children in a kindergarten not purposefully, but in a fit of emotions or because of fatigue. After that, he himself is frightened by his act and sincerely repents.child bites children in the garden what to doIn this case, do not need to report him. On the contrary, the child should be asked to apologize to his peer, blow into the bite, stick a plaster, give him a toy. But such behavior of adults is supposed only in the case when for a child this situation is really single and is not the norm of behavior.

How to wean the baby bite?

The principles of ridding a child of a bad habit are as follows:

  1. Never give a positive reaction (laughter or smile) if someone has been bitten.
  2. Do not use your teeth in relation to your baby, even in the form of a game. For him, there is no difference between the gentle biting of an adult and its similar (as it seems to him) actions.
  3. Teach your baby an alternative way to get what you want - using gestures and words, not teeth.
  4. Explain to the child that you need to treat your peers. For example, you should share cookies with them.When the pussy offers treats to other children, you need to praise him.
  5. Teach your baby to play a toy, not himself, but take turns with other children. Be sure to praise if this happens before your eyes.
  6. Show the baby how to express their positive emotions in relation to toys during the game. For example, how to hug a bear, stroke a kitten or kiss a doll. Praise a child if he plays calmly and peacefully.
  7. In the case when the child throws toys, you need to explain that the doll is unpleasant, and you should feel sorry for it.child bites children what to do
  8. Organize and promote games with sand, water or clay, as such activities pacify aggression.
  9. To give the child the opportunity to draw, especially with paints.
  10. If a child bites children in a kindergarten, then at home you should treat him with solid food as often as possible. Let him gnaw carrots, cabbage, cucumber, apple, crackers or donut.
  11. The baby needs to periodically play with cubes or constructor.
  12. The crumbs should have a special place where you can crawl, roll and tumble.
  13. The child should not be seen as adults are fighting and fighting with each other.
  14. It is necessary to strictly observe the daily routine of the baby.

How does the kid throw out his anger?

Anger is a natural emotion that has the same right to exist as others. Sometimes even adults who know how to keep themselves in hand, experience this feeling. The difference between a baby and a mom or dad is that parents know how to throw out anger without causing harm to others, and their offspring does not possess this skill. Why does a child bite children? Because angry. We need to teach him to get rid of this emotion with the help of inanimate objects. For example, you can beat a sofa cushion, tear an unnecessary piece of paper into small pieces, throw soft balls into the wall, make plasticine and flatten his sense of anger with his fist, shout and roar loudly.

You can not completely try to suppress the negative emotions of the baby, because later it can lead to visits to a child psychologist and a neurologist.

Prevention of bad habits

Why does a child bite children? Because his parents do not praise him. In time the word of approval will prevent the emergence of a desire to bite. You need to praise the crumb when his behavior matches your requests, for example, if he treats his peers, shares toys, is considered with the desires of others, shows patience.

At the right moment, embracing the child, you can help him associate his non-aggressive behavior with pleasant sensations. Soon, the little one will understand that it is better to get a positive reaction to their peaceful behavior than a negative one to bitten-on peers.

In turn, parents and kindergarten workers should by their example show the child how to cope with anger and irritation.child bites children in kindergarten

Role playing with a child is a good prevention method. Here are a few topics for such psychological training:

  • A child is taken a toy.
  • The kid got angry.
  • Crumbs hit or called them.
  • The child is scary.

The purpose of such activities is the ability to teach your child to express emotions exclusively in words, without triggering the teeth.

The teacher said that your child bites children. What to do with this problem? Need help baby. First of all, you should try to deal with the reason due to which the child has this bad habit. Further, the main task of parents is to eliminate this factor that influences the behavior of the crumbs. Adults should be patient and show their wisdom in solving this problem.The main assistants in this will be attention, hugs and kisses. A self-confident child, who is often praised in the case, will not solve problems by biting other children. And remember that you can not spoil the love. Thanks to this article, you will surely succeed in turning the evil "kusaku" into the best "kislovak."

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