A sales representative is who? Responsibilities of a sales representative

There is a list of professions that are in demand even in times of crisis. The position of “sales representative” is a good example. At any time, people will buy, and in order to sell something, they need a link. Our article will be devoted to the person to whom we owe everything that we have on the shelves in stores, and that out of a thousand products we choose the products of the company in which he works.

What first need to be able to?

A sales representative is a person who by his nature is not able to sit out his pants in the office. Energy, mobility, mobility - these are the qualities that bring success in this field. The applicant for this position should be able to agree with the outlet to take the best position - to move competitors to the back.

A sales representative is a person whose “tongue is suspended”, he doesn’t crawl behind his word, his energy splashes over the edge, and his sense of humor makes even the Comedy Club residents feel nervous.

Can I sell by phone? Absolutely not, otherwise the need for a sales representative would have disappeared in principle, because both a secretary and an accountant can call and offer a product / service. A sales representative is a company tool through which she can promote her products or services to the masses. He has to sell, sell very actively, literally force, convince the outlet to make the order bigger. Convince your potential employer that you can not just take an order from a client, but you can make a sale and then the work is in your pocket.

official sales representative

Official sales representative

Is it worth applying for the position being described? Reviews of those who found themselves in this role show that in search of work you should definitely try your hand in this field. And to understand whether you are suitable for this profession, you need to familiarize yourself with the job regulations:

  • A sales representative sells an approved product line of a company (firm) in a specific market.
  • Raises the status of the company (firm), creates a favorable impression about the product (service) in its service territory and in business circles.
  • Carries out activities promoting the sold goods (services).
  • Struggles with competitors for the priority placement of their goods.
  • Conducts on behalf of the company market research.
  • Finds new partners, establishes product distribution channels.
  • Communicates to the management of the company the wishes of both partners and end users.
  • Concludes cooperation agreements.
  • Collects money for the delivered goods (in some cases), prevents the formation of customer debt to his company.
  • It is the link between the customer and the delivery service.
  • Visits personally each outlet in strictly regulated days.
  • If necessary, establishes business contacts between the management of the company and the consumer.

Responsibilities are followed by rights:

  • The company's sales representative can familiarize himself with management decisions regarding his work (reports, sales plans, percentage of goals).
  • He has the right to study the documents that regulate rights and obligations, as well as information about the criteria by which his work will be assessed.
  • To make proposals for the establishment of work, as well as its improvement, as stipulated by the official regulations.
  • To inform the management about the identified deficiencies in the process of activities, as well as to eliminate them.
  • To ask for help from specialists of all structural divisions of the company involved in the process of selling a product (service).
  • Request the documentation necessary to perform their duties.
  • Require the head of assistance in solving tasks, if you can not perform them yourself.

We list and knowledge necessary for work:

  • ethics of business communication;
  • negotiation skills;
  • ability to overcome client objections (psychology);
  • marketing fundamentals;
  • contracting skills;
  • knowledge in the field of merchandising.

In some companies, this position is accepted even without having a higher education, experience has shown that this does not necessarily affect sales.

sales rep it

Briefly about the role of merchandising

A candidate for sales representatives should have at least superficial knowledge of what merchandising is. Do not forget to include this item in your resume.

Merchandising is a set of measures with which you can promote your product at a point of sale. That is, a merchandiser is an advertising agent, armed with all sorts of tools:

  • advertising posters;
  • dummies;
  • price tags, adhesive tapes, labels, which bear the name of the brand selling company;
  • coins;
  • banners;
  • sometimes even furniture with a logo.

The list is not limited to this - as stated by the "sales representative" feedback to the position, he must be creative and find a common language in the outlet with their owners and sellers in order to place their products in the best places by any means. The priority is to be placed at the level of the buyer’s eyes.

It is not so easy to push out a competitor from the best positions, because the goods for these places are not accidental. To agree with the owners of the store, you need to possess various techniques to overcome objections and be able to convince.

Without advertising and good positions, the company will not be able to increase profits, and the sales representative will not be able to receive significant dividends.

sales representative resume sample

Sales Representative Summary: Sample

If you have already worked as a sales agent, then you should definitely indicate this in your CV and focus on the benefits that the company has received through you, even if this is not the case.

After the full name, date of birth, address of residence, citizenship, marital status and education, proceed to work experience. In the column "duties" write your functions in the past place:

  • the conclusion of contracts for direct sales;
  • cooperation with the established client base, the search for new customers;
  • retention of the company's product positions in priority places on the trading floor;
  • work with retail and wholesale points;
  • holding promotions and loyalty programs;
  • installation of advertising and equipment in accordance with company standards;
  • tracing receivables;
  • submission of reports, maintaining the necessary documentation.

Achievements to be summarized

Personal victories will help make it clear why you should be accepted for the position, so indicate without modesty:

  • increased customer base;
  • increased sales even at points with a small turnover of goods;
  • received the title of "sales representative" of the month;
  • knowledge gained during the training was implemented;
  • expanded its product range at retail outlets;
  • eliminated bad receivables among customers.

Indicate additional skills:

  • driver's license;
  • computer knowledge level;
  • knowledge of the programms;
  • knowledge of languages;
  • degree of knowledge of the city (locality);
  • the possibility of travel on business trips;
  • personal qualities: lack of bad habits, sports hobbies, hobbies, ability to learn, develop, ability to work in a team.

Having a driver's license and your own car often plays a decisive role in whether you get this job. Mobile agent - the best agent.

sales representative reviews

Sales representative without experience: will they take it?

They'll take it, everything started from something. The most important thing is to make a correct resume, where you need to focus on those qualities that the employer always wants to see in a member of his team. The summary of the sales representative, a sample of which can be compiled according to our prompts, is a very important selection criterion, according to which you will be called for an interview or not.

It’s worth remembering that it’s just impossible to write, you still need to pump up your selling skills - study educational articles, watch the video and more expensively “sell” your talents. By the way, during the interview the candidate is always asked to conditionally sell something. Owning the theory, you will already be ready for this and you will not fall face in the dirt, or rather get a job.

Before you declare to the company, it is worth getting information about the company: how many years on the market, where the manufacturer, the list of products, the strengths of the goods, etc.

work sales rep reviews

What products are better to sell?

If you are interested in the work of a sales representative, reviews will help you better determine the company, where better to go to work:

  1. The sale of dairy products is one of the priorities among sales agents. Without milk, kefir, sour cream and cottage cheese, people cannot live, and therefore there will always be demand. Stable sales - stable wages. The disadvantages include the fact that products are perishable, you often have to deal with overdue payments, and you won’t load the store in store.
  2. Those who are engaged in the implementation of household chemicals, has a distinct advantage in the form of a long period of shelf life of products.Some trademarks are so much promoted that it is a pleasure to sell them, it can be said that the brand itself is selling them. In such organizations, the lowest staff turnover.
  3. A sales representative who sells electronics should have not only sales skills, but also have deep knowledge in certain categories of equipment.
  4. Alcohol, beer is another category that is famous for its demand in our country. Usually in companies that specialize in sales of this category, wages are always much higher.
  5. Working with tobacco products has also always brought an excellent income, but recently there has been a promotion of sports and health, so earnings in this segment are falling.

sales representative of the company

Sales Representative Tips

As in any field, there are nuances, knowing that, it would be easier to work:

  • When taking office, do not take on the cash debts of the previous employee, the debit can hang on you without any hope of a return.
  • Do not make a big deal with a new client - you must first make sure of its solvency.
  • Regularly attend training to improve personal efficiency, increase sales, confidence.Well, if you settle in a company that conducts all this training for their employees for free.
  • If you value your free time and independence, you don’t go to work for a company where morning and evening “volunteers” are taken at the office, so you will be constantly tied to time, even if you complete your duties quickly.
  • Be able not to stop at the word "NO", learn to overcome objections and sell, no matter what.

Work as a sales representative, reviews of which are constantly being studied by applicants for this position are very interesting. There is a place for everything new, acquaintances, a team, various techniques, a high level of wealth, friends.

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