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As a child, Alexander Bukharov dreamed of becoming an officer, he almost got employed as a tiler. But in the end I learned to be an actor. And when the picture "Wolfhound" appeared on the screens, he acquired super popularity. Next - everything in order.


The future actor was born in February 1975 in Labinsk (Krasnodar region, Russia). His mother worked as a nurse and his father worked as a builder, security guard, and bricklayer. Sasha was very small when the family moved to Irkutsk (the parents still live there), where the boy spent his childhood and teenage years.

He often disappeared on the street, with an enviable constancy, falling into various fights and alterations. I did not want to study at school. His childhood was saturated with the traditional atmosphere of the 80s-90s, like many adolescents who grew up at that time.

Alexander Bukharov, actor

After Sasha studied at school for eight years, he realized that he did not want to go there anymore. I decided to enroll in vocational schools and learn from the tiler. But there was still a month before the entrance campaign, and then his friend was going to go to Irkutsk to enter the local drama school. Sasha decided to go with him as a support.

Random entry

And then I decided to try my hand. When there was an opening audition, for some reason, Alexander Bukharov was very frightened and began to lisp off from this, turning a fragment of a classical work into something absolutely humorous. Examiners had fun like children.

And yet they came to the conclusion that the talent of a real comedian disappears in the guy. They were taken to a school with a friend. Very soon, Sasha realized that he liked studying. He especially came to the delight of acting classes and stage combat. He graduated from the Bukharov College with a red diploma and a desire to study further.

Actor Alexander Bukharov

Yesterday’s student moved to Moscow and entered VGIK, after which he was invited to work at the Moscow Drama Theater under the direction of Armen Dzhigarkhanyan.

Carier start

Shoot Bukharov began somehow unnoticed. His career started with small episodes. These were the series “Truckers”, “Maroseyka, 12”, “At the corner, at the Patriarch's” known to a huge number of viewers ...

The actor does not like to remember that time, because, as a rule, after the installation of the next picture it turned out that the frames with him are very short.And yet this experience meant a lot to the future film-making career of Bukharov.

2006 was a truly landmark year in his career: Alexander Bukharov, an actor, was approved for two main roles - in the detective film “Vaccine” and in the action movie “Wolfhound of the Gray Dogs”. The detective did not have much success, but thanks to the second film, Alexander instantly became famous throughout Russia. A year later, another film was released - "Young Wolfhound", which only strengthened the fame of the actor. Now he received offers to participate in a huge number of new works and the most interesting and attractive projects.

Alexander Bukharov in the movie "Wolfhound"

Alexander Bukharov (his photo often appears on the pages of glossy magazines) has been filmed since then in many quality tapes - “Crazy Angel”, “Servant Sovereign”, “Alien Darling”, “Taiga Mistress”, “Ice Kiss” and others. He had detectives and war dramas, love stories and melodramas.

Recent work

Then followed two good works of the actor - the crime drama "Women on the Edge" and the detective story "The District".

Alexander Bukharov

One of the latest films, where Alexander Bukharov played, whose biography is interesting to the audience, was a story about the police routine under the simple title “Department”. Viewers watched it in 2016. The actor was approved for the role of Roman Rusakov, a police major.

This is a detective series about one of the police teams investigating various crimes and saving the city from criminals. Honest and decent police are ready to do everything in their power to protect the citizens. It even happens that the team of Roman violates the law so that the investigation will be effective. The run-through line in the series - the case of a very cunning maniac, who in turn kills the girls - "night butterflies." Each series is a separate new business with its own mini-storyline.

A little about personal ...

Alexander Bukharov met his fate after graduating from the Institute of Cinematography. It was an accident at the grocery store. Her name is Elena Medvedeva, and she is also an actress from Nizhny Novgorod.

The young people went to the registry office just two months after they met, and a little later their son was born, who was named Dima.

Sasha and Lena do not have to worry because they have not seen for a long time. But the spouses manage to combine personal and professional life, because they work in the same theater and go on stage in the same performances.

Alexander Bukharov

Alexander Bukharov still starred in movies. Among his latest works are: the role of Lyadov in the drama “Wings of an Empire”, Fyodor Chernykh in Passion, a businessman Kozyrev in the mini-series “Substitution”.

This year there will be a social drama “Plant” about the workers of the plant, who went bankrupt because of the intrigues of the oligarch-owner, and the biographical drama about Lev Yashin, in which the actor plays Konstantin Beskov.

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