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Benoit Poulward is a renowned Belgian actor. Known as a humorist, director and producer. The domestic viewer is familiar with the performance of numerous comedy roles primarily in French films.

early years

Benoit Pulward

Benoit Pulvord was born in a small Belgian town Namur in 1964. Since childhood, the boy shows artistic inclinations. In adolescence, together with his comrades, he organizes a small theater group, where he attracts students with extraordinary abilities and special views on the world around them. However, until the age of majority Benoît Pulward does not think of engaging in acting at a professional level.

From the age of 18, the guy begins to get involved in theater. The young artist takes on any role, trying in detail to reveal the subtle character traits of his characters, which is to the liking of the audience. In parallel with performances on the stage, he is engaged in photography, regularly exhibiting his own works at exhibitions.

In 1990, while working on a theater play in his native town of Namur, Benoit Poulvord met a respected Belgian artist Remi Belvo, who is also known as a producer and director. The young actor is moving closer to a new comrade. Together, friends take up the filming of the short film "Unemployment benefit is not for Daniel."

In 1992, Pulward, in collaboration with Belvo, presented to the public a regular, but already full-length film, which was released as a film “Man Bites a Dog”. The latest work of young directors receives the most positive ratings from critics. Despite more than a modest budget film, the film begins to enjoy success with the audience. The film is famous for sparkling humor, attention to fine details, thoughtful dialogues, and acute cynicism of the main characters. It is noteworthy that numerous remarks from the movie later turned into real aphorisms.

Solo projects

benoit pulward movies

In the late 90s, Benoit Pulward, whose films have already managed to attract the attention of a wide audience, thinks about the creation of copyright projects.Based on his old screenplays, the artist is engaged in working simultaneously on several comedy projects - “Journals of Mr. Manatan” and “Never in Big, Never”. The presented works of Benoit come out in the format of multi-part humorous sketches. Thanks to the successful launch of copyright projects on television, Pulward acquires the reputation of a talented, extraordinary humorist, and his face becomes recognizable wherever he appears.

Debut as an actor

Benoit Pulward filmography

In 1997, Benoit Pulward gets roles in several comedy films at the same time. The debut work as an actor for him are the films "Four-wheel drive", "Travelers" and "Podium".

Later, in collaboration with the famous French scriptwriter and director Philippe Ariel, Pulward creates a sarcastic comedy with a bright touch of drama called “The Cyclist”. The basis of the plot becomes Benoit's hidden passion for cycling. The film, which comes out on wide screens in 2001, causes a frankly ambiguous reaction from the audience, leading to heated discussions among viewers and film critics.

Benoit Poulward: Filmography

family for rent benoit pulvord

Among the most famous films with the participation of the actor should be noted the following films:

  • "A man bites a dog" (1988).
  • The Cyclist (2001).
  • Four Wheel Drive (2002).
  • Gluck (2004).
  • Asterix at the Olympics (2008).
  • Louise Michel (2008).
  • “Travelers in Saint-Tropez” (2008).
  • Coco de Chanel (2009).
  • “Once Upon a Time at Versailles” (2009).
  • “My worst nightmare” (2011).
  • “Customs gives the go-ahead” (2011).
  • The Big Party (2012).
  • The Big Evil Wolf (2013).
  • "Place on earth" (2014).
  • Love Story (2014).

The latest successful work of the actor is the main role in the sparkling French comedy of 2015 called “Family for Rent”. Benoit Pulvord plays here a fabulously wealthy and successful businessman, who at the same time is a lonely and frankly unhappy man. As in most cases, the actor got a rather funny, sarcastic character who should make the audience smile and regret at the same time.

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