Actor Ilya Baskin: biography, films

Is it easy for a film actor who emigrated from the Soviet Union to live in Hollywood? To answer this interesting question, we consider the creative and life course of our compatriot, and now the Hollywood film actor Ilya Baskin.

Ilya Baskin

Biography: the beginning

Ilya Baskin was born in 1950 in the city of Riga, the Latvian SSR. In the same place I studied at school. After school, he entered the Moscow Circus School, where he acquired the profession of a colloquial actor. After his graduation in 1971, he starred in movies. As an actor in Soviet cinema, he was known for several episodic roles, the most famous being in the film “Big Change” (1972), beloved by many viewers.


Feeling an internal lack of fulfillment, lack of demand and creative dissatisfaction, actor Ilya Baskintakes advantage of the moment andmakes a decisionleave the Soviet Union and emigrate to the United States of America. As he himself later said, two things pushed him to emigrate to America.The first of these is the fear that they will no longer release, the second is a keen desire to try something new, an opportunity to see the world. Leaving, he understood that in America he could remain unclaimed as an actor. However, the profession of an actor was not going to throw. And, having got to America, he arrived in the state of California, where, as is well known, there is famous Hollywood.

First role

After arriving in California in 1976, Ilya Baskingot a job at a restaurant as a waiter; in the evenings, in the evenings, he was engaged in acting classes and English language courses. Working in a restaurant, Ilya Baskin did not leave attempts to become an actor in America, tried to act in films. And literally six months after his arrival, he was lucky. The first small role in American cinema went to Baskin in the film by the famous comedian Gene Wilder “The Greatest Lover of the World”.By the way, in this picture with him, at that time, there was little known actor Denis DeVito who was shot at that time. Then there were other roles, but mostly episodic.

In parallel, due to low employment as an actor, Ilya Baskin mastered other professions, without losing hope to realize his dream of cinema.He worked as an insurance agent, in the bureau of luring specialists from one company to another, was engaged in sales of various goods, publishing a Russian-language newspaper.

"Moscow on the Hudson"

Actor's fame and the opportunity to earn an actor's profession came to Ilya Baskin after a big role in the film directed by Paul Mazursky "Moscow on the Hudson."

Ilya Baskin actor

In those years, this film was very popular in the Soviet Union and in the émigré environment, despite the fact that it was banned in the official box office. It was distributed underground, sold out from under the floor on "flips", passed from hand to hand on video tapes. A positive role in the “distribution” of this film was played by the first video recorders that had already appeared in the USSR.

And only after this role, Ilya Baskin - an actor, an insurance agent, a traveling agent, a publisher - decides to devote his life exclusively to acting. And thanks to the shooting in the film "Moscow on the Hudson," he succeeds. This role helps him in the future to earn a living only acting work. He starred in films with such famous actors as Harrison Ford, Helen Mirren, Roy Scheider, Robin Williams and Sean Connery and others.

Ilya Baskin films

As Ilya Baskin tells, the films in which Russian-speaking actors are shot are mostly not of the highest class. However, there are a few artists who are in demand in Hollywood and often removed. Almost all the roles are episodic. Mostly foreigners play. Ilya Baskin got the role of Europeans, Germans and Romanians. He starred in such films as “The Name of the Rose”, “The Plane of the President”, “Spiderman” (parts 2 and 3), “Transformers 3” and many others.

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