Actor Sergei Bezrukov: filmography, photo

It seems that there are no such roles that have not yetSergey Bezrukov played. The filmography of the actor offers viewers images of great poets and musicians, thieves-recidivists, policemen, philosophers. In anticipation of new paintings, which will give fans a talented artist, you can remember his old tapes. Many of them deserve increased interest.

Sergey Bezrukov: filmography of the star

Many believe that the actor is bound to succeedTV series "Brigade", released in 2002. In reality, the public learned back in 1999 about the existence of such an actor as Sergey Bezrukov. The filmography of the lyceum, after several paintings that have remained undetected, finally included the first successful project - the "Chinese Service".

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The tape is interesting not only for the original story,but also an excellent selection of actors. The roles in this adventurous comedy were performed by many stars of the national cinema: Jankowski, Men'shov, Samokhin. It would seem that no one should pay attention to the unknown young man, who at that time was Sergei Bezrukov (his filmography did not yet contain memorable projects).

But the young man, who got the imagerich merchant, over-enthusiastic card game, managed not to get lost among the celebrities. Moreover, it was the "Chinese service" that defined the actor's role, which for a long time became his original business card.


After the film, which was released in 1999, there was participationin the film "Azazel", where the beginning artist got an energetic, cheerful and charming character Brilling. Critics argue that Sergei, who acted as the head of Fandorin, eclipsed his game the main character of the tape. However, the acquaintance with this glory did not happen until after the first series of the Brigade was shown.

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A fascinating telenovela gave popularityalmost all the main actors who appeared in it, but the greatest interest of spectators was attracted by Sergei Bezrukov. The filmography of the artist was replenished with the image of a criminal authority. Some time later he even complained to journalists about how difficult it was to move away from such a role in the following projects.

From the thief to the policeman

In order for him to stop seeing "Sasha the White", the actor did not agree to the shooting in the continuation of the popular "Brigade". Moreover, when studying new proposals, he began to avoid sharply negative roles.

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The desire to make viewers forget the imagethe perpetrator is one of the main reasons why the actor Sergey Bezrukov agreed to shoot in the series "Plot". The filmography of the star was replenished with a role, directly opposite to that played in the Brigade. The actor acts as a minister of the law, playing a charming precinct who has an amazing dog. Critics have declared his character one of the most charming policemen ever appearing on the big screen.

The roles of historical characters

"Biographical" pictures of the actor began withVasily Stalin, the son of the famous leader, he played in the Moscow Saga. Bezrukov was able to take a fresh look at the realistically existing character, presenting him not just a descendant of a dictator, who enjoyed impunity, but also an ordinary person, who felt heartily for their work. Despite the ambiguous nature of his character, he was very fond of fans of the telenovela.

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The poet Yesenin is the next historical image,which was recreated on the screen Bezrukov Sergey Vitalevich. The filmography of the actor was enriched with the role of genius, but critics reacted to his interpretation of the character critically. It is interesting that the artist himself chose the name in honor of his beloved poet.

"Pushkin. The Last Duel "- a picture thanks to which the famous actor played another significant role. The plot of the tape unfolds around the last days of the life of the brilliant poet, his premature death and the investigation connected with it. Of course, Pushkin depicted, in spite of the absence of external similarity, namely Bezrukov. Critics met the film project cool, but many viewers liked it.

What else to see

Of course, poets are not limited to images,which Sergei Bezrukov creates. Filmography, photo of the actor prove that he was able to portray even God. It's about the picture "Master and Margarita", where the star got the role of Yeshua. His character in the film, based on the work of the same name Bulgakov, was given little time, but he coped with the task perfectly.

Spectators who want to admire the actor inmodern image, can see the continuation of the cult "Irony of Fate". Bezrukov played Irakli, who actually replaced the long-suffering Hippolyte. His "opponent" was Konstantin Khabensky. Sergei did not copy the actor who portrayed Nadia's fiancé in the old film, he preferred to make his hero individual.

At the moment, the famous actor is only 42 years old, therefore, he will continue to delight fans with surprises in the form of new great films.

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Actor Sergei Bezrukov: filmography, photo Actor Sergei Bezrukov: filmography, photo Actor Sergei Bezrukov: filmography, photo Actor Sergei Bezrukov: filmography, photo Actor Sergei Bezrukov: filmography, photo Actor Sergei Bezrukov: filmography, photo Actor Sergei Bezrukov: filmography, photo Actor Sergei Bezrukov: filmography, photo Actor Sergei Bezrukov: filmography, photo Actor Sergei Bezrukov: filmography, photo