Actress Elizabeth Gutierrez: career, movies, personal life

Who is Elizabeth Gutierrez? How successful was her film career? What is known about the private life of a Latin American artist? What films did Elizabeth Gutierrez star in? Biography, creativity, the path to recognition, the family of the actress - all this will be considered in our material.

early years

Elizabeth Gutierrez

Elizabeth Gutierrez, whose photos are presented in the article, was born on April 1, 1979 in the city of Los Angeles, California. The future artist was born in the family of Mexican immigrants. Elizabeth's parents raised seven more children — one boy and six girls.

When the baby reached the age of 5, her parents sent her to school, which was located in the Mexican state of Jalisco. A few years later, Elizabeth Gutierrez returned from her historic homeland back to her family in the United States.

Starting an acting career

Even in her youth, Elizabeth Gutierrez began to show artistic abilities. Parents drew attention to the talents of the youngest daughter and began to lead her to the casting of television shows. Soon our heroine was noticed by reputable producers who worked on well-known TV channels.

For the first time, Elizabeth Gutierrez appeared on the screens in a popular Mexican show called Price of Luck. Especially the TV people were attracted by the expressive appearance of Elizabeth and her manner of confidently behaving in front of cameras.

With this chance, the girl took full advantage. In the middle of the 90s her face began to flash in a variety of film projects. Since 2005, Elizabeth Gutierrez has been involved in the filming of feature films and multi-part melodramatic short stories, which later became world-famous.

Movie debut

Elizabeth Gutierrez Biography

The first serious work of Elizabeth Gutierrez in the cinema was the role of the villain named Isabela in the successful soap opera called “I will never forget you”. Soon the novice actress became pregnant from her partner in the shooting and for a while stopped participating in a multi-part project.

After giving birth to her first child, Gutierrez returned to filming a movie.In 2007, the young actress got a role in the TV series “Hunted”, where she performed in the form of a heroine named Paola. However, after participating in the filming of several episodes, the actress unexpectedly left the project. The reason was the signing of a more lucrative contract with the creators of the series “Bought Love”, in which Elizabeth became involved in the very same 2007. It is worth noting that the multiseries television project aroused interest mainly among Latin audiences. Despite this, the more or less famous actress Gutierrez became thanks to her participation in this series.

The first main role

Elizabeth Gutierrez photo

In 2008, Gutierrez offered the image of a central character in the promising multiseries project “Face of Analia”. The television story has become extremely popular with the widest audience. The series was broadcast in dozens of countries around the world. The success of the project brought Elizabeth Gutierrez international recognition as a talented, promising young actress.

The hour of the actress

Even more successful for Elizabeth turned out to be shooting in the television series “The Phantom of Helena”, which was released in 2010.It is worth noting that the project had no success with an audience from the United States. Nevertheless, the creators of the television series were able to sell the rights to broadcast it in more than 70 countries around the world. Thus, participation in the multiseries film has become Gutierrez’s most successful work in her entire show business career.

Elizabeth Gutierrez: Filmography

Currently, the actress has participated in the shooting of the following films:

  • Protagonistas de novela;
  • "I will never forget you";
  • "Wild Heart";
  • "Driven out";
  • "Bought love";
  • "The Face of the Analy";
  • "The Ghost of Helen";
  • "Play and win";
  • "Face of revenge."

Personal life

elizabeth gutierrez movies

During the filming of her first serious project called Protagonistas de Novela, in which Gutierrez took part in 2002, she became involved with the partner on the site, William Levy. Soon the artists officially registered the marriage. In 2006, the firstborn of the couple was born, to whom they gave the name Christopher Alexander. Then in 2010 a daughter was born in the family. The girl was named Kylie Alexander.

The actor couple lived together for 8 years. In 2011, Elizabeth and William decided to leave. According to some reports, the reason was the excessive publicity of Gutierrez, who did not like her husband.Another version - the actress could not forgive her husband, catching him in several adultery.

It is worth noting that the children of famous actors decided to follow in the footsteps of their parents. Not so long ago, the little son of artists Christopher Alexander took part in the filming of the film "Shroud". It is not surprising if the daughter of Elizabeth Gutierrez will also soon be lit up on wide screens. In the meantime, Kylie Alexandra copies her mother in everything: she loves to dress up in chic outfits and give peculiar beauty lessons, posting videos with her smart reincarnations on the Internet.

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