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Adventure cinema is especially popular with the viewer. Due to the vivid images, landscapes, emotions that the protagonist is experiencing, the observer cannot tear himself away from the screen for a long time. The stories are funny and scary, exciting and intriguing, about a deity or about people - the world of cinema is a huge variety. And in order for you to be able to plunge into the illusion of mysteries and surprises, secrets and wonders, pay attention to the best adventure films!

"High Security Vacation"

The plot unfolds in one of the correctional institutions of the country. Inevitably, one of the convicts turned out to be a participant in the escape. The most interesting thing is that the hero of the film is a former police officer who had to share shelter in a children's camp with criminal authority.

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This movie about adventure is one of the best pictures of Russian cinema.Each viewer will be able to laugh and play for the main characters. No violence, the theme of the correctional institution is presented in the film from the side over which everyone laughs. Adventures of an inveterate "convict" and a former law enforcement officer will delight the whole family definitely!

adventure films for the whole family

"Doctor Strange"

Do you like magic and crazy reincarnations? Bomb 2016 in the category "fiction" - the adventure of Dr. Strange.

The film begins unobtrusively, gradually plunging the viewer into the life of the main character - professional neurosurgeon Strange. He does not believe in magic, does not believe in miracles, only science is a priority for him. In a flash, all the doctor's dreams of a career as a neurosurgeon's scientist are crumbling when he has an accident and his fingers are crushed into small bones. A huge cross imposed on his medical career. Having tried a large number of methods, Strange learns about a secret place on the other side of the world, where incurably disabled people start to walk by a miracle, the blind become sighted, and the deaf begin to hear sounds. Having collected the last funds, the doctor goes in search and finds him ...

The plot of the film unfolds among the magical world, which is accessible to the eye to those who open the soul.However, the struggle between science and science for a long time does not give the doctor to believe in himself. After some time, he becomes one of the best defenders of the underworld, which is attacked by a dark force. Undoubtedly, in 2016 it is the best fiction! The adventures of Dr. Strange, coupled with the experiences of the main character, will give a lot of laughter and joy.

"Alice in Wonderland"

Tim Burton impresses with the originality of his masterpieces. If you can’t find a decent adventure movie, then Burton’s Alice in Wonderland tops the list of decent movies.

adventure films for kids

The plot unfolds in a quiet and peaceful atmosphere - at a ceremony dedicated to the engagement of a girl (married at that time were given out early). Suddenly Alice notices a rabbit in an emerald camisole, which as if calls her behind her. Curiosity takes up, and the girl runs away from the groom, and leaving him unanswered. Here begins the amazing journey ...

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Adventure films for children in the spirit of Tim Burton will not leave indifferent even the most severe adult. Alice not only enters the wonderland, but also learns about the long-standing struggle of good and evil, friendship, devotion and sincere feelings.A vivid interpretation of the well-known fairy tale will delight both the small and large viewers!


The theme of the utopian state attracts many people of the modern world. It's incredibly amazing to watch such films. Adventures in the film "Divergent" begin with the first minutes. In the center of the plot is a young girl who must choose one of the five factions ...

Every teenager at the age of 16 gives his vote to Sincerity, Fearlessness, Erudition, Friendliness or Renunciation. This movie is about the adventure of a young girl whose mother was ruthlessly killed by an enemy gang. Each family member belonged to the Renunciation, but the young lady decided to begin her journey by choosing Fearlessness. Surprisingly, Beatrice has always been a fragile and vulnerable girl who never jumped on the rooftops, threw herself under a train, and certainly did not fight against evil. But this is exactly what is to be learned by joining the Fearless Faction.

“Ivan Vasilyevich is changing his profession”

The best Soviet adventure films are unequivocally headed by the film by Leonid Gaidai. “Ivan Vasilyevich is changing his profession” - this is the statement on which we and our parents grew up.If you want to laugh heartily and take a note of a couple of jokes, the picture is very helpful.

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The plot unfolds around the wonderful invention of the well-known Shurik, who is able to open the doors to the future. A caretaker looks inopportunely to him, always dissatisfied with the experiments of the young scientist. Together with the agile thief Miloslavsky I.V. Bunsha (manager) goes to the times of troubled Russia. In turn, Ivan the Terrible settled for a while in Shurik's apartment - until the moment he repaired the miracle machine. The king manages to reconcile the scientist with his wife, threaten death with her lover and admire Soviet Moscow. At this time, Miloslavsky and Bunsh are having no less fun, posing as contemporaries of those years: the tsar-father and his adviser. This film is truly headed by the most kind and funny Soviet adventure films.

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"Pirates of the Caribbean"

Looking for adventure films for the whole family? Well, "Pirates of the Caribbean" - one of the most interesting solutions. Despite the fact that the pirates trilogy has long been supplemented with both the 4th and 5th parts, the main characters of the story remain in the heart for a long time after viewing.

As you might guess, the plot unfolds around a pirate ship.One of the main characters is Jack Sparrow, who at every mention asks to call him captain Jack Sparrow. The film is filled with special charm thanks to the game of incomparable Johnny Depp, who brilliantly plays a hero.

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Any movie about treasure and adventure can not do without a beautiful lady and a young man trying to win her heart. Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightley are incredibly harmoniously combined throughout the three films. Jack Sparrow acts as a positive hero, saving a careless young man and an amazing beauty from a chase, then sells his friends for a penny. In any case, this movie captures the wild sea adventures, gives a bunch of jokes and ridiculous situations. Many of the statements of the characters in the future are transformed into catch phrase in a narrow circle of the family.

"The Chronicles of Narnia"

Have you ever thought about what lies behind the doors of a huge wardrobe with clothes? Little Lucy, being a very curious child, found for herself an amazing country whose name is Narnia! Older brothers and sister did not believe the baby until they themselves found themselves in the wonderful expanses of a fairytale state.

The country was under the protection of the lion Aslan. At the same time, the children learned from the faun Tumnus that the kingdom was seized by the White Witch, which only 2 sons and 2 daughters of Adam and Eve can cope with. Trying to change the fate and prevent the fulfillment of the prophecy, the witch inclines to his side the middle brother Edmund. All sorts of sweets, a brilliant future and respect from the future Queen Narnia encouraged Edmund to betrayal. Realizing his mistake, the boy tries to rectify the situation, but the White Witch takes him prisoner. Only the great ruler Aslan can rescue Edmund and save the country in a difficult situation ...

"Oz: the great and terrible"

The best adventure films for the whole family include in the list a picture about the well-known wizard of the Emerald City. Making money on tricks in Kansas, a young man can easily convince the inhabitants of the Magic Country that he is Great and Terrible - the one everyone was waiting for! Civilians gladly submitted to a good friend, gave him the throne. Everything would be great, but two other evil sorceresses, who had views of the Emerald City, found out about it.

The attacks on the city and the pleas of the locals practically revealed the true face of the Great and Terrible cheater: if not the youth’s savvy and high level of knowledge of pyrotechnics, there would be no magic at all. So, thanks to the help of the girl Ellie and her friends, as well as the venerable artisans of the city, Gingham and Bastinda forever left the magical city. Truly amazing adventure films for children, telling about the Emerald City.

"Running in the maze"

Looking for adventure films for teens? In this case, there is no better setting than The Maze Runner. The plot begins with unclear events for the young boy. He has lost his memory and is in a dense labyrinth. All residents of this place do not remember how to get here, while not taking any action to get out.

Later, from the inhabitants of the community, Thomas learns that monsters dwell in the labyrinth, capable of depriving life in an instant. However, salvation is possible only after passing through the maze. By bringing people together and showing his own determination, Thomas proves his importance to the community and persuades people to leave a terrible place.

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