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Alexander Makogon - a talented actor who has gained fame through the series. “Traffic Light”, “Snoop”, “Executioner”, “Kuprin. Duel ”,“ Alexander Garden ”,“ Knockout Game ”are just some of the rating TV projects with his participation. This man is equally convincing in the roles of strong family men and heroic lovers, dishonest criminals and brave idealists. What is the story of a star?

Alexander Makogon: family, childhood

The master of reincarnation was born in Donetsk, it happened in February 1973. Alexander Makogon was born in a family far from the world of cinema and theater. However, the boy showed an interest in the acting profession as a child. At school, he studied in the middle, but enthusiastically participated in amateur performances. Of course, it was Sasha who got the main roles in school plays.Spectators, then a few, noted his talent.

Alexander Makogon in the series “Code of Honor”

Alexander's mother and father hoped that his son would choose a "serious" profession. However, in high school, the boy was determined to devote himself to dramatic art.


After graduation, Alexander Makogon decided to continue his education at the theatrical university. The young man went to Moscow and filed documents in GITIS. He managed to pass the entrance exams on the first attempt. A talented guy from Donetsk took Andrei Goncharov to his workshop. Makogon later admitted that he was surprised when he saw his name on the list of applicants.

Even in his student years, Alexander managed to attract public attention. He embodied the image of George Metchim Jr. in the play "Victoria", which was staged in the theater named after Vladimir Mayakovsky.


GITIS diploma Alexander Makogon received in 1995. Shortly thereafter, the Vladimir Mayakovsky Theater opened its doors to a promising graduate, on whose stage he managed to prove himself in his student years.

Alexander Makogon in the cinema

It is difficult to list all the productions in which Makogon played over the years of cooperation with the theater.The most famous of these are listed below:

  • "People and mice."
  • "How do you like it."
  • "Sacrifice of the Century."
  • "Horses fastidious."
  • "Victoria".
  • "The mystery of the old cabinet."
  • "Theatrical Romance".
  • "Illusion".
  • "The Adventures of Pinocchio".
  • "Karamazov".

First roles

When was the first time Alexander Makogon appeared on the set? His biography testifies that it happened in 1992. The novice actor played a key role in the TV project “The ABC of Love”. The series tells the story of the newlyweds, who are forced by their own experience to realize that married life does not consist only of pleasant moments.

Alexander Makogon in the series "Gypsy"

The episodic role of Alexander played in the series "Simple Truths". His character became a photographer. Then the novice actor appeared in the TV project “March of Turetsky”, where he embodied the image of a traffic police officer. This was followed by small roles in the Code of Honor, Drongo, and Women's Logic. The image of the circus director Makogon created in the TV series “The Shooting Game”, and in the “Russian Translation” he played a translator.

From obscurity to glory

In 2005, the series “Tourists” was presented to the audience court. Actor Alexander Makogon played the main role in this comedy TV project. The story begins with the fact that a group of our compatriots goes on holiday to Turkey.Its participants are waiting for an unforgettable adventure.

In 2006, Makogon embodied the image of one of the key characters in the TV series “My General”, the plot of which was borrowed from the work of the same name by Tatiana Ustinova. The television project tells about the misadventures of a young teacher, who, who, while on vacation, accidentally finds a drowned man. Then followed, if not the main, but a bright role in the Alexander Garden.

Bright roles

Thanks to the first success, Alexander Makogon managed to attract the attention of directors. Films and series with his participation came out more and more often. In the comedy melodrama “Flight of Fantasy”, the hero of the artist was the unfaithful husband, who invents a fairy tale for his wife, justifying his frequent trips to another city to his mistress. Alexander played one of the main roles in the Gypsy melodrama, which tells about the fate of two sisters in a difficult post-war period.

Alexander Makogon, Dmitry Miller and Jemal Tetruashvili in the series “Traffic Light”

In the comedy “Night of closed doors” Makogon also embodied the image of a key character. His character was a man who unexpectedly meets his love on New Year's Eve. Then the actor played the younger brother of President Kennedy in the mini-series "One Step from the Third World War." He managed to create a vivid image in the comedy “The Man in My Head”.His character in this picture is Vasily, the neighbor of the main character, an alcoholic.

The actor Alexander Makogon played an interesting role in the TV series “Traffic Light”. In this TV show, he embodied the image of the family man Seva Baranov. It should be noted and the mini-series “Kuprin. Duel". In this TV show, the actor is assigned the role of a stubborn and inflexible officer of Nikolaev.

What else to see

In which movies and TV shows Makogon appeared relatively recently? A list of new film and television projects with his participation is given below.

Alexander Makogon in the TV series "Murder on Three"
  • "The theory of improbability."
  • "Violation of the rules."
  • "Murder for three."
  • "Marathon for the three graces."
  • "The pursuit of three hares."
  • "Snoop".
  • "Where Hope Lives."
  • "Woman with lilies."
  • "After many troubles."
  • "Three fallow deer on the diamond trail."
  • "Midwife".
  • "Three in the elevator, not counting the dogs."
  • "Mousetrap for three persons."
  • "Excess".
  • "The cruel world of men."
  • "Oh, ma-uk-ki! 2".

In 2018, at least three more new series with Alexander are expected. We are talking about the TV project "New Year Express", "Prospectuses" and "Lyuty 2". There are no information about the future creative plans of the star.

Life offscreen

Of course, not only the creative achievements of the beloved artist interest the fans.What happens in the personal life of Alexander Makogon? For the first time, he decided to marry in his student days. Alexander's choice became actress Olga Kuzina. This woman can be seen in the films “The Last Tale of Rita” and “The Day of Radio”, in the TV series “Simple Truths”, “Mom-Detective”, “Angel or Demon”, “Long Way Home”. In 1996, Olga gave the actor a son, the boy was given the name of Pavel. The birth of a child did not help save the family, Kuzina and Makogon broke up four years later. It is known that the actor was depressed for a long time due to a divorce.

In the late nineties, Alexander's attention was attracted by his colleague Tatyana Augshkap. They met through the joint work on the production of "The Mystery of the Old Cabinet". Easy flirt quickly flowed into a turbulent romance. Makogon and Augshkap lived together for seven years. They never reached the registrar, but Alexander considered Tatiana his wife. The reasons for their separation remained behind the scenes.

Alexander Makogon with his wife Alexandra Mikheeva

In 2007, Makogon met Alexandra Mikheeva. It happened while working on the TV project "Alexander Garden". Charming assistant director immediately liked the actor, the sympathy was mutual. A significant difference in age did not embarrass the lovers, they played a wedding.In 2011, the wife presented a son to Makogon, the boy was named Stepan. In 2013, a daughter was born in the family, named Maria. For several years now, the actor has been happy in the role of husband and father. Photos of Alexander Makogon with his wife can be seen above.

Interesting fact

Few people know that Alexander had every chance to get the main role in the famous painting “The Wedding” by Pavel Lungin. The director seriously considered the candidacy of a guy from Donetsk, who conquered him with his mining bikes. However, preference in the end was still given to another actor, the main male role was played by Marat Basharov.

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