Alexander Suvorov - actor, famous for his role in "Carmelita"

Alexander Suvorov is an actor who became famous for his participation in the popular television series Carmelite. During his creative career, he not only played on the theater stage, but also starred in a large number of TV series, as well as in full-length films. In addition, on the set, Sasha also performed as an artist and cameraman. Many viewers fell in love with a talented actor, Alexander Valerievich Suvorov. Films in which he brilliantly played the role, touched the souls of many people.Alexander Suvorov actor

Brief biographical information

The future actor was born in 1979, November 8, in the city of Sarov. From an early age he began to be interested in art, and especially cinema. Alexander liked to perform on stage and hear the audience applause. It is not surprising that he went to study at the theater department of the school of art. Emma Ivanovna Arsenyevna and Viktor Timofeevich Arsenyev became his teachers and mentors.Both teachers were honored artists of the Russian Federation. They believed in Suvorov’s talent and predicted glory for the young man. As a result, the teachers were right. Then Suvorov Alexander Valerievich continued his studies at the Schepkin Theater School. He graduated from the course of V. Korshunov in 2000. At the same time, he was accepted into the RAMT troupe (Russian Academic Youth Theater). In parallel with his work in the troupe, Alexander participates in enterprises.

First filming

Alexander Suvorov, a theater actor, appeared on television screens for the first time in 2002. He got a cameo in the movie "Drongo." The young artist managed to cope with all the tasks assigned to him. In 2003, the premiere of the film titled "The Taste of Murder." Here Alexander appeared in the image of the photographer Yuri. Despite the obvious acting talent, popularity and success did not immediately come to Suvorov. In the television series "The Fire of Love" he starred in the title role. He successfully got used to the image of Boris Golovin. Afterwards, he worked on the TV movie “Woman without a Past”, where he played the role of the potter of Stavros.Suvorov Alexander Valerievich

A wave of glory after the "Carmelites"

In 2005, the TV series “Carmelita” was released on television.Alexander Valerievich Suvorov in this project perfectly played the role of the handsome Miro Milehin. In the plot of the series, Miro wanted to marry a pretty Gypsy Carmelita, who fell in love with a Russian guy, going against the traditions of his people. After this role Alexander became famous. Many directors became interested in his persona, and Suvorov became a rather sought-after actor. And after the end of the first season of the Carmelites, the leadership of the channel “Russia” decided that the continuation of the project should be removed as soon as possible. After all, the television series has become very popular. The actors worked day and night, trying to complete the shoot as soon as possible. And their work was not in vain. TV viewers appreciated the continuation of the series.Alexander Suvorov actor private life


Alexander Suvorov is an actor who has played not only in many soap operas, but also in several full-length films. The very first films in which he took part won a rather high rating. In 2007, the films "Gardener", "Father" and "Three Days in Odessa" were released. The actor gave himself up to work completely. And his efforts were not in vain. Brilliant acting Suvorov simply can not touch the heart of the viewer.

In 2013, the premiere of the film “7 Main Desires” took place, where Alexander played a minor role. And in 2015, two films with his participation appeared on the screens: “Anka from Moldavanka” and “Love and the Sea”. Last comedy melodrama relished the Russian television viewers.Alexander Valerievich Suvorov films

Details of privacy

Alexander Suvorov is an actor whose personal life has no secrets. Sasha achieved success not only in the cinema, but also in life. Despite his image of a burning brunette, Alexander was never a lovelace. He met his first darling when he was sixteen. They met Marina at the university. Common interests brought together young people. Between them there was a spark that turned into a legal marriage five years after their life together. Then everyone thought that the newlyweds would be together forever. But it all went wrong. Relationships of the couple did not stand the test of time. Quarrels and disagreements began. And in 2005, Alexander and Marina officially divorced. To avoid depression, Suvorov plunged into his work. And new events in his personal life were already waiting for him. Acquainted with a charming journalist Catherine during an interview, Sasha again found faith in love. He immediately invited the girl on a date. Their relationship developed rapidly.Catherine and Alexander got married. At the moment they have a son. But spouses are already thinking about the second child. Katya and Sasha really want a daughter.

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