Amora Beach Resort 4 * (Thailand, Phuket): photos, room description, service, tips and tourist reviews

The hotel complex Amora Beach Resort 4 * on the island of Phuket is a great choice for a beach holiday. This hotel, which until 2011 was called “Regis Beach”, deserved praise from most tourists who stayed there.

It seemed to them that the hotel seemed to have originated from an advertising prospectus — snow-white, cozy, causing by one of its kind a desire to relax, standing on the beach, right on the shore. Especially high Amora Beach Resort was rated by families with children.

From their point of view, this is an ideal option for a family holiday, and not too expensive. Let's take a closer look at this hotel and its services, as well as take a stroll around.

Amora Beach Resort (Phuket)

How to get there

To get to the hotel, you must first come to Phuket. Amora Beach Resort reviews say that it’s not long to go from the airport to the hotel, some 40 minutes.

Right in the hub, you can order a taxi to the beach.There is also the opportunity to come here by minibus. But to go back, take care in advance. A ticket to the airport can be purchased at one of the many travel agencies, at least one day before departure.

Most tourists arrive in Phuket by plane, but there are those who come by bus from Bangkok. Such transport arrives at the bus station. It is located in the capital of the island, Phuket Town. But from there you can get to Bang Tao only by taxi. And it will cost more than from the airport.

Phuket Bangtao District

Amora Beach Resort is in a secluded location. It is called Bang Tao Beach, although there is a village of the same name nearby.

The area is located north of Patong. Russian tourists know it even under the name "Laguna Beach". Bang Tao is known for being the longest (more than 7 kilometers) and the most luxurious beach on the island. He goes to a huge open bay.

By the way, there are free shuttles and ferries between hotels and shopping centers in this area. But not all tourists know about it.

Bang Tao is a unique place for Phuket - the original nature is still preserved.Maybe that's why the prices for food and souvenirs are higher here than in other parts of the island.

The sea is shallow, with a long entry into the water, about 15 meters. In the morning, the entire coastal strip is in the shadow of the casuarinas, but from 11 am the sun is already beginning to roast.

In the center of the beach there is a lagoon with artificial lakes, which are connected to the sea by a narrow strait. There is a luxury resort of seven hotels.

What is next to Amora Beach Resort (Phuket)

Right next to the complex there is a currency exchange with a good course for tourists. If you leave the hotel and go along the coast to the left, you will go directly to the village of Surin. There are a lot of travel agencies, as well as a shop "Seven-Ileven", where you can buy different stuff and food.

Also close by there is a larger store of the Family Market network, where there is more choice. There are also pharmacies, souvenir shops and even a small night market, working on Mondays and Thursdays.

However, if you want to go somewhere to a “party place” such as Patong, it will cost you 1000-1400 baht (for reference: 1 baht - this is 1.99 rubles) in one direction. The hotel is located perfectly for children, family and secluded recreation, but for young people it may seem a bit boring.

The best place to reach the village is not along the road, but along the beach.This is closer, and it turns out on foot no more than a quarter of an hour.


The Amora Beach Resort (Phuket) complex consists of several white three-storey buildings located in a green garden, between the pools of the original form.

The territory is shady, everywhere - palm trees and tropical trees. Many flowers, alleys, in the evening and in the morning there you can wander and take pictures.

The park separates the hotel from the beach. Therefore, on the one hand, the sea is almost invisible from the buildings, and on the other, when you go swimming and sunbathing, you are in the shade all the time.

In fact, you are surrounded by a small piece of the jungle, which is very appreciated by tourists who came for the exotic.

Amora Beach Resort territory

The resettlement of tourists and filling rooms

Hotel Amora Beach Resort (Phuket) - large enough for Thai resorts. It has 255 rooms of various categories:

  • 59 of them are standard, overlooking the garden, with an area of ​​28 square meters.
  • 77 of the same rooms look at the pool.
  • The rooms are slightly larger, with an area of ​​36 meters - these are junior suites. They are also located near the pool.
  • There are several suites in the hotel. Six of them are called "Casuarin." They have a living area and an area of ​​56 meters.
  • 2 suites belong to the category of "Coral".These are large rooms with two bedrooms. Their area, together with a separate living room - 72 meters.
  • And the most luxurious suites - "Andaman." There are two of them in the hotel too. These are the most expensive and best rooms, with an area of ​​144 meters. In addition to the two bedrooms and living room, they also have a dining room.

Even the standard rooms in the hotel have the perfect filling for the rest. Air conditioners with an individual control system (it can also be used to weaken or brighten the light), a TV, bathrooms with good sanitary ware, cosmetic accessories, a hairdryer - all this goes without saying.

In addition, each room should have a kettle and tea bags for making hot drinks, including coffee. There is also a safe (with a key, not an electronic code), slippers and a bathrobe in the room.

All rooms have excellent sound insulation, and if you close the window, you will not hear anything. For stays, you must make a deposit of $ 100, which is returned during the check-out.

Of the rooms that overlook the pool, you can often see the sea, at least from the side. The furniture is new and even stylish.

Amora Beach Resort rooms


At the Amora Beach Resort in Phuket, guests can order not only breakfast, but also half board.Most tourists prefer morning meal and dinner, to be able to spend the whole day on the beach or excursions.

The hotel has two restaurants to choose from ("Garden Cafe" and "Seafood"), in both you can try both Thai dishes and delicacies of world cuisine, as well as freshly caught and perfectly cooked seafood.

Opened two bars with snacks, drinks and cocktails. In the Seaside Beach diner on the beach, you can also try battered shrimps, juices, pizza, french fries, grilled sausages.

For breakfast served pancakes, scrambled eggs, yogurt, muesli, a set of fruits. If you are used to starting the day with a hearty meal, then sausages, potatoes, pasta, rice or Thai soup with pork or shrimps will be served for you.

If you took a room with only breakfast, it is better not to pay extra for a meal at the hotel. At least, as recommended by tourists. Along the coast there are many cafes where you can eat much cheaper, right by the sea and in the open air. And on the beach in the afternoon come the scoops, bring carts with food, which is prepared right in front of you.

Amora Beach Resort Meals


The front desk at Amora Beach Resort in Phuket is open 24 hours a day.There is also a safe, where you can put valuables, if you have a large size.

There is a duty free shop in the lobby. Near the administration there is a shelf with books, including in Russian. They can be taken to pass the time on the beach.

The hotel offers its guests many opportunities to keep themselves in good shape. This includes beach volleyball, kayak rentals and windsurfing. You can play badminton or billiards, as well as take courses in Thai cuisine.

A children's club is open from nine in the morning to five in the evening, where parents can define their child to truly relax. On the territory there is an affordable massage salon.

The staff, as a rule, do not name complaints from tourists. Employees do everything quickly and clearly. You need to communicate with employees in English. Almost no one understands Russian at the hotel.

To clean the room, you need to hang a sign, and towels will change if you throw them on the floor. Every day bring a 0.5-liter bottle of drinking water per person.

Amora Beach Resort Pool

Sea and beach

The shore is located a few dozen meters from the hotel buildings. The sand is small and white, on the beach, deck chairs and umbrellas are free for guests.The beach is flat, wide, sun beds stand in the shade of palm trees and casuarinas. So you can spend the whole day at sea.

Since the hotel is located away from the village, the beach is chic there. Indeed, in Thailand, the coast is public. Accordingly, the more people live nearby, the dirtier the beaches. Therefore, the remoteness of the hotel from the village is good for tourists. The beach has a toilet and many different cafes are open.

At the hotel Amora Beach Resort (Phuket) there are two outdoor swimming pools with Jacuzzi. There is also a children's "paddling pool". Pools are open for a long time, you can swim there from 8 am to nine in the evening. But in other hotels they usually stop working at sunset.

Pools are large, wide, original shape, with smooth levels to enter. In the evening there is a backlight. Beach towels are issued, but in order for you to change them, they should be left in the room. Therefore, if you come to your room after cleaning, you will have to call the reception desk to bring new ones.

Amora Beach Resort Phuket Beach


Tourists who stayed at the Amora Beach Resort on Bang Tao, went on standard trips, visiting the iconic places in Phuket and nearby islands.

First of all, experienced travelers are advised to try a sightseeing tour. It can be designed for a whole day or a few hours, with or without a Russian guide. Their program usually includes a visit to the observation deck at Cape Karon, Wat Chalong Temple, Big Buddha statues, Vayeg Pae Waterfall, monkey and snake shows, elephant and kayak riding through the mangrove jungle.

If you are ready for longer excursions, you should definitely go to the Andaman Sea islands. It can be a trip for one or even two days. But you will see as many as 11 islands. This is primarily the Phang-Nga archipelago. There is the famous island of James Bond.

Then you are taken to the province of Krabi. There you will see the amazing beauty of Phi Phi Island and Maya Bay, where the film was shot with Di Caprio. In terms of picturesqueness, these lands, as they say, can not be compared with anything else in the world.


Bang Tao, where the Amora Beach Resort Hotel is located, is not one of the best shopping places. In addition, there is not the mass of cheap fakes, as in Patong. Since Bang Tao often rests a very respectable audience, they sell high-quality goods, sometimes even exclusive ones.

Fashion boutiques are located on the territory of literally every five-star hotel, of which there are quite a few. On the shore there are stalls where you can buy various beach accessories.

And in the coconut grove near the complex “Laguna” is located the shopping center “Canal Village” with 40 stores. This is a whole town with its own bakery, jewelry workshop, art galleries and even a clinic and silk factory.

Amora Beach Resort reviews

Amora Beach Resort reviews

Travelers highly recommend this hotel for a relaxing romantic pastime or relaxing with family and children. Those who come for adventure and fun, this paradise can disappoint.

Animations and discos are not there, and after ten in the evening there is complete silence. But if you come to Thailand overseas and relax, then you will not find a better place.

The rooms are nice and cozy, although some tourists complained that the area of ​​standard rooms is too small. However, all this is redeemed by a beautiful area, good and hearty breakfasts, and a gorgeous clear sea. And what are the unique sunsets and sunrises on the beach!

The majority of tourists about the hotel had only pleasant impressions.Travelers from Russia love this place, so there are many of them in the hotel. According to reviews on Amora Beach Resort (Phuket) - this is the best among the budget hotels on the island.

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