Analogues of "Nitrofungin", the use of drugs

Often, when coming to the pharmacy, the patient facesthe fact that the medication prescribed by the doctor is not available. In this case, the consumer has two options for further action: go to another network or give preference to the substitute. Often people choose the second. Today's article will bring to your attention the analogues of Nitrofungin. You will learn about their purpose. It is worthwhile to warn that the presented medicines should be used only after a medical consultation. Do not self-medicate: it can be dangerous.

Description of the original drug

Before you know what analogies have"Nitrofungin", it is worth familiarizing with this drug. It is produced in liquid form. The company Teva is produced in Israel. The active substance of the drug is chloronitrophenol. There is alcohol in the medicine. The medicine is used to treat fungal diseases of the skin, feet, hands, nails and so on. It is also used for the treatment of fungal otitis.

analogues of nitrofungin

Contraindication to the use of medicamentis only hypersensitivity. The product is not intended for internal use. The cost of the medication is on average 350 rubles for 25 milliliters. Sold without a prescription and does not require specific storage conditions.

Analogues of "Nitrofungin": what are they?

If the pharmacy did not find what you needantifungal medication, then you can replace it with many other brands. In this case, analogues of "Nitrofungin" can be relative or absolute. In the first case, we are talking about medications that have the same effect as the original solution. Such means can include, for example, "Nystatin", "Miconazole", "Fluconazole" and so on. Analogues of "Nitrofungin" absolute - a drug with the same active substance, but in the performance of another manufacturer. Among them we note the following medicines: Nitrofungin (Czech), Nichlorgin, Nichlofen, Chloritinophenol. Consider in more detail the substitutes for the antifungal formulation and learn about their application.

nitrophungin analogues Russian

"Nitrofungin": analogues for the ears

It is known that the described medicament is used withthe purpose of otitis treatment. But often it is replaced by another means. The trade name of the alternative drug is Candibiotik. It is produced in India and costs about 330 rubles per bottle. Indications for the use of this drug are inflammatory and allergic diseases of the ear caused by a fungus pathogen. This drug differs from Nitrofungin in that the drops are injected directly into the ear canal, whereas the original remedy is used for external processing of shells.

Nitrofungin analogs for the ears

Treatment of nail fungus and skin

Does the drug Nitrofungin have cheap analogues? If we are talking about the therapy of onychomycosis, then if you really want to find a more affordable means. Cure fungal infection of the nails, feet and hands can be the following drugs:

  • "Exoderil" (costs about 600 rubles for 10milliliters) is produced in Switzerland. The active ingredient of the drug is naphthiphine hydrochloride. It is forbidden to apply with open wounds on the skin and hypersensitivity to the composition.
  • "Klotrimazol" (has a price of 200 rubles for 15milliliters) is produced in Poland. The active substance is the eponymous component - clotrimazole. Contraindicated with hypersensitivity and in the first trimester of pregnancy.
  • "Terbinafin" (price - from 200 rubles for 20milliliters). Manufacturer - Israel. The composition contains terbinafine hydrochloride. It is not used in children under the age of three, patients with renal and hepatic insufficiency, alcoholism, cerebral circulation disorders. Feature of the drug is in the form of release. The medicine is a spray.

nitrofungin analogous cheap

Other funds: Russian substitutes

Has a medicine "Nitrofungin" analogues Russian. These include the drug with the trade name "Nichlofen". It contains the same component as the original drug. Nichlofen is produced by the Russian firm Marbiopharm. It is contraindicated during pregnancy and lactation. The method of application is external. Do not take medicine inside.

Another absolute substitute for Nitrofunginyou can call the medicine "Nichlorgin". It includes the main component of chloronitrophenol, as well as the original drug. This drug is produced in Russia by the pharmacological enterprise of the Krasnoyarsk Territory. The solution is shown for any fungal lesions of the skin. It does not apply only when hypersensitivity to the active ingredient and during pregnancy. If it is necessary to treat a nursing mother, the issue of temporary cessation of breastfeeding with a doctor should be resolved.

nitrofungin analogues of Russian cheap


From the article you were able to learn about the antifungalmeans "Nitrofungin". Analogues are Russian (cheaper alternatives can be found) and foreign ones are presented to your attention. Choose what means to purchase, it is necessary with the doctor. After all, much depends on your individual characteristics. Do not also rely on outside opinions and feedback. Remember that a drug effective for one user may be completely useless to another. If you suffer from a fungal infection, then go to a medical facility. There for you will conduct a series of tests that will show the need for a particular drug. Perhaps it's Nitrofungin or its popular counterparts that will suit you.

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