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Anastasia Bezborodova - actress, a native of Moscow. Works in the Moscow New Drama Theater. Known for her role in the film "The Fog" and theatrical works.

Was born in 1987, on September 25 in the city of Moscow. While still very young, she dreamed of becoming an actress, so she went to learn the basics of the profession at the Class-Center Center for the Education of Music and Drama Art, where she successfully studied until 2004. She continued her career in art by entering the Boris Shchukin Theater Institute. In 2008, she completed her studies and a year later began working at the Moscow New Drama Theater.

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About family

The wife of Yevgeny Antropov is an actor who has become known to a wide range of viewers for his role in the movie "Flint" directed by Alexei Mizgirev.

The couple have two children. In 2013, the firstborn Peter was born, and Pavel was born three years later.

Work in the theater

Anastasia Bezborodova has a fairly large track record of roles in the theater and cinema. In the theater she participates in many productions.She gets diverse roles, although the artistic director of the theater, Vyacheslav Dolgachev, calls her “a quiet heroine” who does not want to draw attention to herself, but she’s “heard and loved by the public” for her “thin piercing note”. He also notes her ability to work in a team, excellent acting and human qualities.

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Beautiful ballerina - the role of Anastasia

On the stage of the Moscow New Drama Theater, Anastasia plays several roles. In the play by Hans Christian Andersen, The Steadfast Tin Soldier, she plays one of the main characters - the beautiful ballerina. She plays Verochka in the play “The Jokers” by A. Ostrovsky.

Other theater roles

Among her works there is one of the main roles in the play “From the First Person” by M. Yu. Lermontov. Here the actress plays Princess Mary. The performance, which is based on the work “The Hero of Our Time”, which is called the classic of Russian literature, tells the story of Grigori Pechorin, a beautiful, intelligent, highly educated young man who plays Russian Roulette with fate, without worrying about his life about a stranger. With the help of this performance, you can try to understand this person and find the cause of his ambiguous actions, which had the most serious consequences for the hero himself,so for those who were close to him.

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Role in the play by Bergman

Anastasia Bezborodova is also involved in the production of the play “Smiles of the Summer Night”, created on the basis of the play by Ingmar Bergman. This is a story about a certain family, quite seemingly ordinary. However, one has only to step over the threshold of her bedroom, as an understanding immediately comes that the relationship of the main characters is not a peaceful, flat stream, but a mountainous, deep river.

Movie roles

In addition to the theater, Anastasia Bezborodova works in the cinema. In 2007, she played a girl Zina in the crime drama "Flint", the main role in which was her current husband.

Events unfold around the hero Anton Remizov, who arrived in the capital of the province. Here he meets Zina, the daughter of the owner of a car repair shop. Anton is trying to care for the girl, but she does not reciprocate. The rejected young man by chance will get a job at the police ...

In 2013, Anastasia Bezborodova appeared in the TV series "Marriage according to the will 3" and "Egghead." Before that there was a job in the TV series “Black Wolves”. Events in this television crime drama unfold in the middle of the last century.Unfairly convicted Pavel Khromov served eight years in prison. Upon returning home, he learns that his sister was killed by bandits calling themselves "Black Wolves". Pavel, who had previously worked at the COUNTER, is taken to investigate the crimes committed by this gang, and get on the trail of one who is involved in the murder of his sister.

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