Are electronic cigarettes harmful?

Why do we need electronic cigarettes and what is it?

Today, probably, there are no people left who would not know about the dangers of smoking. Some do not pay attention to the negative impact on their bodies, but many still want to get rid of the harm that cigarettes and tobacco smoke do. Some try to find a way to use various nicotine patches and electronic cigarettes. If earlier the first option was much more common than the second, today the situation is diametrically opposite. However, many still doubt, wondering whether electronic cigarettes are harmful. These devices for conditionally safe smoking are most often plastic tubes that have a shape and appearance similar to ordinary cigarettes, have in their structure a filter and a compartment for installing an ampoule with a nicotine mixture.Are electronic cigarettes harmful?

Are e-cigarettes really harmful?

With full confidence in this question will not be able to answer even the World Health Organization. Opinions of experts are divided. Some of them answer affirmatively on the question of whether electronic cigarettes are harmful, they call for a ban on their sale, while others, on the contrary, believe that it is in these small devices that there is a chance for mankind to completely quit smoking. Whatever it was, however, electronic cigarettes have their drawbacks. First of all, it is about nicotine. It is this substance that is most often cited as an argument by those experts who answer yes to the question of whether it is harmful to use e-cigarettes permanently.Is smoking electronic cigarettes harmful?Nicotine is addictive, it reduces the human response, increases the heart rate, as well as blood pressure, leads to vascular spasm. All together, this can lead to quite serious complications, especially if a person has some concomitant vascular pathology. Another argument of those who answer in the affirmative to the question of whether it is harmful to smoke electronic cigarettes is the lack of uniform standards for their manufacture.That is, the manufacturer can independently determine the composition of the nicotine mixture. This is especially true of low-grade Chinese versions of this product. Another unattractive quality of electronic cigarettes is their relatively high cost. It is important to understand that with a long period of smoking this small device will still help to save, because in time it will only have to change the flask with the nicotine mixture.Are electronic cigarettes harmful?


On the arguments of those who are fully confident in the positive answer to the question of whether electronic cigarettes are harmful, experts with opposite opinions cite a number of advantages of these small devices. The first thing to note is the absence here of about 70 carcinogens that a person inhales when smoking regular cigarettes. There are no harmful resins or hydrocyanic acid, only nicotine. In addition, electronic cigarettes allow you to abandon normal. A special filter is also installed here, therefore, it is possible to establish strict control over the amount of nicotine entering the body. Electronic cigarette allows its owner to save considerably.So those people who sensibly weigh all its pros and cons, when asked whether e-cigarettes are harmful, answer in the negative.

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