Aries compatibility with other characters

Aries is one of the strongest fiery signs in the zodiac constellation, which is under the leadership of the god of war - Mars. Therefore, such people are literally soldiers of fortune who can easily achieve their goals. The symbol of Aries is a mountain sheep, which wanders through the maze of numerous mountain paths. And no matter how steep the slopes are, and no matter how far he goes, he will still find the right path that will take him to a safe place.

Aries compatibility

Aries is a sign of the zodiac. Compatibility

However, there are legends about the stubbornness and intransigence of this sign. From this it is already possible to imagine how difficult Aries compatibility with other signs will be. After all, a man-Aries, like a real ram, can beat his head against a wall in order to break through it and free himself a passage, although an open door may be very close. He can argue to the blue in the face and pass his position only with one hundred percent evidence.

Easily attained goals are not for him, he likes to set himself difficult tasks and achieve them at all costs. These fire signs are very amorous and can be very annoying in their courtship, and often because of this fiasco. It may even seem that Aries are just unintelligible in humans. But it is not. Most likely, this is due to their irrepressible temperament and impulsiveness, which can bring them out of balance. However, such people are like chargers for other people. They are just a godsend for those who can understand them and accept them for what they are.

Aries male compatibility

Aries man

If Aries is a man, its compatibility with other signs is not an easy question. All women who will meet with such men, literally from the first minutes of communication, will understand that the owner is in front of them with the makings of a leader.

A very passionate and passionate Aries man in love. Compatibility is quite good he can have with Libra, Gemini, Cancers.

But now to accurately deal with Aries, you need to find out for yourself what kind of family he was brought up. If he grew up in the family favorite child, then such Aries, besides all the above, will have self-confidence, a sea of ​​charm and charm. But if he was not liked and was hurt in addition, it would be a real despot.

But this is if Aries is a man.Compatibility of other signs with Aries-woman will make you think about what she will do everything the way she wants. However, this does not mean at all that Aries woman is a petty tyrant, it just seems to her that she is always right.

Woman Aries compatibility

Aries woman

Both women and men, born under the constellation Aries, in character do not have a golden middle. These are either energetic and cheerful ringleaders, or unsmiling, heavy and uncontrollable people. If a woman is Aries, compatibility and livability with other signs directly depends on her upbringing.

The fact is that if an Aries woman loses her temper, then the main thing is not to add oil to the fire in the first minutes of her anger and let her calm down, but then you can take it with your bare hands.

Difficult to communicate a woman-Aries. Its compatibility with other signs is ambiguous. All because of her stubbornness, willfulness and inflated ambitions. But with such a wife, as they say, you will not perish. She is always on the line of duty, so she will not be able to take her by surprise. She also will not cry for a long time, and will selflessly undertake the settlement of affairs.

Aries and Scorpio compatibility

Family life

Aries are rarely single, yet they are quite attractive.They attract people of the opposite sex to themselves due to their charisma, reliability, love of justice and, for the most part, their cheerful disposition. They will not take revenge for the offense either, since they simply do not want to fool their heads with such trifles, knowing the boomerang method well.

Horoscope compatibility Aries

Two Aries in a pair

Consider the compatibility of Aries with other zodiac constellations. Here you can immediately note that if a couple consists of two Aries, then you should not be scared at all, sometimes it is so productive a union that you can only envy. Especially if their interests in work or hobby match. That is, they need to do one thing, and then they will burn with a single flame, otherwise they will become like two rams colliding on the bridge.

Aries Zodiac Sign Compatibility

Aries and Libra

This pair can become the most revealing and harmonious one, and here, in any case, it will be the merit of Libra diplomats who can get away from collisions at the right time. And not because they are weak before Aries, but because they can realistically assess the situation. They have enough wisdom to solve all problems with Aries in a peaceful way. Aries for this will be Libra very grateful.

Aries and Scorpio

That Aries and Scorpio compatibility can also show quite good. But here Scorpio can push away at some point the assertiveness and steadfastness of Aries, as the Scorpions must always assert themselves at the expense of someone. With Aries, they will fail, so the poison can go wrong and kill Scorpio itself, as it happens in nature. Although Aries and Scorpio compatibility show excellent in friendship, like colleagues or friends.

Aries and Sagittarius

It will be too unstable union. Aries will find it hard to understand where this Centaur is aiming with his bow. Aries likes to specifically set tasks and fulfill them, and not to engage in dreams of the future, he needs what is here and now. In order for Sagittarius to look like a real hunter next to his half, he will need to choose signs that are more calm and balanced.

Aries and Capricorn

This union can be represented only in a science fiction film. Capricorns are very arrogant and overbearing, for the sake of influence, they are ready for anything. Aries will annoy all this because he is jealous and does not want to give the freedom of action that Capricorn wants. Therefore, Capricorn will begin to deceive Aries, and then not to avoid quarrels.

Aries and Aquarius

Aries are not very fond of praise, so they will not beg her. But Aquarius without it can not. They are hardworking, but in marriage they feel defective, they want to constantly shine in public, to be loved and admired by their talents. One Aries will not be enough for them, so they remain to the last in public. In Aquarius, as a rule, very late marriages, they create families already out of despair and according to custom, because it is necessary.

Aries and Pisces

The fish will be a bit boring for the wayward Aries, but they can endure a lot, but the patience next to Aries is the main thing. Pisces also lack the confidence that Aries can give a trump card that wants to protect and protect the poor helpless Rybka from self-sacrifice. Horoscope compatibility "Aries and Pisces" says that if they pass the test of time, then they can still give an example to others.

Aries and Taurus

If Aries is a loud and decisive, often straightforward person, dependent on his emotions and momentary desires, then Taurus is innovators who have been carrying their plans for a very long time, and practicality in actions sometimes turns them into misers.Taurus - fighters, they are strong in spirit, but not close to Aries. Aries do not like rivalry, and for Taurus this sometimes becomes the meaning of life.

Aries and Gemini

From this pair we get a rather peculiar union. Gemini can change masks and look different. It will certainly delight and amuse Aries, but until a certain point, until the Twin plays. But since the Twins are mostly intellectuals, it seems that this will not happen, then Aries will be calm.

Aries and Cancer

Cancers are cautious and cowardly, but charming, so they can captivate anyone. For Cancer, Aries can provide a quiet haven in its shell. Cancer has all the chances to control Aries through a balanced approach, smart and interesting ideas that Aries will take to implement.

Aries and Leo

In this alliance, passions will capture both as much as you can. A faithful and reliable Aries will only then be able to understand all the manipulations Leo will carry out with him. This tricky representative of the cat family easily dizzy gullible Aries. If Aries has a strong character, then Lviv is independent and very ambitious.When the passion of love finally settles, the search begins. But, however, it will not be boring.

Aries and Virgo

The compatibility of Aries with Virgos is unlikely. Virgo is very pedantic, loves order and this will surely get the sloppy and preoccupied with new ideas and plans of Aries. Virgo is arrogant, arrogant, playful, and it is quite difficult to manage. Aries is always open and more permanent than she is, and scenes of jealousy will begin here. And in jealousy Aries are terrible.

Aries man in love compatibility

As we can see, Aries compatibility is complex. They become good partners in the family only when they reach a mature age. Usually, Aries marry or marry several times, this is all because of their indecision. They need to pick up some special key, and only then a more faithful and reliable friend cannot be found.

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