Ballerina Yevgenia Obraztsova: career, repertoire, personal life

What is known about such a ballet dancer as Yevgenia Obraztsova? How did this uncommon person start her way to fame? What is Evgenia Obraztsova famous for? Biography, achievements, personal life of the artist - all this will be considered in our article.

early years

Eugene's personal life

Obraztsova Evgenia Viktorovna was born on January 18, 1984 in Leningrad. The girl's parents were quite famous ballet dancers. From them, our heroine received the best makings for dancing. Therefore, the future of Eugene was originally predetermined.

In early childhood, the girl began to attend a choreographic circle, where her parents sent her. At first, the classes were given to the baby rather difficult. Yevgenia Obraztsova, like all children at her age, wanted to have a carefree time. Instead, she had to subject herself to heavy loads every day during endless workouts.In the end, the girl's parents, as well as the teachers, managed to instill in her a love for the lesson in choreography.

After graduating from school, Evgenia Obraztsova was successfully enrolled in the Vaganova Academy of Russian Ballet. The most important role in shaping the future artist’s unique style was played by the patronage of such famous teachers as L. N. Safronova, M. A. Vasilyeva. It was they who instilled in the talented girl a special feeling of the primordially Russian style, which was manifested on her stage. With her success, Evgenia Obraztsova is also obliged to her mentor N. I. Tagunov, who sought from a student to work out an impeccable dance technique, demanding from her respect for strict self-discipline. The ballet star is often turned to its teachers from the academy to this day.

Career start

evgenia ballet dancer

Evgenia Obraztsova is a ballet dancer who immediately after graduating from the Ballet Academy received an offer to join the Mariinsky Opera Company. Here the patronage of our heroine from the very first days of work was taken by the famous choreographer Ninel Kurgapkina.

In 2002, the young actress went on her first tour in Paris. The young ballerina immediately got the main role in the play “Romeo and Juliet” directed byLeonid Lavrovsky. Subsequently, this image has become a real business card Exemplary.

First serious success

In 2005, Evgenia Obraztsova decided to take part in the Moscow International Competition of Choreographic Art. Our heroine went to the competition on her own, without any support, and immediately won the gold award of the prestigious forum. It is worth noting that Obraztsova managed to bypass many worthy rivals. It was this achievement that later opened up Eugenia to the best world scenes.

Career development

After winning a choreographic competition in Moscow, a young ballerina organized personal tours. The first performances took place in the United States, where she played a major role in the play “Sleeping Beauty,” directed by Konstantin Sergeyev. Then, for the girl, she took part in a rather complicated play “Cinderella” by the Italian director Carla Facia. Speech Obraztsova had to like the widest audience. Thus, the ballerina began to appear regularly on the stage as a guest soloist of the Roman Opera.

The hour of the actress


In 2006, Evgenia Obraztsova won a place in the famous artistic troupe Roberto Bolle and friends, where the first stars of the world ballet were gathered. As part of a successful project, our heroine made her debut on the stage of the La Scala Theater in Milan. A year has passed, and Obraztsova stepped on the stage of the renowned site Arena di Verona, where she got thanks to a personal invitation from the outstanding Italian ballerina Maria Garofoli.

Filming at the cinema

In 2005, there was a rather unusual experience in the career of Obraztsova. Successful ballerina received an offer to play in a movie. The debut work for Eugenia in this field was the role in the film "Beauty" (Les poupees russes), a famous director from France Cedric Klapish. Then, in 2006, the artist took part in the filming of another film called “Ballerina”.

Repertoire actress

sample evgenia viktorovna

Among the most notable works of Evgenia Obraztsova on the theater stage are the roles in the following performances:

  • Romeo and Juliet (2003);
  • The Nutcracker (2004);
  • Sleeping Beauty (2006);
  • Ondine (2006);
  • Cinderella (2006);
  • Don Quixote (2008);
  • “Symphony in C Major” (2008);
  • Carnival (2008);
  • Little Humpbacked Horse (2010);
  • Giselle (2010);
  • La Sylphide (2011);
  • Swan Lake (2011);
  • Chopiniana (2012);
  • The Nutcracker (2012);
  • "Eugene Onegin" (2013);
  • “Lost Illusions” (2014).

Evgenia Obraztsova: personal life

Eugenius sample biography

The famous Russian ballerina is married to Andrei Korobtsov, a famous sculptor. At one time, young people met through social networking. The future marriage was preceded by a rather entertaining story, which will be discussed later.

Mom Obraztsova was interested in the work of young Russian sculptors. She was especially impressed with the monument to Evgeny Rodionov, whose author was Korobtsov. At the request of the mother, our heroine contacted Andrew on the Internet and received an invitation to see the sculpture with her own eyes. After the meeting, the future spouses began to communicate and regularly appear together in public. Obraztsova often invited Korobtsova to her own performances in the theater. Six months passed, and Andrew made an offer to Eugene. It is noteworthy that the hands and hearts of our heroine Korobtsov decided to ask directly on the theater stage, at the end of the play "Onegin".

Currently, Evgenia Obraztsova continues to work on the stage, work out new parts. The actress never limited herself to one role.Therefore, today in her repertoire there are not only images of cute heroes of fairy tales and romantic girls, but also the role of characteristic, strong characters.

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