Baltym - Lake of Russia (Sverdlovsk Region)

On the origin of the name of the lake, Baltim, there are manyopinions. Some believe that its hydronome is a native of Turkic language "bol" - be it "tym" - quietly, which means "be quiet". However, scientists consider this view erroneous. If you pay attention to the correctness of writing in a given language, then only the root base participates in this hypothesis. And the verb "to be" in Tatar sounds like a bull, and in Bashkir it sounds like a bully.

There is another version of the origin of the name"Baltym". It already has Russian roots. This statement says that the Slavic people, in order to simplify the discordant forms, improved the pronunciation of "Baltsky" or "Baltysky" more in tune: "Baltysky."balt lake

a brief description of

Baltym - lake, located in Sverdlovskarea in 3 km from the Upper Pyshma. This is a very beautiful and picturesque place that attracts tourists not only from Yekaterinburg and nearby cities, but also from all over the world.

The parameters of the lake are 4 kilometers in length and2.6 in width. The main area of ​​the bottom is mud sediments. This factor greatly affects the transparency of water. Officially, the average depth is fixed at 3-3.5 m. However, there are places where it reaches 5-6.5 m.

Baltym - lake saucer-shaped, slightlystretched towards the south. From one part of the reservoir the banks consist entirely of mixed forests. Here you can meet such representatives of the plant world as fir, pine, spruce, birch. There are stony beaches, and sandy beaches, where the water is fairly clear.


From the southern and northern sides of the coast completelycovered with swamps and reed beds. From the east - sand mounds, which are equipped with beaches, suitable for swimming. A abundant thickets of grass are observed throughout the coastline of the reservoir Baltym.

The lake (Ekaterinburg is 20 km away) enjoysincreased interest of the local population. In its territory, namely, on the east side, there are a lot of different recreation bases for workers of Uralmashzavod, Shakhtospetsmontazh and Uralelectrotyazhmash. In addition, there is a registered economy for lovers of hunting and fishing. In the south-west of the lake there are pioneer camps and sanatoriums. You can see the water station, which is located on the south-east coast, as well as the yacht club of the Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company.balty Lake Yekaterinburg

Animal world

Baltym is a lake that is famous for its largequantity of various fish. Here live Chebak, Ruff, Silver crucian, bream, carp, roach, tench, perch, burbot, pike, golden crucian. In the forests located on the shore of the reservoir, there are a lot of animals, and often there are predators. Permanent residents of these places are lynx, wolf, wolverine, squirrel, moose. Above the surface of the water you can meet a huge number of waterfowl. Some species of animals are listed in the Red Book.

Lake Baltym: recreation centers

For holidaymakers there are a lot of recreation centers in which there are all conditions for a comfortable stay.

  • Recreation center "Zabava" is located directly in the forest among the tall pines. There is a two-story building, designed for 17 rooms. There is a cafe on site and there are gazebos for convenience.
  • The "Forest Fairy Tale" base is perfect for resting with the whole family, as it has baths, beaches, pavilions, a pier for those who like to go fishing and an excellent children's playground.
  • Base "Fairy-tale Lukomorye", is located in a birch grove. On the territory there is a playground, sauna and car parking.

lake baltymy recreation center

Baltym - the lake is hospitable and quiet, so everyone will get a great pleasure from the rest here.

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Baltym - Lake of Russia (Sverdlovsk Region) Baltym - Lake of Russia (Sverdlovsk Region) Baltym - Lake of Russia (Sverdlovsk Region) Baltym - Lake of Russia (Sverdlovsk Region) Baltym - Lake of Russia (Sverdlovsk Region) Baltym - Lake of Russia (Sverdlovsk Region) Baltym - Lake of Russia (Sverdlovsk Region) Baltym - Lake of Russia (Sverdlovsk Region) Baltym - Lake of Russia (Sverdlovsk Region) Baltym - Lake of Russia (Sverdlovsk Region)