Barley porridge with meat: calorie. Barley porridge with meat: a recipe

About you can hear the most negative reviews. A continuous stream of admiration begins to flow only when someone tries the real, right, cooked according to the rules pearl barley with meat.

Historical justice

Even from Soviet times, when the entire male population of the country (with the short-term and sick exception) served in the army, the ridiculous names (shrapnel, "tarpaulin") remained for barley porridge.

The brew of the treated (polished) barley was prepared by both the ancient Egyptians and the Arabs. Groats were not only the basis of their diet, but also served as a measure of wealth, were a means of payment. The Arabs even laid the weight of the processed grain in the basis of the system of measures: five grains - one carat.

Ancient recipes that have turned into modernity, were not good enough for today's gourmets. And the reason is simple: haste, the desire to reduce the time to prepare the cereal for boiling. Therefore, such a taste as barley porridge with meat is not in the list of modern dishes.

How to select and prepare cereals

Tasty barley porridge with meat suggests that the cereal should be fresh, without bitterness and mildew. It is impossible to find out the condition of the packaged pearl bargain when buying: the label only contains the packing date. And how long before that she lay in the warehouse? What are the temperature and humidity indicators? This is unknown to us.

Only by touching the product, you can detect rancidity.

barley porridge with meat

Weight product is easier to check, but it is almost impossible: small retail does not buy large heavy bags, and network retail does not buy barley, as non-tradable goods. Therefore, lovers of such dishes as delicious barley porridge with meat have what they are offered.

Barley need to sort out, removing impurities. Rinse thoroughly several times, constantly pouring water.

Barley Soak

With proper preparation, you will get a first-class dish - barley porridge with meat. The soak recipe is unique in time and simple in composition. Pour a glass of pearl barley with a liter of water, you need to leave the grits for half a day (10-12 hours). Starch takes water slowly, this property of barley grain. Although it gives quickly, that's why porridge is bad after cooling is a real “tin”.

During the time of soaking and boiling, the barley in the volume will increase to 5-6 times, therefore, the water must be taken in the amount of five times more grain.

After twelve hours, water can be drained, the grains will not become larger and more tender.

How to cook barley?

Barley porridge with meat suggests the absence of milk during cooking. Although real, such as from a Russian stove, with a chiffon on top, it can only be cooked in milk with cream and butter.

barley porridge with meat recipe

Soaked cereal should be poured with two liters of warm water (just above body temperature) and cook for a very long time, about six hours.

The process is divided into two stages: the first is actually cooking on direct fire with boiling for about 5 minutes, and the second is bringing to readiness in a water bath under a lid for five to five and a half hours. Long? You can replace the thermos: after boiling, pour porridge into it and leave it for three hours.

Instead of water for porridge with meat, you can take broth, preferably not concentrated.

The traditional gas oven perfectly replaces the Russian stove. Cooking barley over low heat at an oven temperature of 150 degrees is similar to stewing in a furnace when a crust is fried on the surface.This method is more laborious, because it is impossible to move away from cereal, you need to monitor its condition. The process time depends on the plate and the temperature maintained - from two to four hours. Be sure to cook with the lid closed, the evaporation of water should be minimal, sometimes you need to add boiling water.

tasty barley porridge with meat

Meat for Porridge

There are two ways to prepare meat for this dish: separate and joint.

Preparation of meat as an additional product is practiced when cooking cereals in a thermos. Meat is cooked usually, without special additives. To improve the taste, you need to put the onion (after a while remove), at the end of cooking the broth is salted, put peas, carrots, bay leaf. Cooked meat should be easily divided into fibers.

When cooking together (water bath and gas stove), the process should be organized as follows:

  • cook meat separately until half cooked;
  • remove from broth, divide into pieces;
  • combine meat with porridge (by this time it should be boiled in the water bath for five hours, and in the gas stove for two hours), stirring;
  • barley porridge with meat is cooked until ready, even the necessary (estimated) time, then removed from the fire.

Finishing touches: conditioning

Meat, cooked separately from porridge, must be filled with stewed carrots and onions. Combine with porridge. Salt if necessary.

With a joint method of cooking in a water bath, try porridge for salinity, stew separately vegetables, put them on porridge, butter on them, boil for about ten minutes.

In the case of cooking in the oven, place the vegetables on top of the porridge and meat, and on them - butter. Put out for about ten minutes.

barley porridge with meat calorie


Barley porridge with meat is a dish that can not be left for tomorrow (for later). It needs to be eaten immediately, while cooling the croup it gives up water, it becomes very quickly tough. Only having mastered the technology of cooking, you can predict the end of the process for dinner.

pearl barley with canned meat

Forgotten details! Green onions, parsley and celery are served separately with salt.

Braised meat: compatibility with barley

To reduce the cooking time for porridge in this case will not work, but the result will be the same barley porridge with meat. Canned food for cooking the most common: beef stew, pork, horsemeat, you can try the meat of chicken or rabbit.

The cooking process is simple: boil the porridge, then combine with the stew.


Stew must be heated. Otherwise, the porridge will be "gutta-percha", tough.

On sale you can still find canned food under the name "Barley porridge with meat." Manufacturers have not changed the recipe of cooking: there is an indescribable Soviet taste and texture (in the case of producer integrity). Usually, in addition to hard cereals, thin fibers of meat (at best) are found in the jar, sometimes minced, more often - just a hint of meat smell and taste.

Why do you need a barley?

The unequivocal answer to this question discourages! The body uses this product not only as a building material, but also as a slow cleansing enema.

Those who wish to maintain their weight in the normal state without loss of long-term working ability will definitely need barley porridge with meat.

Calorie dishes are not difficult to calculate. Boiled pearl barley contains 121 Kcal per 100 g. In boiled beef - up to 250 Kcal, in pork - from 250 (low-fat) to 400 Kcal (fat) per 100 g. For porridge you need at least 500 g of any meat, the resulting weight of cooked cereal - about a kilogram (no meat).

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