Bart - a bear from Hollywood

Bart is one of the most famous animal actors. During his nearly twenty-year film career, he took part in dozens of projects, including various TV shows and TV shows. He became famous and won the hearts of a multimillion audience, largely due to the harsh, but charming appearance and, of course, acting talent.

About Bart

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Charming Bart - a bear with an unusual fate. He was born in the zoo of the city of Baltimore (Maryland) on January 19, 1977. Bart belonged to the subspecies of the Kodiak brown bears, which are among the largest land predators on the planet. He confirmed this data to the full.

At the height of his years, he reached a height of 2.90 m and a weight of 700 kg. The huge size gave him an even more menacing and ferocious look on the screen. In one of the interviews, Brad Pitt, who twice starred with Bart, recalled that behind the image of the bloodthirsty predator there was in reality a very intelligent and educated animal who adored its owner and had a magical internal connection with it.

Bart, Doug and Lynn

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Now the family of Doug and Lynn Seus is known as a couple of professional animal trainers. They are engaged in this business for four decades. They devoted their whole lives to the development and implementation of new programs.

However, back in 1977, this couple was just beginning their career. It was then that their family doubled in a flash. First came the light of the firstborn, Doug and Lynn, and then a five-week Bart arrived. The bear at that time weighed only 2 kg. The pair trained and raised the animal together, and three years later, Bart bravely began his star trek in the cinema. He took part in the filming of more than three dozen films, as well as in television projects, TV shows. Together with his beloved owner, the bear traveled not only his native North America, but also reached Europe and the Alps. Big and powerful, he aroused fear in others, and Doug frolicked with him, as if with an ordinary pet like a dog or cat.

Bear Barth, whose films the whole world knows, died in 2000 at the age of twenty-three, which is not much for an animal living in captivity. The cause was cancer. The tumor from the right paw was removed twice, but the disease recurred and caused him suffering. Doug and Lynn were forced to take extreme measures. The bear was put to sleep in May 2000 in his home in Utah.Bart died surrounded by his family and friends and was buried at the ranch. In memory of him, Seus was founded a foundation that fights for the preservation of the natural habitats of bears.

Films with Bart

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Stephen Seagal, Robert Redford, Morgan Freeman, Daryl Hannah, Brad Pitt, Alec Baldwin, Anthony Hopkins, John Candy and Chekey Cario - all these famous Hollywood actors can rightly be considered Bart's colleagues on the set. Over the years, they were his opponents on the screen and all as one were impressed with his excellent training.

Bart is a bear with special charisma. According to Lynn Seus, his duet with E. Hopkins was the most brilliant. He respected the bear as an actor and could watch and admire him for hours. Hopkins met Bart on the set twice: the films “Legends of the Fall” and “On the Edge.”

The four-legged actor received the greatest popularity after the main role in the film of French director Jean-Jacques Annaud “The Bear” (1988). In addition, his films include such well-known tapes as The Tribe of the Cave Bear, On the Bottom of Nature, White Fang, Meet the Didles.

In 1998, Barth took part in the Oscars.On stage, he appeared, as befits the status of a popular actor, in a butterfly and with a cherished envelope in his paws.

Bart II

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Shortly before the death of her pupil, pet and a full member of the family of the couple, Seusov took a new pet, he was also called Bart. The bear is named after its famous predecessor and is firmly following in its movie star footsteps. Now Bartu II is seventeen years old, he is in his prime and at the zenith of his glory.

One of his recent works is the series Game of Thrones. He participates in the episode where the character Gwendolyn Christie (Brienne Tart) fights with the bear. According to the actress herself, she will remember this moment for the rest of her life and at this time he is the brightest, stunning and exciting in her life. On the shooting of the episode took several months. Initially, Bart II was brought to the site so that he acclimatized, used to. Then began his work with trainers.

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