Be happy: theory and practice

Happiness seems elusive - and for his sake manis capable of much. But more often people are looking for an explanation for the fact that they are unhappy. More often - guilty in their misfortune. The leaders in this sad list are God (atheists have a destiny) and the most native people. I want to be happy, but how can I become one?

Buttons of natural happiness does not exist

Immediately say that euphoria is not a state,which can be maintained for longer than a few hours. The only way to such "happiness" is chemical, only drugs give the effect of pleasure on the principle of "pressed the button - got the result", whenever and wherever. In reality, not everything depends on a person, therefore, it is possible to be happy only with the correct adaptation to life situations.

The joy of life in a woman's way

I want to be happy

If a woman comes to a therapist and says:"I want to be happy" - this will mean that the doctor has a lot of work to do. Although it is easier for a doctor to work with her than with a man, because on average, society does not give a woman the commitment to be a "leader" for happiness. But at the same time, society forces a woman to suppress natural features more than a man. Therefore, a woman will learn to be a happy person only if she independently thinks and confronts public expectations: to be submissive, stupid, economic.

Money does not happen much

I want to be happyHappiness is possible only with good materialposition. Of course, the money itself does not make a fortune. But they give a feeling of security, on which a sense of happiness can be based. For satisfaction it is not necessary to be a dollar millionaire - it's enough to earn twice as much as the people around you. Although if the environment is changed, then you will have to reach new heights.

Harmony of values

What components are needed for humanhappiness, other than money? It is necessary to adhere to a serious system of values, traditional (religious) or non-traditional (secular ethics). Deep and lasting happiness comes only to those who live in accordance with moral principles.

be happy

Altruism makes us happier, and this is true even in the animal world.Therefore, to live "for yourself" is often veryboring and sad. People need a connection with other people and their support. In the framework of traditional religions, happiness is easier to achieve, because church authorities have accumulated knowledge about the human psyche for at least several centuries (in traditional Christianity - millennia), and this experience is easier to adopt than to build one's own path to happiness.

Difficulties ordered?

You can be happy only as a resultCollision with the difficulties of the world around and successfully overcome them. Man is so arranged that the greatest pleasure is achieved on the border with discomfort. Most often, after the discomfort is successfully eliminated by the forces of the person himself. Therefore, overcoming difficulties is an indispensable condition for happiness. So if you want to see your child happy, teach him to fight and win from childhood.

Happiness guiding star leads us to new achievements through the throes of creativity. Do not look for easy ways - and you will be knocked at the door. Human happiness.

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