Beans with Rice and Vegetables

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Beans, like all legumes, are high in many nutrients, calorie and nutritious. But despite this, bean dishes are included not only in lean diets, but also in the diet for losing weight (especially green pods), since this product leads to rapid saturation for a long time. Especially popular are soups and vegetable stews. The dishes offered in this article will help you to update your menu thanks to new tastes and flavors. Try it!

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Creole-style Rice

This recipe for red beans, sausages and rice occupies a leading place in the Creole cuisine and has different variations. Some consider bacon to be more successful, replacing smoked sausage. Others prefer to boil rice separately, without mixing with other ingredients. When cooking this bean dish, we suggest that you adhere to the general technology, of course, making your own additions, if necessary, depending on taste and preferences.


- red beans - 300 grams;

- long grain rice or ordinary - 300 grams;

- smoked sausage - 300 grams;

- 4 onions;

- drain. oil - 100 grams;

- garlic - 2 cloves;

- thyme - bunch;

- ground black pepper;

- Clove - 4 pcs;

- salt.

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Cooking Beans, Sausages and Rice

  1. Beans pour overnight with cold water. In the morning, drain the water, pour a new one and put it on low heat for an hour and a half, adding two whole onions, cloves and thyme.
  2. After cooking the beans, drain the vegetable broth, remove the onions and seasonings.
  3. Sausage, cut into small rings one or two centimeters thick, fry in a dry frying pan, then add rice, add butter and, adding vegetable broth, simmer on low heat until half cooked.
  4. Put the beans in the rice-sausage mass, season with salt and pepper and finely chopped garlic. Allow five to ten minutes later.
  5. Serve hot to decorate the dish of beans, use any greens.

Green Bean Garnish

Perfectly combined in recipes with many products, be it meat, vegetables or fish, green beans can be not only a separate dish, but also be part of the other as a main component. Try making a side dish of beans and vegetables.This summer bright assortment will attract the attention of diet lovers, as it is very low-calorie. Indeed, 100 grams of green string beans contain only 34 kcal, which is 10 times less than in the red grain.


- green beans, fresh or frozen - 300 g;

- one onion;

- Bulgarian red pepper - 2 pcs;

- garlic - 1 tooth;

- Tomato - 1 pc;

- walnuts - 100 grams;

- vegetable (sunflower or olive) oil - 100 grams;

- a bunch of parsley;

- salt, ground pepper.

bean garnish

Cooking Beans with Vegetables

  1. Free the young pods from the veins, trim the tails and boil in water for about three to four minutes. When they cool, cut into 3-4 cm slices.
  2. Cut pepper and onion into cubes, garlic - finely, then fry everything.
  3. Add the beans, continuing to stew.
  4. Add chopped tomatoes to the mass, salt, pepper and simmer for another five to ten minutes until vegetables are ready.
  5. Before turning it off, add walnuts and chopped greens, chopped in a meat grinder. Appetizing side dish is ready!

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