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A place for noisy entertainment, quiet rest, unity with nature, communication with family - each person understands the purpose of suburban property in his own way. However, the general requirement that the interior of the dacha must comply with does exist. The situation is obliged to maximally respond to the ideas of the owners about comfort, and the right choice of design will help achieve what

Country house interior - country style

Comfort, warmth and tranquility - the qualities that will give any room the features of the direction of country music. Ideal for its embodiment wooden cottage. The interior, decorated in this style, is based on the use of natural materials. The abundance of wood, stone, clay is welcomed. From the dominant shades required softness, no call.

cottage interior

It is advisable to leave the floor wooden, for the walls it is best to choose plaster, paint in beige tones. The effect of warmth will create bulky brown ceiling beams.Furniture requires maximum simplicity, roughness of forms, the optimal material for it is natural wood. Country - interior cottages, in which the appropriate products from the vine, things in the spirit of retro, aged artificially.

Of the accessories are relevant painted plates, earthenware jugs, wicker mats. Be sure to need a fireplace, without which the image will not look complete.

Wooden cottage - interior style chalet

The chalet is a style that is associated with cozy Swiss houses located near the lake. The direction took on many of the features of country music, without giving up individuality. Respect for ecology, natural materials, a combination of simplicity and sophistication - a summer house must meet such requirements. It is easy to create an interior with your own hands, the main rule is that we should not forget about practicality.

cottage interior do it yourself

For the design of the floor is suitable massive board, treated with varnish. Wood cladding can take on the role of a wall covering, ceiling beams and a volume fireplace lined with stone are obligatory. Terracotta, cream, caramel shades - the business card of style.

The central room should be made with large sofas and armchairs upholstered in leather. Of the decor, decorations that refer to hunting motifs are most preferred. It can be decorated with the floor and walls of animal skins, images of shooters. Also welcome old photos, wood frames.

We make a cottage in the style of Provence

If the Swiss design, due to its specificity, is oriented “to the amateur”, then the French style is able to charm everyone. The interior of the villa in the elegant traditions of Provence fills the room with fresh air and elegance, without implying serious material investments. Calm pastel shades, a lot of accessories, the active use of wood, flax and cotton are the main features of the design that came from France.

cottage interior styles

The beautiful interior of the Provence-style cottage implies the abandonment of modern materials - glass, metal, plastic. The emphasis is on stone, wood, brick. Brickwork is used to finish the walls, the floor can be laid out with parquet, the ceiling can be decorated with beams. When choosing colors, you should focus on pinkish, olive, sandy tones.The effect of freshness will create a soft blue hue.

Be sure to use forging, elements of which are present in the decor, furniture. Comfort created using textiles with floral patterns.

Minimalism: is this style suitable for giving

Deliberate rustic simplicity is more relevant than ever, but not everyone likes it. There are modern interior styles of summer cottages, which have been favorites of fashion for several years now. Minimalism is a trend that combines a passion for innovative materials and free space. It is not suitable for those who can not imagine life without an abundance of cozy decor in the house.

interior design villas

Large window openings - a detail that is mandatory when embodying the interior in the style of minimalism. The effect of space will help create shades of white and beige in the decoration, furniture. Glass surfaces that visually expand the space are welcome. It is better to abandon wood in favor of glass and plastic. Accessories are present in a minimum quantity, amaze with originality of forms, clarity of lines. From the furniture - only the most necessary items.

What if the cottage is small?

The lack of free space is a problem that many owners of suburban real estate meet in one form or another. What if the cottage is small? The interior, created with the use of some tricks, will help to "push" the walls.

Lighting - the main assistant for those who think over the design of a small country house. Ceiling light should certainly be supported by wall fixtures. Floor lamps and lamps are welcome. Correct colors also contribute to solving a complex problem. It is preferable to forget about the dark, gloomy shades, stopping the choice on light colors.

Furniture, accessories - all this should be enough. It is best to be guided by the postulates of the direction of minimalism, discarding bulky items in favor of compact ones. Windows can be left without curtains at all, decorate them with air curtains, flying when the wind blows.

Cottage heart - a fireplace

Country property for most people becomes an island of peace, where they relax and temporarily forget about the frantic pace of city life. Nothing is more conducive to proper rest than the opportunity to sit by the fireplace.You should not abandon this important element, thinking through the interior of a wooden house, summer cottage.

wooden cottage interior

It is not always possible to equip a house with a real fireplace, pleasing with live fire. In this case, an electric device that creates the feeling of the presence of the present becomes an excellent alternative. The solution that implies the installation of an electric fireplace in the portal that was created by his own hand looks impressive. Materials such as stone and wood are suitable for its manufacture.

If the purchase of electric fire is also not possible, you can create a portal and decorate it with paraffin candles of large sizes. Having placed a rocking chair next to it, it remains only to enjoy peace and comfort.

Choosing furniture - general recommendations

Numerous advantages allowed the tree to become the number 1 material for country estates. Among the advantages that products possess, one can call safety, naturalness, durability. It is easy to restore wooden furniture in case of damage, special treatments increase its stability. The following species are most preferred: walnut, oak, cherry, larch.

small cottage interior

The interior design of the cottage does not exclude the use of metal furniture, in the first place it is in demand when designing the yard. Products are not afraid of temperature changes, wind, rain. They are not only hardy, but also simple in terms of care. Designs are different: forged, cast.

Plastic managed to enter into fashion due to the variety of colors and shapes. Country furniture, made of this material, attracts ease, indifference to the manifestations of bad weather, multifunctional.

Which textiles to use

Regardless of whether a large or small cottage, the interior is not without such an element as textiles. When choosing it, you need to take into account a number of important points.

  • If the windows of the building look to the south, its owners should purchase dense dark textiles. This decision will not allow the sun to disturb the inhabitants of the summer cottage in the hot summer, will maintain a cool, comfortable life.
  • White products must be of high quality, otherwise their immediate burnout is possible.
  • Plain fabric is not suitable if we are talking about the design of the veranda, gazebos. You need to get waterproof material that can enclose people during heavy rain.
  • Floral colors are poorly combined with modern chrome eaves, look ridiculous, and next to the designs of plastic. It is better to decide in favor of devices made of wood, and forging elements are not prohibited.

Talk about accessories

Textiles are far from the only potential decoration that can create coziness in the rooms of a country house. Virtually all styles fit such decor as animal skins. It is not necessary to use natural products, fur imitations look just as impressive, more practical in terms of care, are made in a variety of colors.

Excellent wicker jewelry looks great in the country. It can be baskets, boxes, vases. The latter become a real highlight of the rooms, if you add them with fresh flowers. There is a place for paintings, the preferred theme - everything related to the forest. Images of animals and trees can be diluted with images of bright fruits, hanging such canvases in the kitchen.

interior of the cottage wooden house

In the design of the dacha interior, originality is welcomed, which is easiest to emphasize with the help of accessories and lighting devices.For example, a floor lamp, which is shaped like deer horns, will look bright and distinctive.

The main principle, which should not be forgotten, while thinking through the design of the country house, should be convenient for owners.

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