Beeline 3G modem: tariffs, price, conditions

Despite the fact that almost all modern laptops and netbooks are equipped with a Wi-Fi module, there are far from everywhere access points on it. Therefore, mobile modems do not lose their relevance on the road. Or "whistles", as they are called by the people. So, the Beeline 3G modem has proven itself quite well. And for good reason.

3g modem beeline

What is convenient

First of all, the fact that he is really mobile. You can use the Beeline 3G modem anywhere: at least in nature, at least on the road, at least in the city, even at home. Everything is limited only by the operator’s coverage area and traffic. The second advantage is simple operation. No need to install any drivers. Simply insert the Beeline 3G modem into the USB connector of a laptop or computer, and then follow the pop-up prompts. All the necessary installation files are in the device itself, there is no need to look for them.

Cost of

When the Beeline 3G modem first appeared on the market, its price was not the most democratic - about 1,500 rubles per set of “device + sim card”.The tariff at the same time left much to be desired - a small amount of traffic, low speed. But since then, much time has passed. Today, you can purchase a Beeline 3G modem in just 700-800 rubles. And in the set is already ready SIM card with free internet. More precisely, conditionally free. So, the user gets 12 GB of traffic for two weeks. This is quite enough for surfing the Web, social networking and special programs, watching videos and movies. At the same time night traffic is not limited, it can be spent in unlimited quantities. Conditions are quite favorable.modem beeline 3g Price


Naturally, not everyone is satisfied with the standard package of services that comes with the sale of a modem. But this can be easily corrected by yourself, without contacting the operator or the customer service center. 3G-modem "Beeline", the tariffs for which belong to the family of "Internet forever + Highway", works at various speeds. It all depends on the model, signal strength and network utilization in a particular area. It is noteworthy that, apart from the tariffs of the “Internet forever” family, there are no more convenient options for the user, since billing will occur in megabytes.With payment for each loaded megabyte. And it is completely unprofitable.

8 GB

“Internet forever + Highway 8 GB” from “Beeline” is the cheapest tariff of the family. Its cost is only 600 rubles per month. In this case, the speed is limited only by the modem model. For example, modern “whistles” develop reception-transmission up to 150 Mbit / s. This is a decent figure in our time. But the traffic at the rate of only 8 GB. This is negligible in modern conditions, especially when you want to watch movies and videos. Although it is worth noting that at night the traffic is not limited (from 00:59 to 07:59), it can be spent as it pleases.3g modem beeline tariffs

12 GB

The name of the tariff speaks for itself - "Internet forever + Highway 12 GB." Cost - 700 rubles per month. The package includes traffic, the size of which is 12 GB, night time is not limited in any way. It is noteworthy that after going beyond the tariff plan, with the “Auto-renewal speed” option enabled, an SMS notification will come that you can add the required megabytes. The calculation is extremely simple: 70 MB available for 20 rubles. If, for some reason, the automatic renewal does not suit the user, and it does not resume traffic, then the Internet access speed drops to 64 Kbps. This, of course, is negligible.

20 GB

This tariff for USB-modem is suitable for those who often spend a lot of time on the Internet. For example, watching movies. The cost of the tariff plan is 1200 rubles per month. Night traffic within the “Highway” option is not rated, available at maximum speed. It is worth noting that this tariff plan, despite the large number of available gigabytes (20!), In the city, where a lot of free Wi-Fi points, is not too economical in terms of means. But in the countryside, where the Internet often works only at the expense of mobile operators, is the most optimal. A night unlimited access adds benefits to this tariff. Therefore, it is so popular.unlimited internet 3g modem beeline

What is unlimited

Often in commercials they say that buyers can buy unlimited internet for themselves. 3G-modem "Beeline" with its tariffs means not fully accessible megabyte access to the network. No, unlimited in this case is the ability to surf the Internet within the selected package without speed limits. But the traffic is already set by the operator. Therefore, unlimited Internet - in its classic sense - mobile operators are completely absent.Which, however, does not prevent the user from choosing the Beeline tariff that is appropriate for each particular case for his mobile modem. In addition, if necessary, you can always increase the speed and volume of megabytes, besides on quite favorable conditions.

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