Beer snacks. Party Recipes

In the summer heat after work, sometimes you want to pamper yourself with a cold beer! And if friends have come to visit you, then you can surprise them by serving something unusual and original to the foamy drink. A beer snack made with your own hands always turns out to be tastier and healthier than store snacks. We offer your choice of recipes for interesting culinary additions to a beer party.

snacks for beer recipesBeer snacks. Potato Recipes: Chips

Cook homemade chips. To do this, peel the potatoes, cut them into thin slices. You can use a special grater. Dry gently with a towel or napkin. Heat the oil in a deep frying pan. Throw in chips in small batches. Ready-made potato petals should be rich golden in color. They should be salted, add a little seasoning and serve.

Beer snacks. Potato Recipes: Chopsticks

Cook the potatoes. Mash it or mince it.Add some flour, butter, salt and pepper. Mix all foods and put the dough in the fridge. Make sticks of it. Anoint them with whipped yolk and bake in the oven. You can wrap pieces of cheese in sticks, roll in breading and fry in oil.

Beer snacks. Meat Recipes: Sausages and Sausagesbeer snack

Use sausages and bacon. The last cut into thin strips. Wrap them each sausage, then fry in a pan in the oil on all sides. For sausages, you need to finely chop lean pork and lard in this proportion: one part lard into 5 parts of pork. Salt, add your favorite spices. Make stuffing, add some water. Then make sausages out of it and scrape them in the convection oven for three hours. When serving, sausages should be boiled in boiling water.

Beer snacks. Cheese Recipes: Balls and Sticks

For chopsticks use any hard cheese. It should be cut into strips, roll in breadcrumbs and fry for a few minutes in boiling vegetable oil. Add spices to the butter, then the sticks will get a spicy flavor. For balls of cheese, you need eggs, cottage cheese and cheese.Last grate, beat the egg and mix with it. Add to them a little cottage cheese and salt. From the mass of blind balls, roll them in flour and fry in a frying pan in hot oil.

Chicken wingscold beer snacks

One of the most favorite snacks for beer are chicken wings. For their preparation, use soy sauce, mayonnaise, mustard, garlic, seasonings, sugar (powder). First, the wings must be marinated. For the marinade, you need to mix soy sauce, mustard, mayonnaise, seasoning and powdered sugar (1 teaspoon). We press the garlic and put it there. Wings, pre-washed and dried, placed in a sauce and pickled for two hours. Chicken wings can be brought to readiness in one of two ways: either bake in the oven, or roll in breading and fry in oil. For the first option you will need an oven with a temperature of 200 degrees, a baking tray and 25 minutes of time. After simple procedures, the wings can be served at the table. In addition, you can make cold snacks for beer.

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