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Many people like to drink a glass and sometimes several glasses of beer after a hard day’s work. Despite the fact that beer is considered to be a male drink, some women also love it. Now, most European brewing companies sell their products in post-Soviet countries. Danish beer "Tuborg" was no exception. Tuborg is a leading international brand that is represented in more than one hundred countries of the world, and about two dozen countries have a license for its production.

Beer "Tuborg"

A bit of history

Beer "Tuborg" first began to produce in 1873. The brewery was founded near Copenhagen by Karl Frederick Tietgen. The company was named after the place where the drink was made - Thuesborg.

Back in those days, beer began to be popular because of its taste. Also a huge influence on the popularity of the company had the fact that it was she who first began to pour beer into bottles in Denmark. These factors allowed the company to take a leading position in the market.Over time, in order to consolidate success, it was decided to expand the range of products. In 1880, Tuborg Green appeared for the first time, and five years later, in 1885, they began producing Tuborg Gold.

"Tuborg" beer producer

Despite the popularity of the brewery, the leading beer producer in Denmark was Carlsberg. In order to counteract it, Tuborg and several other beer producers merged into The United Breweries in 1894, thereby becoming the main competitor of Karlsberg.

However, this association was not so successful, and already in 1970, "Tuborg" and all its allies were still absorbed by the company "Karlsberg". In the USSR, Tuborg products became the first licensed brand and went on sale in the 1960s. Tuborg beer is very popular all over the world. The producer of this drink in Russia is Baltika Brewery.

The range of products "Tuborg"

There are several beers from this manufacturer. A bottle of each type has its own design. If someone does not know what they look like, then a photo of Tuborg beer can be found on the Internet and in many magazines, as well as in our article. Now the company produces the following types of drink:

  1. Light beer Tuborg Green, which is produced in accordance with the technology of the Danish brewers. It has a pale golden color and contains at least 4.6% alcohol. This variety is popular with young people due to the fact that Tuborg Green sponsors many music festivals, at which world-famous musicians perform.
  2. Tuborg Black is a dark beer with guarana. Its alcohol content is at least 4.8%. Differs in black color and dense yellow-brown foam.
  3. Distinguished by the high strength of the golden beer "Tuborg", the degrees of alcohol in it at least 5%.
  4. Light Tuborg Lemon, which differs from other varieties - citrus taste of lemon and lime. Contains 4.5% alcohol.
  5. The limited edition Tuborg Christmas Brew with an alcohol content of at least 5.6%. Such a drink can be found only before the New Year holidays from early December to mid-January. In Russia, this variety was first brewed in 2002.

As you can see, each of the above varieties has its own peculiarity. All beers can be found in glass bottles, cans and kegs.

The composition and caloric content of the drink

Beer "Tuborg" has its own feature - it is a special yeast, which are part of the drink. They allow you to give the beer a light and refreshing taste.The recipe for this yeast is a secret known only to Danish brewers. The main components of beer drinks are barley and hops. Because of them, the drink gets a pleasant aftertaste and a touch of refreshing bitterness.

Photo beer "Tuborg"

In general, Tuborg beer is no different in composition from the drinks of other manufacturers. The drink consists of the following components:

  • water;
  • barley malt;
  • hops products.

The calorie content of light and dark beers is slightly different. So, for example, Tuborg Green in one half-liter bottle has 210 kcal. And the caloric content of Tuborg Gold is 250 kcal per half-liter bottle.

The benefits and harm of beer

For many years, there have been debates about the dangers or benefits of beer. According to some people, this drink has many beneficial properties. Its moderate use will help reduce pressure and improve metabolism. It is believed that beer has a good effect on the human body and cleans it of toxins.

On the other hand, scientists have proven the negative effect of beer on the body. Due to excessive drinking, various diseases can arise, such as gastritis, pancreatitis, and even cirrhosis. Also, many experts believe that with regular consumption of beer, you can greatly gain weight.

Consumer reviews

A mild flavor is one of the main advantages that Tuborg Green has. Customer reviews of this product are both positive and negative. Connoisseurs believe that the beer of this manufacturer is not inferior in quality in comparison with the leading competitors. Another advantage of the drink is its cost. The price is relatively small: it varies from 70 to 120 rubles for a half-liter bottle. Cost may vary by region and store. Also the advantage of the drink is its bottle. To open it, do not need to use foreign objects. The manufacturer provides a special ring, through which the bottle is easily opened.

Beer "Tuborg Green" reviews

Judging by the reviews, the main drawback of "Tuborg" is that the foam very quickly settles. Also, some experts say that the flavor of the drink is not very rich.

Many people say that if you compare bottled drinks, then Tuborg beer is one of the leaders and is intended not for drinking, but for enjoying.

Some interesting facts

In order not to forget about the advantage that the beer bottle gave in its time, the Tuborg brewery installed a special monument. It is a bottle "Tuborg" height of 26 m.Anyone can use the elevator to climb to the top of this bottle and enjoy the beautiful view of Copenhagen. It is rumored that the volume of this bottle is equal to the volume of 1.5 million ordinary bottles.

On the label of beer "Tuborg" you can see the crown, which belongs to the Queen of Denmark. In this regard, the Danes joke that, in addition to their queen, they also have the king "Tuborg". Such a comparison is the best feature for any product.

Beer "Tuborg" degrees

Many people are interested in the question of the quantities in which beer should be consumed so as not to harm the body. Some experts believe that it is best not to drink beer at all. However, if you do not completely abandon beer, then, according to many doctors, the dose of 0.33 l. will not cause any harm to the body.

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