BenQ XL2420T monitor: review, specifications and reviews

Designed by gamers for gamers, the BenQ XL2420T ($ 549 price) is a well-designed, feature-rich 24-inch monitor that offers almost all the functionality needed by serious players. The fast pixel response, a variety of connection options, a large number of customizable game modes, and a refresh rate of 120 Hz are just the tip of the iceberg. The TN + panel provides good colors and a very deep black level, and the position of the display can be adjusted according to the user's ergonomic needs. The monitor even comes with a neat little remote control that helps you quickly and easily adjust the screen settings. However, all this will have to be expensive to pay, and the viewing angle of the screen here is not quite up to the mark, but if you want to have the best and have the opportunity to pay for this privilege, then acquiring the XL2420T for a real gamer will be a holiday.

Design and features

The BenQ XL2420T LCD screen is enclosed in a matte black case and is surrounded on all sides by a thin 19mm bezel and glossy panel at the back, where the monitor is attached to a height-adjustable stand. The T-shaped base provides sufficient support for the 3.9-kilogram display and allows you to change its tilt, rotation and orientation. The red hook, mounted on the bracket at the back, serves to hang headphones on it, and a red oval cutout at the bottom of the rack helps to arrange the cables and adds a bit of color diversity.

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Five control buttons are located one above the other on the right. They are difficult to notice, but if you bring your hand closer to them, white indicators light up, which, even in complete darkness, will make them easy to detect. Touch buttons and unmarked. Their purpose is displayed on the screen after clicking. Sensors are triggered quickly and you hear a beep, which, however, can be deactivated.

The power switch in the on state emits a faint white glow that becomes reddish in standby mode.

A 3.5-inch wedge-shaped S-switch is located to the right of the base and is inserted into the hole on the back of the monitor.This is a neat little device with a red dial and three keys with red markings. The wheel is used to access, navigate and select OSD settings, making it easy to change the image settings without using the five touch buttons on the monitor. For each of the three keys, you can save settings and switch them as desired.

There are no built-in speakers, but the monitor can play back audio from an HDMI channel through headphones. The volume can be adjusted in steps from 1 to 100, or the sound can be completely muted. If this function is often used, it can be assigned to one of three shortcut buttons.

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There is no shortage of input and output ports for the BenQ XL2420T. Behind the two connectors are HDMI, DVI and VGA (D-sub), DisplayPort and two USB (one for input and one for output). Two additional USB outputs are conveniently located on the left side of the case along with a headphone jack.

Customization options

BenQ XL2420T monitor offers various options for adjusting the image. Basic settings include brightness, contrast, sharpness, color temperature, gamma, hue, saturation and Black eQalizer, which allows you to clarify the dark areas of the screen with a view to their greater detail.There is also an AMA (Motion Accelerator) option, which is designed to improve the pixel response time, but, according to user feedback, they don’t notice the difference from enabling or disabling it, so they are advised to leave it unactivated.

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BenQ XL2420T image modes include standard, movie, photo, Eco and sRGB, as well as two for FPS (first person shooter) optimized for Counter Strike 1.6 and Counter Strike Source games. The owner of the monitor can also download special game presets used by professionals, according to the manufacturer’s assurances, and save them in user settings. Smart scaling allows you to adjust the size of the image on the display, and smart focus allows you to select a specific area and display it in the window. There are nine display modes with specific proportions and a choice of screen format that emulate the game on displays of various sizes without geometric distortions or deformations.

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BenQ XL2420T consumes an average of 28 W, which is not very energy efficient for a TN LED display, but not very wasteful.For comparison: Lenovo LS2421P Wide uses only 16 watts, and the Samsung S23A550H monitor with a 23-inch TN panel requires 19 watts. Still, the device does not use as much energy as similar-sized IPS-displays, such as the 36-watt HP ZR2440w and the 34-watt LG IPS236V.

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The BenQ XL2420T gaming monitor features a Full HD screen with a resolution of 1920x1080 pixels and is enhanced with a matte anti-glare coating that minimizes reflections without sacrificing brightness. Color quality is as close to the IPS panel as possible for TN + technology. Samples from the DisplayMate diagnostic program are bold and clear, but not too saturated. The colors are very lively due to the ability of the screen to convey the depth of black, which also details the shadows well. The shades of gray are not the same as those of professional displays like the ASUS PA246Q, but for the TN + panel they are better than average.

The sRGB color space is covered by 88%, which is clearly not enough for working with graphics. There is nothing positive about the standard mode, except for white uniformity and contrast, equal to 910: 1. The scatter of the other parameters is significant and far from ideal. However, they can be significantly improved by a small number of settings, even without the use of external instrumentation.The transition to custom color temperature settings, the choice of gamma value equal to 1, and the decrease in brightness greatly improve the characteristics of the display.

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Image quality

Users testing the BenQ XL2420T monitor on Far Cry 2 (PC) and Burnout Oaradise (PS3) games were amazed at the quality of the monitor. There was no obvious blurring, phantom effects and no noticeable delay between the keyboard commands and the screen response. Game presets are either too dark or too bright, but they will come in handy in games with a lot of dimly lit parts or those who prefer to play in super bright mode.

Among the shortcomings of the monitor BenQ XL2420T user reviews call the displacement of colors at large viewing angles: white becomes beige and gray looks like black. The bottom view is even worse as the image gets too dark. This is a fairly common phenomenon in TN panels and it is not critical, but you can expect more from a display that costs more than $ 500.

Package and warranty

BenQ XL2420T has 3D-functionality certified by NVIDIA - the display supports LightBoost technology. The main condition for its use is the presence of a video card of this manufacturer,as AMD devices are not supported. In addition, you will need a sensor connected to a PC via USB. Unfortunately, this model is not sold complete with 3D glasses. The kit includes DVI (dual channel), VGA, USB (input) cables, and a protective case that can cover the screen when not in use. HDMI and DisplayPort cables are not included. BenQ has a three year warranty. For comparison: the work of Eizo Foris FS2332, also an expensive monitor, is guaranteed for 5 years.

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The display is focused on gamers and copes with its task. The response time is extremely short, both at 60 Hz and at 120 Hz. Equalizer black level increases the illumination of dark areas, without changing the bright. Additional control panel allows you to quickly navigate the menu and switch between three custom monitor profiles.

BenQ XL2420T, which costs more than $ 500, is significantly more expensive than most 24-inch TN + panels and even some IPS displays, such as the HP ZR2440w and Asus PA246Q. However, in exchange, the user gets a big return in terms of performance, customization capabilities, ergonomics and the number of connection ports. Although viewing angles could be more decent, this does not prevent the XL2420T from becoming the best gaming monitor of the middle class.

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