Board game "Imaginarium": rules and tips

Historically, the board game has acquired the form of competition, in which the most cunning, the most intelligent and the most resourceful conquers. But the hardest thing will be to compete for an understanding of the art and way of thinking of opponents. To become the winner of this game, you need to learn how to play with the imagination of our faithful friends. Many of you thought: how it would be great if such fun existed. But in fact it exists. Your attention is invited to the board game "Imaginarium". Rules - further in the article.

imaginarium rules

External description

Today in our article we will tell you about the amazing, fantastic and colorful game "Imaginarium". When you look at the box with the game, a variety of thoughts come to mind. The first impressions of what he saw in the package are as follows: there is something colorful, real and even fictional in the game. In fact, this game is exactly that.

As they say, miracles begin from the first seconds of preparation for the game - at the very moment when you remove the cover from the box.Under it lies the playing field, decorated in the form of a starry sky, over which white translucent clouds float, and on them are drawn the figures of the playing field and the counter of victory points. If you look at the clouds, you can see symbols on some of them: a crossword puzzle, TV, sports symbols, watches, numbers, and so on. But about them - a little later.

Imaginarium rules of the game

What the game is not a game without

Amazing fun - "Imaginarium". The rules of the game are still close to the standard ones. At the same time in the gameplay involved from 4 to 7 people. The presence of at least 4 participants is an immutable rule of the game “Imaginarium”.

Game pieces and tokens are painted in seven different colors. Fans of this fun have fun even three, as the role of the fourth player can play any of them. What is inside the box with the game? It contains 98 cards of unusual size with bright and fantastic, provocative and funny pictures-images. Such illustrations are necessary in order, as they say, to stimulate your imagination.

About goals and meanings

The goal of the game is not only spending time with joy and pleasure, but also getting the maximum amount of points in the process of solving what your opponent has in mind.Before you start the game "Imaginarium" (the rules inform about this), you need to choose each player one of the figures of colored flying elephants. Yes, yes, you have to play with unusual chips - magic elephant figurines. For this game, this is normal. Also, each participant must take tokens in order to vote. These small square cards will be the same color as your elephant on the field.

Beginning of the game

Whether it is an ordinary game or Imaginary Childhood, the rules of the game initially remain the same. Chips are placed on the very first field for the move - on the starting cloud. Then 98 cards are thoroughly mixed. Each participant must distribute six cards from the deck, and those that remain must be placed in the center of the table. The player who first starts the gameplay is selected. As a rule, there is only one person leading in board games, but not in the “Imaginarium” game. The rules are written in such a way that the player who makes the move is leading.

board game imaginarium rules

Start of the course

The presenter, looking at the image on the cards, chooses and suggests an association to one of them. He voiced the association, then puts the card patterned down and face-down.The rest of the players, looking at their set of cards, choose one of them, most suitable for the voiced association of the presenter. And of course, they are laid out on the field as an illustration down.

After all these actions, the cards are shuffled and laid out images up. Now each player has to guess which of these cards belongs to the leader. To do this, in secret, everyone chooses for himself the token with the card number, which they consider to be the correct answer. After that, the tokens are opened, and the winner is awarded a certain number of victory points.

Lead Tips

The association should be invented in such a way that it is sufficiently clear to the players, but without explicit hints at it.

  • If the association is guessed by all the participants in the game, then it was too simple and clear.
  • If no one guesses the thought of the leader, then he has overdone it with imagination.

In the game “Imaginarium” the rules are such that in this case the leader is punished: he is charged fines. When the course is successfully completed, the leader and the players move forward, receiving winning points.

Imaginarium childhood rules of the game

Examples of unsuccessful associations

If the card shows a girl in a red cloak or scarlet headdress, then it will be inappropriate to voice the image of Red Riding Hood. Such an association is considered too understandable to the players. That is, the association with the Red Riding Hood in this case will be unsuccessful.

If a bear is sitting on the card sitting at the table, and there is a birthday cake with candles in front of it, then you should not think about the birthday association either.

rules of the game imaginarium ariadne

End of action

When a move is played, the participants disassemble their tokens back, the played cards with images are discarded. Again, each player receives one new card from the deck. Now the move is available to the next player, which means that he has the right to lead: to guess his association.

End of the game

The finish comes when the cards in the deck and in the hands of the players end. Dictated rules "Imaginarium" scoring at the end of the game. The winner is determined by the maximum points scored among the opponents. It was the standard (classic) scheme of the game.

imaginarium rules counting

For those who love complexity

At the beginning of the article we drew your attention to special signs for presenters in the form of watches, televisions, numbers, and so on. The facilitator needs to come up with an association associated with this sign.If you decide to play the non-standard form of fun "Imaginarium", then the moderator thinks and voices the association, taking into account this sign.

For example, on the third playing field there is a number 4. This suggests that an association must be made up of 4 words. If a television is drawn on the field, then your association should be associated with a television movie or a popular talk show. "Imaginarium" perfectly develops the imagination and associative thinking.

How did the game in Russia

The creators of the game "Imaginarium" once started playing "Dixit", it is an analogue of the first game. Timur Kadyrov and Seryozha Kuznetsov literally became her fans. They constantly replenished the deck of cards, and then they came to the conclusion that it was time to create and patent their own game. And so our game "Imaginarium" appeared. It is much different from its “Pramama Dixit”. First, “Imaginarium” is designed for an age of “16+”, therefore, the creators presented it as a game for adults. Secondly, the playing field is completely changed. Thirdly, the cards and rules have been slightly modified and supplemented.


You spend your free time for this game more often, and then you can come up with many more associations for the same illustrations."Imaginarium" is a beautiful and unusual game that gives great mood, joy and laughter. After all, fantastic illustrations on the cards will not leave anyone indifferent. The rules of the game are clear even to children.

imaginarium rules scoring

There are various additions to the basic configuration of the game "Imaginarium": "Childhood", "Ariadne", "Pandora". The rules of the game "Ariadne Imaginarium" are similar, only cards with pictures are even more incredible! By the way, this board game is unique in that the owner of the set can make their cards for the game! The rules “Imaginarium” are simple, even children can perform the scoring. The game must be in the home arsenal of entertainment! Develop imagination and imagination! Logic and positive will come to the aid of active players.

Such fun will appeal to all talented people. "Imaginarium" is a great game at once for all family members.

Well, we can only wish success to the developers of the game, so that they embody all the bold and amazing fantasies into reality. Artists of the game "Imaginarium" should express a special gratitude, as the illustrations created by them, made not one brain "boil"!

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