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In the very center of Moscow, on the 29th and 30th floors of the famous hotel "Ukraine", which is located on Kutuzovsky Prospect, there is a luxurious elite restaurant, having visited that, you certainly feel like a king. His name is "Bono" (Buono). The opening of this institution took place in 2010, which was a significant event that attracted the attention of an intelligent and famous public. In the same year, the institution received the award "The Best Restaurant in Moscow 2010".

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The restaurant "Bono" is rich and luxuriously decorated inside - the photos taken in it perfectly convey the atmosphere reigning inside. Inside the institution consists of one large main hall and a glassed-in terrace, which is open all year round.

The terrace is a big highlight of the restaurant - it offers a wonderful view of Moscow from the height of bird flight, and in some places - at the night starry sky. It is along large windows that the maximum number of seats is concentrated, which are very popular.We can safely say that the owners of the institution specifically provided for the organization of such a veranda in order to maximize the use of all the restaurant’s opportunities associated with its favorable location. Living vegetation is found everywhere on the terrace, which gives this part of the institution a certain freshness.

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The main hall is made in the style of Italian classics, which is perfectly emphasized by columns of white marble and antique candelabra. Restaurant "Bono" (Moscow) surprises its guests with a real stove made of super strong lava stone, which is also located in the main hall. It performs not only the function of the decor, but also is a source of heat in the room. As seats, the restaurant provides soft sofas and cream-colored armchairs with a floral print and at least soft wicker armrests. All tables are also made in cream color.

Expensive white marble furnishings, which are found in many details of the interior, give the design a high price. The walls of the main hall are crowned with large expensive mirrors, edged with gilded frames.

In the main hall there is a small stage designed for performances of stars, who very often visit "Bono" - the restaurant often holds shows with the participation of Russian celebrities.

In total, the restaurant has a capacity of 220 guests.


Restaurant Bono is famous for its refined and delicious food. The menu offers Italian cuisine to its guests. The chefs are ready to surprise any gourmet who visited this establishment with delicious salads ("Vitello Tonnato", quail salad with porcini mushrooms, warm seafood salad), cold snacks (carpaccio of sea bass, beef, tartar of marble beef, Sakhalin oysters ), soups (porcini cream soup, chickpea, chicken, Minestrone, Pappa al Pomidoro), fish dishes (sea bass, dorado, tuna, halibut and royal shrimps), hot dishes (veal liver in Venetian style) , lamb on the bone, veal "Saltimbokka", "Payard" on the grill). The desserts on the menu pages include no less magical desserts: “Air sabanion”, “Panna Cotta”, profiteroles with mascarpone cream, and “Diplomacy” with chestnut cream.

It is thanks to the excellent cuisine of the restaurant "Bono" that the most enthusiastic receives the reviews.

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"Bono" - a restaurant whose chef - Christian Lorenzini, a real Italian, began to learn culinary skills at the age of 15, in his native Tuscany. He began his career as a cook in his father’s restaurant in his hometown. Then followed the practice in the hotel "Crystal".

For the first time, he took the place of chef Christian in a restaurant in the city of Siena, then in Swindon, and after that came to conquer the hearts of Russian gourmets. For some time Lorenzini worked at the prestigious Mario restaurant in the capital (until 2011), after which, at the invitation of the Ginza Project, he headed Bono, an Italian restaurant in Moscow.


"Bono" - a restaurant that is ready to offer excellent service to every visitor. At the entrance, all the guests are greeted by a kind doorman, who with his smile sets a good mood. The waiters are not less kind and know the rules of service and good tone.

Tables in the restaurant are served exclusively expensive dishes made of porcelain and colored glass. The plates are usually decorated with bright paintings, but it looks very elegant.

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All ordered dishes are prepared responsibly, exquisitely processed and quickly served.

The staff of the restaurant has a professional sommelier, who is always ready to help in the selection of wine.

Show program

In an elegant and expensive restaurant, rest must be appropriate, and the restaurant "Bono" is no exception.

Every Friday and Saturday, the restaurant hosts an evening with the live music of a white piano. On holidays, themed show programs take place with the participation of famous Russian pop stars.

"Bono" is ideal for truly luxurious celebrations of various kinds. The administration with great responsibility comes to solving any questions regarding the banquet menu, the show program of the event and the comfort of the guests - such a holiday will remain unforgettable, because everyone who visits this establishment will certainly receive the real esthetic pleasure.

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Operation mode

Moscow restaurant "Bono" receives guests every day, from 12:00 to 01:00.

Anyone wishing to visit this institution is recommended to pre-book tables in the halls online on the official website or by phone.

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