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If you want to visit the most real greenhouse, you will find one of the most interesting cities in Russia, where there is a botanical garden - Samara. It is here that you can get acquainted with the country's oldest garden, look at unusual plants, the shoots of which are transferred to other cities for distribution.

Quick reference

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The Botanical Garden (Samara) is a state monument of nature, which is administered by Samara State University. It is the only building of this type on the territory of the Volga region, which has its own greenhouse. The garden is located on the territory of the October district of Samara.

The organization of the garden was made possible by V. I. Smirnov, director of the institute engaged in the study of the nature of the Middle Volga and its protection. As of 2015, there are several scientific departments here: economic (tropical and subtropical crops), floriculture, dendrology, and the flora department.

Garden history

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The Botanical Garden of SamSU was created thanks to the initiative of the merchant Borshev, who loved exotic things and created a private collection of trees and plants. It was there at the beginning of the XIX century that the rarest specimens appeared, many of which were unique for Russia at that time. The first three planted plants were blue spruces, specially brought from North America.

The official date of creation of the modern garden is called the beginning of August 1932, initiated by V. I. Smirnov, as well as the well-known florist Samara A.F. Terekhov. Specialists engaged in the development of the object, constantly corresponded and exchanged seeds with similar institutions in other countries. In 1977, the garden received the status of a natural monument.

Why is a garden interesting?

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The Botanical Garden (Samara) in 1977 acquired its own section of endangered plant species, exactly there are more than 130 specimens that are listed in the Red Book of the Russian Federation. Employees are studying the possibility of reproducing endangered species in artificial conditions in order to plant them in the future in the natural environment.

The garden is used as a training base for SamSU and other universities, technical schools and medical schools.There are constantly guided tours for students, on the basis of which students of higher educational institutions perform diploma and term papers. In the difficult 1990s, the garden functioned primarily due to the scientific leader, Professor N. M. Matveyev. Now the object is actively expanding, every year it is visited by about 12 thousand people.

Local greenhouse

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The botanical garden greenhouse appeared in 1932 and from the beginning it was a small semi-basement greenhouse. In it, local scientists created all the necessary conditions for the emergence of seeds of various plants. Planting material was also grown there, which was later used for soils of various types.

In 1936, the greenhouse was significantly expanded, and since then it has been repeatedly renovated and repaired. Now it is the only one on the territory of the Middle Volga region. It is there that scientific experiments are conducted and a large number of species are observed (as of 2015, there are more than 1,200). Only heat-loving plants that grow only in closed-type soil live here.

The area of ​​the building now is more than 1200 square meters.Exactly here, exotic plants grow and bear fruit: avocados, citrus fruits, pomegranates, figs, coffee and a huge amount of other fruits. In winter, most green pets are at rest, with the exception of feijoa, murray and lemon - they bloom all year round.

Features of Samara Garden

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The Botanical Garden of SamSU has about 780 species of ornamental flowering crops, most of which are iris, peony and lily taxa. In addition, the site contains about 170 species of rare plants. The garden also has two ponds, whose area reaches about one hectare.

Samara scientists managed to bring out almost 90 varieties of roses that bloom beautifully in the local garden. There is also a ravine with a depth of 10 meters, through which you can walk along a footbridge. A small spring flows through the ravine, which does not freeze during the cold season, and its water can be used for food. Also in the garden you can admire the alpine slide, on which scientists form the exposition of plants covering the Zhiguli mountains.

Seed sales

Botanical Garden (Samara) is engaged not only in the cultivation of seeds, but also their implementation.All planting material is thoroughly tested, after which it is offered to local agribusiness companies for planting. This service is very popular, largely due to the high quality of the raw materials used.

Seeds are sold twice a year: in spring (April, May and June) and in autumn (August, September and October). Implementation dates may vary, it depends on climatic conditions. Detailed information about the cost of planting material, the conditions of its acquisition and the rules of disembarkation can be clarified in the accounting department and the garden administration by phone: +7 (846) 222-92-38.

How to get there?

Samgu Botanic Garden

If you decide to visit the Botanical Garden (Samara), its address is as follows: Moscow highway, 36. It works from 8 to 17 hours on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, on Fridays the work time is shortened - from 8 to 12 hours, because a day is carried out a large number of experiments.

On Saturday and Sunday, the facility is closed for visits, however, if necessary, employees can cancel one day off. To sign up for a tour, as well as to agree on the possibility of its holding, please call: +7 (846) 222-92-41.The average duration of the event - 1.5 hours, if necessary, the time can be increased.

How much is a visit?

Want to visit the Botanical Garden (Samara)? The price of the ticket will pleasantly surprise you! For adults it is 80-90 rubles, for privileged categories of the population - 30-40 rubles. Until 2010, the entrance to the Botanical Garden was free, but the situation has changed, since there was not even enough litter bins on its territory.

After the entry fee was introduced at the site, the tracks were repaired, new gazebos and benches were installed, and additional toilets were built. Residents of Samara in 2010 reacted ambiguously to such an innovation (paid entrance), many were dissatisfied with this, but changed their opinion after the repairs.

The Botanical Garden (Samara), whose mode of operation has changed several times, is a traditional place of rest for the citizens. At the request of the residents of Samara, the facility works in the summer even on Saturdays, and a special site was erected specifically for children and small shops selling cotton wool were built. Drinking alcohol and smoking in the garden is strictly prohibited.

Garden's future

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Botanical Garden continues to actively expand. Due to changing climatic conditions and global warming, scientists do not exclude the possibility that soon they will be able to grow plants that were previously found only in southern regions and countries. We are talking about bananas, oranges and even melons.

In parallel with this, the repair of the greenhouse and the garden, which had been brewing for a long time, is continuing. The funding allocated by the state is not enough, the funds appear due to the established paid entrance. The garden management has plans to expand the institution by 2020, build new greenhouses and try to acquire new plant specimens.


Not only exotic plants are grown in the botanical garden - employees also strive to maintain the local flora, certain species of which for almost a hundred years of existence of the object we are considering are on the verge of extinction. Every year, the seeds of those crops that have been restored, are planted in the soil of the Samara region on a gratuitous basis.

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The seeds received from abroad are also actively growing.So, for the last ten years, feijoa and passion fruit appeared in the garden. It is planned that in the near future there will be some more new plants unknown to the ordinary Russian. Samara scientists invite all residents and guests of the city to visit the Botanical Garden, admire the original plants, if you wish, you can even buy seeds of crops you like, and at fairly reasonable prices. All planting material undergoes special testing, therefore, it has almost one hundred percent guarantee of germination.

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