Brighton Beach early 80s

Yesterday, quite by chance, I managed to get on a small exhibition "Jews of Brighton Beach, 1980-1982" consisting of photographs of Karl Glassman, who in the early 80s observed the life of former citizens of the Soviet Union who came to Brooklyn. Incredibly atmospheric he got pictures, I must say.
1. In the subway car. Very symbolic, I think, picture. Right all in one frame.

For those who do not have the opportunity to visit the exhibition, I took pictures of those photos that seemed to me the most interesting. Several works found on the Internet. There are few photos, but this is so rare material illustrating the life of Brighton Beach of that period that I decided to post them in a separate post.
2. Judging by the photo, the first thing that a Soviet person bought in the USA bought was a fur hat and sheepskin coat :) And, probably, still good shoes.

3. Checks on the exam.

4. Glazier from 3rd Brighton (this is the name of the street).

5. Play dominoes. On Brighton, and today such a picture can be found.



8. Hairdressers. A very common profession among Bukharan Jews living in New York.

9. The unhealthy attraction to furs has survived on Brighton Beach to this day.

Go if you are in the Manhattan area (49 White St) until October 30. This is a great opportunity not only to look at interesting photos (by the way, you can also buy them), but also to look into a building made in a rather exotic for New York architectural style of neo-expressionism. In the announcement they write that the visit is by appointment (212-966-7141), but we just came in from the street and we were shown and told everything.
10. The exhibition takes place in the basement of a very unusual synagogue in Tribeck. You can learn about it only by passing by. And then, if instead of staring at passers-by you notice a small black and white billboard on the fence.

11. Then I had to find someone who runs the synagogue on Sunday. It turned out to be a very friendly black man from Brooklyn, who lewd us both the exhibition and the rest of the building. It was difficult to call it an exhibition, in fact. Just pictures hanging on the wall of a large hall, where they hold various events. There are also tables on which are boxes of cookies prepared for the celebration of Sukkot.

12. The main hall of the synagogue.The guy said that architecture can be unusual, but completely stupid. For replacement of ceiling lamps, for example, it was necessary to construct the woods. Otherwise, there is no way to get. Curtain divides the hall into male and female halves.

13. This is a view from the street. It is absolutely impossible to identify a religious building in such a strange building. The building was built in 1965-67 by the project of the architect William Breger. Made in the style of neo-expressionism, like the Trans World Flight Center at Kennedy Airport.

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