Butler Mikhail and Sergey Lazarev: the secret of cooperation

Today our heroes are Butler Michael andLazarev Sergey. Let's talk about the first person. Mikhail Dvoretsky is a name that has repeatedly flashed in the press. Nevertheless, this person for many and remained a dark horse, because of her very little known.

early years

butch Michael and LazarevTo begin with, Mikhail Dvoretsky - Directorsinger Sergei Lazarev. It is difficult to find information about his early years. Mikhail was born on June 14, 1978 in an average family. He lost his father early, and his upbringing was done entirely by his mother and grandmother, which, according to many of his entourage, influenced his worldview in a certain way. At the end of secondary school, Michael did not enter any of the educational institutions because of the low level of the financial situation of the family, and immediately got a job as a barman. Thanks to this, as the only support in the family, he managed to support the mother and grandmother who raised him. Higher education a young man never received. However, in 2002, Michael Butler and Sergei Lazarev met. The life of both has changed dramatically.

A meeting

sergey lazarev songsThe secret of this event is covered in darkness, but in the networkwalks at least two versions. The first says that our hero was attracted by the talent with which Sergei Lazarev performed. His songs always inspired the future producer. As a result, our hero approached the former soloist Smash at the presentation of the album "Tatu". After a short meeting, Butler Mikhail and Lazarev exchanged numbers. If you rely on this version, it's worth mentioning the theory of Smash fans. According to her, the group fell apart because of Michael. If you believe her, the former producer Sergei Lazarev and part-time father Vlad Topalov was against the musician's communication with Michael. Therefore, put an ultimatum to the singer: either a group, or dialogue with Butler. The singer chose Michael, which was the reason for the collapse of the collective.

It is fair to say that the formerproducer Sergei Lazarev on this occasion, no statements were made. Of course, this puts the fans of the singer in front of the choice: to believe in rumors or in the vague history of the group's disintegration. According to the second version, Butler Michael and Lazarev met in one of the Moscow clubs. The first, according to ostensibly eyewitnesses, tried very hard to attract the attention of the singer, who at that time was bathed in the rays of glory after the debut of Smash. He succeeded.


producer sergei lazarevConfirmations or denials to both versionsSergei, neither Michael, nor their close associates have ever given, so to believe or not to believe is a contentious issue. In any case, after the man, they formed a close friendship. Leonid Dzyunik, the former producer of Lazarev, also mentioned Mikhail Dvoretsky. He told me that a newly-made friend often drove a young star to rehearsals and went home after them.

Friendship and professional cooperation

michael butler lazarev producerMany fans of Sergei Lazarev remember the heavythe moment he left the group Smash. His long journey to the stage as a singer was actually crossed out. The musician instantly ceased to be of interest to producers, television channels. And many former fans began to forget who Sergei Lazarev is. The songs of his radio station refused to accept. There were no offers to speak. It was then that Michael provided the young singer with invaluable support both in moral terms and in career growth, which later became the main priority in Sergei's life. Butler, having received the post of concert director Lazarev, really helped that in the development of his solo career. He not only directed his activities, but also made money contributions. Thanks to the impressive connections of Mikhail Dvoretsky, Lazarev again began to appear on the waves of radio stations. Perhaps, it is possible to say with full certainty that the singer owes much to his current popularity to a man who cared for him not only as a director, but also as a close friend.


Strong friendship between the two men served as aonly for the future successful career of Lazarev, but also for rumors about the unconventional sexual orientation of the singer and his director who allegedly were in a relationship. All subsequent descriptions of events are not confirmed by both parties. They remain just rumors. However, as everyone knows, everyone decides for himself what to believe and what does not. According to numerous rumors leaked to the press, the relations between Sergei Lazarev and Mikhail Dvoretsky were not limited to work and friendship. Unconfirmed sources claimed that some time after the men met, Mikhail began to live with Sergei, that the singer was carefully hidden. However, in view of the rapidly spread rumors, Sergei had to take a PR move, and he began to meet with Lera Kudryavtseva.

Public version

mikhail butler director of singer sergei lazarevAccording to official statements of Lazarev andKudryavtseva, as well as numerous interviews of the stars, their relationship was quite real. They often appeared together in public and went on vacation. Relations, however, ended after a few years. The press is still exaggerating these events, wondering if they were real, or whether Sergei really was in a relationship with Mikhail, hiding behind PR with Lera. At the moment little is known about the life of Mikhail Dvoretsky. For all the same rumors, he broke up with Sergei, and Michael found a new object of sympathy. Lazarev, on the other hand, continues to build a career, which he achieves quite successfully, - the singer took the third place at Eurovision-2016. Despite numerous disputes and rumors surrounding workers and friendly relations, it can not be denied that the contribution made by Mikhail Butler - producer Lazarev, who created a solo artist from him, is invaluable.

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