Cake "Ferrero Rocher" (Ferrero Rocher Cake): ingredients, recipe, reviews

If you want to make a cozy tea and pamper your friends with something unusual, you can make homemade sweets. For example, nut-chocolate cake "Ferrero Rocher". Its recipe is so simple that it can even beginners. In the composition - nuts hazelnuts, nut paste, crispy wafers and a lot of chocolate. For the cake, use the usual chocolate sponge with the addition of nuts. For the cream, you can take the finished chocolate. Black or milk - at will. But, judging by the numerous reviews, bitter favorably set aside the tenderness of the taste of biscuit with nuts, make it more saturated.cake ferrero roshe

The composition of the cake

To begin, we will prepare all the necessary ingredients for the cake “Ferrero Rocher”:

- eggs - 5 pcs .;

- sugar - 6 tbsp. l .;

- hazelnuts - 230 g;

- wheat flour - 2 tbsp. l .;

- cocoa powder - 2 tbsp. l .;

- baking powder for dough - 2 tsp;

- butter - 200 g;

- chocolate - 200 g;

- "Nutella" - 200 g;

- waffles - 150 g;

- Ferrero Rocher, ready made candies - 10 pcs.


As the name implies, the chocolate-nut cake “Ferrero Rocher” contains many nuts. They are everywhere: in sponge cake, in cream, in candies and in a wafer layer. They give the cake that unique taste. Hazelnuts need to pre-fry and grind in a blender. Mix them with flour, add cocoa, baking powder and mix everything thoroughly.

Ferrero Roshe cake recipeNext, beat the eggs in a strong foam, add a mixture of cocoa, flour and baking powder and mix until smooth. Fill the prepared baking form with dough for two thirds and send to a well heated oven for 45 minutes. The molds should be well oiled and put on parchment paper, then the finished cake will not stick, it can be easily removed. In this case, detachable forms are convenient. Readiness biscuit easy to check with a fork or toothpick, making punctures in several places - it should not be sticky. After removing the sponge cake, let it cool and stand for a few hours.


While the cakes rest, it's time to cook the cream. In the classic recipe, the cream for cake “Ferrero Rocher” consists of chocolate, chocolate-nut paste “Nutella” and crushed nuts.Chocolate is not necessary to cook yourself. You can use bought in the store. This is a good time saver. So, break the chocolate into pieces and melt, let cool. Then we introduce "Nutella" and soft butter, carefully beat until smooth and fluffy.Ferrero Rosh cake creamIn a blender, chop the waffles to fine crumbs and add to the cream, mix everything again gently. The cream is ready.

We collect cake

The finished sponge cake should be divided into two cakes and smeared with prepared chocolate cream. It is much easier to collect the cake “Ferrero Rocher”, if there is a form in which it was baked. To prevent the cream from sticking to the walls, we wrap it with cling film. We put the first cake, grease with a thick layer of chocolate cream, about two-thirds of the total, cover with the second cake and press down lightly. Top distribute the remains of the cream and send the cake in a cold place for three hours. Then gently remove from the form (in such cases it is always better to use detachable). The cream is well frozen, the cake keeps its shape perfectly. Now proceed to the decoration.

Decor option

Traditional-classic cake “Ferrero Rocher” is decorated with candies of the same name brand.Alternatively, you can use chocolate-nut roasting.decorating a cake ferrero rosheIf you dip it in melted chocolate and roll in a wafer crumb, it will be a great alternative to ready-made sweets. And you can make waffle candy yourself from chocolate cream for cake layers. It is enough to form small balls of it and roll them in nuts and crushed waffles. The cream is very soft, so you can briefly put the candy in the refrigerator.

We decorate the cake "Ferrero Rocher"

Chocolate cream ganache, wafer crumbs and sweets are usually used for decoration. Cooking options ganache a lot. This invention is so successful that it can be successfully used both as a cream, and as a frosting, and as an independent dish, a dessert. Ganache is a gentle combination of cream and chocolate. We take 100 grams of chocolate and 120 ml of cream of 35% fat content. This cream is prepared without sugar. If you take black chocolate, ganache bitter bitter. Sweet lovers can use milk or use powdered sugar. But judging by the reviews, the taste will be completely different. Extra sugar will make the Ferrero Rocher cake too cloying and will hide the chocolate bitterness. Here it is better to follow the instructions.

Heat the cream over low heat, bring to a boil, but do not boil. Chop chocolate and pour hot cream for a few to cook a cake ferrero rosheThen gently whisk the resulting mass with a whisk until smooth. Is done. Now we cover this cake with the top and sides. To fix the result, remove the cake briefly in the fridge, for 40 minutes, no more. Then we cover the center at the top and the side walls of the cake with crushed nuts and wafer crumbs. Place sweets in a circle on top. Of course, this is not the final version. How to decorate, tell fantasy. For example, sweets can be replaced with whole nuts and chocolate cream rosettes, and sprinkle the side walls with chopped nuts only at the bottom.

Ferrero Rosh's cake from Irina Khlebnikova

Recipe from Irina Khlebnikova

The classic recipe allows for improvisation. An experienced master makes his vision, while maintaining the foundation. As an example, consider how to make a cake "Ferrero Rocher" from Irina Khlebnikova. It offers interesting options for baking cakes, and for assembling and decorating a cake. Everything is quite simple, clear and acceptable for the confectioner of any level.

The composition of the cake

So, from the products we take:

- 200 g sour cream 20% fat;

- 180 g of condensed milk;

- 200 g sugar g;

- 2 chicken eggs;

- 300 g of flour;

- 20 g of cocoa;

- 10 g baking powder for the test;

- soda at the tip of the knife.

Cooking stages

We start to create a cake "Ferrero Rocher", the reviews about which are always only positive. Many people like its pleasant chocolate flavor, delicate cream and crispy wafer. According to users, this dessert is very similar to all known sweets. And, despite the large number of nuts in the dough, cream and layer, the cake "Ferrero Rocher" does not work dry. On the contrary, it is very gentle and light in texture. In addition, it does not require complex ingredients, and the recipe is so simple that it does not cause doubts even to a beginner.

So, first you need to mix flour, cocoa, soda and baking powder for the dough, sift the mixture. Beat eggs with sugar with a mixer. Then, without ceasing to beat, add alternately condensed milk, then sour cream, then a mixture of cocoa, flour and baking powder with soda. It turns out a liquid homogeneous dough, in texture, like thick sour cream. You do not need to stir for a long time, as long as there are no lumps, and the mixture is homogeneous.classic cake ferrero roshe

From the dough we bake 4 cakes. Here is a choice: either bake two shortcakes, and then each split in half, or bake four separately.

Chocolate cream

From the products you will need:

- Cream 35% fat - 0.5 liters;

- black chocolate - 100 g;

- milk - 100 g

Chocolate bars break into pieces, put in a bowl and pour overheated cream for a few minutes.
Then whisk until it dissolves. It should make a chocolate mixture, uniform in color. To cream well whipped, they need to cool. We send the finished mixture for a couple of hours in the fridge.

Sugar syrup for impregnation

Cakes soaked in sugar syrup.ingredients for cake ferrero rosheIt is necessary to dissolve 2 tablespoons of sugar with the addition of cognac or another alcoholic beverage in hot water. Water take a couple of spoons and a spoonful of brandy. By the way, alcohol is not necessarily, if you want, you can not add it. In our case, we use it for taste. So, dissolve the sugar in hot water, pour in brandy, stir and cool to room temperature.

Chocolate and nut layer

Irina Khlebnikova proposes to make a cake “Ferrero Rocher”, the recipe of which provides for an unusual layer with nuts and crushed waffles. It will take:

- nut paste "Nutella" - 120 g;

- butter - 80 g;

- bar of dark chocolate - 100 g;

- waffles with chocolate filling - 3 pcs .;

- hazelnut - 200 g

To start melt the chocolate bar in the microwave and cool. Wafers need to grind to fine crumbs. Fry the hazelnut and chop with a knife.

Cream cooking is a snap. Butter does not need to be melted, it is enough to make it soft. Beat it and in the process add "Nutella", and then melted cooled rocherThe result is a light chocolate cream. We divide it into two parts: about a third will be needed to glaze the top crust, and pour the nut-waffle crumb into the remaining mass. But not all, about a third of nuts and 50 g of waffles are left for decoration. Cream with nuts gently knead with a silicone spatula.

Candy for decor

When the mass is ready, we form small balls with a teaspoon, roll them in nuts and waffles. These are sweets for cake decorating. They will be 10-12 pieces. If you work with a nut mass uncomfortable, it is too soft and sticks to your hands, you can cool it for a while. Ready candies are sent to the fridge so that the mass is well frozen and does not lose shape.

How to make cream

We take out from the refrigerator the cooled chocolate and creamy mass and beat it with a mixer until stable peaks.This cream for the layer of cake layers.

We collect the cake "Ferrero Rocher"

Each of the cakes should be soaked with prepared sugar syrup, but only on one side.cake ferrero roshe reviewsFirst, it will be lower, turn it over, put it on a serving dish and spread the nut mass on it, cover it with the following cake, lubricate it with sugar syrup, top with a thick layer of chocolate cream ). We put the next cake on top, saturate it with sugar syrup, grease with cream. The last cake is smeared with sugar syrup, turned over on the desktop and covered with chocolate cream, which was set aside before adding nuts and waffles to the bottom layer. If desired, the cream can not be divided into two parts, and prepare a separate chocolate glaze to decorate the top. So, put the top cake in place and coat the sides of the cake with chocolate cream. We send it to the fridge for 30-40 minutes to make the cream stiff and more dense.Ferrero Roshe cake is readyNow sprinkle the sides of the cake with chopped nuts. Alternatively, you can use wafer chips and dried and milled croutons.The top is decorated with candy and put in a fridge for impregnation for a couple of hours.

It is important

Before you make a cake "Ferrro Rocher", use the tips.

  1. Quality of a biscuit depends on a grade of flour. The best option is flour of the highest grade. Before kneading dough, it must be sifted through a fine sieve. So flour is enriched with air bubbles, and the dough becomes more lush.
  2. Sponge cakes will rise better if you use fresh eggs. And do not often look into the oven - biscuit does not like fuss. Baking quality may suffer from unnecessary drafts - the biscuit cap will simply “fall”. So, a little patience!
  3. Wafers for cake Ferrero Rocher used as decoration, crushed powder. It is better to take dairy or nutty flavor. It will not distract from the taste of chocolate in the cake itself and make it more refined. Here they need to be crushed into a wafer crumb. It is easy to make a blender. Or, alternatively, break the waffles into pieces, wrap in parchment paper and roll out with a rolling pin.
  4. You can only lubricate the cooled cakes. Only the cream has the right to be warm!

Well, it's time to set the table and invite guests.Judging by the numerous reviews, the cake turns out to be very delicate and very chocolate, it melts in the mouth and very much resembles the well-known Ferrero Rocher sweets.

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