Car "Ford Kuga": reviews of the owners, specifications and features

"Fords" are very popular in Russia. What is it worth "Focus." But today we will talk about crossoversgivenstamps, namely about “Kuge”. FirsttheThe SUV was presented at an exhibition in Frankfurt in 2007. Serially, this machine is manufactured from 2008 to the present day. What is the Ford Kuga? Reviews of the owners, all the minuses and advantages - further in our article.


The design of the car strongly resembles the "Focus" of the second generation - a kind "overgrown hatchback". Yes, these machines are built on common platforms. But the "Kuga" looks very decent: huge alloy wheels, massive arches and the rapid look of the headlights. The latter, by the way, do not grow cloudy. According to reviews, Ford Kugaequipped withquite good xenon - it needs no modifications. The quality of painting - at the level of "Mondeo"And the same" tricks.Chips appear, but the metal will not rust. Corrosion appears only if the paintwork is completely peeled off from the metal during an accidentford kuga automatic reviewsThe car was released in 2008, and now the view is significantly obsolete. Stand out from the stream on such a car will not work - in any case, the reviews say so. Ford Kugadeprivedaggressive forms. To a greater extent this is a family SUV.

Dimensions clearance

The Kuga is the first compact crossover from Ford. The length of the SUV is 4.44 meters, width - 1.84 meters, and height - 1.67 meters. Among the positive characteristics inherent in the car "Ford Kuga", reviews indicate a high ground clearance. On staffwheelsground clearanceequals19 centimeters. This is enough to safely move on snow-covered roads andeasyoff road. The overhangs are short aswheeledbase.

Salon "Ford Coogee"

The interior design is made in the corporate style of the brand. On the front panelcrossoverThere is a small display that displays information from the rear view cameras. Below is a tape recorder with a glossy insert. The same finish is at the bottom of the panel.According to reviews, Ford Kuga is very afraid of scratches inside. The shiny plastic is very quickly covered with a cobwebford kuga reviewsATluxurytrimmed steering wheel and leatherequipped withheated. As for plastic, sometimes there are creaks. But they are minimal and you can get used to them - say reviews of the owners of the Ford Coogee 2.5. All the disadvantages of this end. The music on eight speakers sounds good, enough space inside for five people. The driver's seat is adjustable in both length and height. Glove box front - double, which is very pleasing. Everywhere there are niches and pockets for small things.


Luggage compartment volume infive-seaterOption is 400 liters.Alsorear seat back folding is provided. This allows you to expand the useful volume of up to 1405 liters.Ford Kuga owners reviews all the consAmong the positive reviews are wideopeningand the possibility of obtaining a flat floor after folding backs.


Reviews note that the car is equipped with far from "vegetable" engines. Diesel engine available as standardby volume2 liters. Its maximum power is 140 horsepower.Acceleration to a hundred takes about ten seconds. The motor is completed with a robotic gearbox.

In the more expensive versions, a gasoline engine for 150 forces is available. The working volume of this unit is 2.5 liters. Acceleration to a hundred - 8.2 seconds on the mechanics.AlsoA six-speed automatic is also available. With it, the Kuga accelerates to a hundred in 8.8 seconds. The maximum speed is 205 kilometers per hour.

Are there any problems with the motors? They are very few. Among the most frequent reviews note the failure of the thermostat. It happens approximately in 5070 thousand kilometers. As a result, the liquid begins to circulate only in the "small" circle. The problem is solved by installing a new thermostat, which costs 3.5 thousand rublesFord Kuga owner reviews all cons 2 5howleadsyourself on the "Forde Kuge 2.5" automatic? Owner reviews say the box is prettyreliable. In order for the automatic transmission to last longer, in traffic jams at a 20-second idle time, it is necessary to reset to “neutral”. In terms of maintenance, it only requires an oil change every 50 thousand kilometers. Owners say that besidesATP-liquidneed to change the filters in the box. This is the only way to guarantee the continued operation of the Ford Cougie.Reviews positively characterize the mechanics. Clutch "walks" more than 120 thousand kilometers, and the oil is poured for the entire service life. But still, the owners advise to change it every 90 thousand, because over time the chips accumulate.

Fuel consumption

The most economical in this regard is a diesel engine. On a hundred in the combined cycle, it consumes seven liters. What do they say about the gasoline "Ford" (150.) Reviews? Motor is very voracious. In the city consumption on the machine is about 14 liters. On the track less than 8.5 does not get out. By the way, the on-board computer shows the flow with high accuracy.


As we said earlier, the “Kuga” has many common details with the “Focus”. And the suspension is no exception. So, here stands "MacPherson"With spring stands and rear -multi-lever. Steering - electric power rake. The driver can independently adjust the steering force from the onboard computer. Brake system - disk, on allwheelsFord Kuga 2 5 owners reviewsWhat do they say about the suspension of the Ford 2.5 SUV? Among the minuses worth noting expensive repairs. Consumables (and thissilent blocks) often change in the collection - a lot of parts are non-separable. To 70 thousand kilometers come into disrepair anti-roll bar. Repair cost withconsideringWorks and spare parts - 45 dollars.Alsofront pads wear out for this run. However, they need to be changed correctly, otherwise the bracket on the bumps will emit a characteristic sound. By 90 thousand can tear bootCV joints. The price of the original "gum" 5 thousand rubles. On a run of 85.1 million failsilent blockssuspension. But they change with the lever assembly.

Smooth ride

Unfortunately, the suspension is not happy smoothness. In large pits, you can pierce the suspension. To get at least some comfort, the owners install morehigh profile16 inches tires. On the highway carleadsyourself okFord Kuga reviews 150 liters withBut it is up to 100 kilometers per hour. After begintoughrolls. The SUV doesn’t go into corners because of the high center of gravity, some “cure” this problem by installing morehardshock absorbers. But in this case, the suspension will be completely clamped.


As for all-wheel drive, it is implemented for the electronic clutch "Haldex»feedback from owners Ford Kuga 2 5 automaticTraction along the axes is distributed in the proportions "50 to 50". This allows you to reach the snowy courtyard and drive through a wet primer into the forest. But this system has a minus - there are no locks. Therefore, on the roads are out of the question.

Summing up

So, we found out what the Ford Kuga crossover is. It is one of the fastest cars initsclassroom. But while the future owner will face a lot of trouble - from high fuel consumption andfinishing uphigh cost of maintenance suspension. This machine will be expensive in content. When buying a car "with hands" it is important to check the integrity of not only the body, but also the aggregate part. Jerks when shifting gears and modes should be excluded. If the suspension rattles, the cost of repair is clearly not happy - it is better to refrain from such instances. As for new cars, they can be bought at the price of 1 million 170 thousand rubles (and this is on the front drive). Maximum grade with all-wheel drive is available for 1 million 800 thousand rubles.

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