Cheese Cake Cream: Cooking Recipes

In our article we want to talk about desserts. Many housewives prefer to cook cheese cream cake. There are a lot of recipes and options for its preparation. The fact is that it can be used for any kind of desserts. It can be sweet, and more restrained dishes.

Cream application

Cheese cream for cake (recipes will be given in the article) is an excellent filling. The universal nature of the cream provides ample opportunities for its application. It is perfect for cake or ordinary cheesecake, perfectly in harmony with biscuit cake layers. Having added the standard recipe with new components, you can get a good filler of rolls, cupcakes or cakes. Cheese cream looks very impressive as a decoration for desserts, because it has the property of quite texturally lying down and keeping shape well.cheese cream cake recipe

What ingredients are needed to make a cheese cream cake? Cooking recipes are different,but they are all based on using soft cheese as the main ingredient. Of course, mascarpone or ricotta will be an excellent option. However, replacing them with simpler options is quite acceptable.

Products in harmony with cream

It is worth noting that the cheese cream for the cake, the recipes of which we will consider, goes well with different components. For its preparation it is recommended to use fat cream (30%). You can also add condensed milk, it gives sweets and is perfect for impregnating cakes. Cocoa is used to prepare the glaze from the cream. Since dessert is used for cheesecakes, you can use all kinds of jams and berries. Fruit notes in combination with creamy taste are the key to success of any cake.

Classic recipe

The classic option is cheese cream cheese cake. The recipe for such a dessert is universal, since the components are ideally combined with each other, resulting in a moderately rich delicate taste. To prepare the cream, we need the following products: cream, vanilla, soft cheese, eggs and powdered sugar.

In the container it is necessary to knead one part of the powder (without lumps) and three pieces of cheese. Then add cream, and their volume should be as much as the powder. Beat the eggs in a separate bowl. You can only use the yolks. Three hundred grams of cheese must be taken two eggs. Next, mix both masses in the same bowl and adding vanillin, whisk with a whisk.cheese and cream cake recipe

Where can I use such cheese and cream for cake? The recipes of such desserts as profiteroles, eclairs, cupcakes and biscuits are based on the use of cheese and cream, which will be an excellent filling.

Chocolate cream

A chocolate cake for chocolate can be a good festive option. Recipes with photos will help to deal with the subtleties of cooking. In order to give the cream a chocolate flavor, you can use cocoa powder, melted chocolate or frosting. The use of chocolate is fraught with difficulties, so at home it is still preferable to take cocoa. Its amount depends on how intense the taste you want to get.

In addition, you can make a white chocolate cheese cream.To do this, you must use white chocolate, melt it in a water bath. It is recommended to add a little cream (non-fat). It is necessary to maintain the following proportions: one tile is enough to take 70 grams of cream. For the bulk, you should take a heavy cream. They are good whipped, but in the end it turns out a light filling with cream cheese and white chocolate.

Curd cream: a step-by-step recipe

Very often, housewives replace the cheese component with cottage cheese, since the cost of mascarpone is much higher. This option is also valid. The result is an excellent cheese cream cake. There are quite a lot of recipes and ideas for such creams. Each type of cheese cream is good in its own way. With curd filler it turns out very airy and light. This cream is good not only for cakes, biscuits and cakes, but also for eclairs and pancakes.

For the preparation we need:

  1. Sugar - 170 g
  2. Butter - 220 g
  3. Cottage cheese - 370 g.
  4. Vanilla.

There is nothing easier than making cheese cake cream at home. Step-by-step recipe with photos will help to understand the nuances of even the most inexperienced cooks.cheese cream cake recipe with photos

First you need to prepare the cottage cheese. To do this, wipe it through a sieve or skip through a meat grinder. In a separate bowl, cut the butter into small pieces and add sugar to it. Experienced housewives recommend using powdered sugar to make all kinds of creams and glazes. It dissolves much faster, it is much easier to work with it.

Next, beat the butter with sugar until a fluffy white mass is formed. The process takes about three to five minutes. At the very end add vanilla and vanilla sugar. Then, without stopping whipping, in five or six approaches we add cottage cheese to the mass. The result should be a light cream.

Cheese-cheese miracle

Continuing the experiments, we propose another recipe. Cheesecake cream cake - an excellent dietary option. This dessert can also be used for casseroles. The cream is made from low-fat products. There are different ways to make it. The simplest option involves the use of cottage cheese and soft cheese. The components are taken in a ratio of 1: 1 and mixed with a blender until a homogeneous mass is formed, and one should not forget that it is necessary to add icing sugar.Its amount depends on your preferences: lovers you are very sweet cream or not. In this cream, you can add fruits and berries.

Cheese and cream

You can make a cheese cream cake with cream. The dessert recipe does not differ in complexity, such products will be necessary for preparation:

  1. Philadelphia cream cheese - 270 g
  2. Vanilla.
  3. Powdered sugar - 130 g.
  4. Cream cheese mascarpone - 270 g
  5. Cream 35% - 370 ml.

In the bowl of the mixer, you must put two types of cheese at once and beat it until you get a fluffy mass (about a couple of minutes). If you do not have a mixer, then you can use a blender.

Next, sift powder and send it to the cheese mass. Beat cream starting with the smallest revolutions, and then gradually increase the speed. Mix the mass with a spatula in order to remove powdered sugar from the dishes, add vanilla or vanilla essence, without stopping to beat.cheese and curd cream cake recipe

Gradually pour in cream in small portions (they should be cooled). After that, continue to beat for about seven minutes. That is ready cheese cake cream. The recipe from the photo given in the article is quite simple. And its preparation does not take much time.

Festive Chocolate Cake: Ingredients

We suggest using our step-by-step recipe for a cake with cheese cream for special occasions. For the preparation of chocolate dessert with cheese cream, we need:

For sponge cake:

  1. A glass of sugar.
  2. Cinnamon (you can not add) - to taste.
  3. Four eggs.
  4. A glass of flour.
  5. Four tablespoons of cocoa.
  6. Two teaspoons of baking powder.
  7. Butter, cream for baking.

To soak the cakes:

  1. Four tablespoons of sugar.
  2. 1/3 cup water.
  3. Two tablespoons of brandy.

For cheese cream:

  1. Mascarpone (or curd cheese) - 470 g.
  2. Five tablespoons of powdered sugar.

For decoration:

  1. Chocolate - 120 g
  2. Walnuts - 110 g.

Chocolate Cake Recipe

Cake will be prepared on the basis of chocolate sponge cake. Beat with sugar and salt eggs. In a separate bowl, mix all the dry ingredients (cinnamon, cocoa, baking powder, flour) and slowly add to the whipped mass.

Prepare a baking dish, lubricating it with oil, and pour our dough into it. Cook the biscuit in an oven preheated to 250 degrees for about 40-60 minutes. The degree of readiness can be checked with a wooden splinter.If it is dry, then baking is ready. The finished product should cool down, after which it can be covered with a towel.cheese cream cake step-by-step recipe

After the sponge cake is ready, you can proceed to the preparation of the cream. We mix the icing sugar and curd cheese and mix well. Beat up the mass is not necessary.

Now you need to prepare a syrup for cake layers. Combine the sugar with water and bring to a boil, slightly stir the mass so that all the crystals dissolve. When the syrup has cooled slightly, add brandy to it.

All components are ready, so you can go directly to the process of assembling the cake. Cut the biscuit into three parts. This is most conveniently done with a long knife. Put all three cakes on different plates and soak them with the prepared syrup. Then collect the cake, smearing all the parts and the side surface of the cream. The third cake is necessary to turn the impregnated part down to the cream, because we will pour it on top with chocolate (melted chocolate) and sprinkle with nuts.

Cheese cream with butter

Very often, prepare a cheese cream cake with butter. The recipe for this cream is very popular, because it is very convenient for them to smooth the surfaces of confectionery products and make caps for caps.

The following products will be needed for one serving:

  1. 350 grams of cottage cheese (this can be ricotta, mascarpone, Hochland, Philadelphia or Almette).
  2. 110 grams of powdered sugar.
  3. Two teaspoons of vanilla extract.
  4. 120 grams of butter (it should be at room temperature).
  5. One hundred grams of powder (sugar).

Mix the butter with the powder and beat with a mixer until the air white mass. Then add chilled curd cheese and vanilla, then beat for another five minutes. That cream is ready. If you need to get a larger volume of mass, then the number of products must be increased, respecting the proportions.cheese cream cake recipe with cream

This amount of cream can even the cake 20 centimeters in diameter. The main thing is to have certain skills that will allow a thin layer to apply the mass. Experienced chefs recommend leveling the surface in several approaches. After applying one layer, you need to send the product in the fridge so that the cream will stiffen a bit, then you can proceed to the second stage of application.

Austrian Gouda

There is an incredibly interesting way to make cheesecake for the cake. The recipe is based on using a solid variety called Gouda instead of the usual cheese mass.It is for this reason that the cream is prepared on the fire on the type of custard. Rub one hundred grams of cheese on a fine grater, pour it with cream (about 75 grams). Put the mixture on the fire, add a drop of lemon juice (you can not overdo it, otherwise the cream may curl) and, without ceasing to interfere, we melt the components. Then you need to take the same portion of cream, adding a little starch to thicken (you can use flour for this purpose) and 90 grams of sugar.cream cheese cake recipe with butter

The resulting solution is poured into the brewing mass, without ceasing to stir. As soon as the cream begins to thicken, it can be removed from the heat by adding a little oil. After cooling the mass, you can add three yolks to it. In order to obtain greater creaminess, you can whip proteins (from three eggs) with sugar in a separate container and gently mix them into the bulk.

Instead of an afterword

Cheese cream can be modified by experimenting with the components and getting new flavors every time. Its uniqueness is that it is good for absolutely all kinds of desserts: from cakes to cakes.

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