Cherry wine: a recipe at home

Wine, as it is known, is a very useful product, of course, if it is consumed in reasonable quantities. It is proved that this noble drink has bactericidal, soothing, tonic properties. Regular consumption of good wine in small quantities contributes to the normalization of the gastrointestinal tract, and is also an excellent tool for the prevention of colds and cardiovascular diseases. And this is a great sedative. Among the specific types of this drink has a wine from a cherry. In this article we will talk about how to prepare a cherry wine at home. The recipe will be given not one, but several, so there is room for experimentation.

wine cherry recipe

The benefits of homemade homemade wine

Currently, alcohol products are represented in the domestic market in the widest range. Nevertheless, many people still continue to make wines themselves.Firstly, this, of course, to some extent helps to solve the problem of an excessive or not very high-quality harvest. Secondly, homemade products remove suspicion of quality deficiencies and production costs, which is typical of factory products. Thirdly, it’s just interesting, and the pleasure of drinking your own wine is a special, very pleasant feeling. If you decided to try yourself in the role of a winemaker and prepare a cherry wine at home, the recipe that we will offer you below (more precisely, several recipes) will suit you perfectly.

cherry wine at home recipe

Why cherry?

The choice of cherries as a raw material for wine is due to several reasons. First, it is, of course, the specificity of this drink. It differs significantly from grape wines and is able to diversify, so to speak, the range. Secondly, the climatic conditions of Russia, or rather its greater part, do not have to grow grapes, especially in large quantities. This is possible, of course, in southern latitudes, but the main territory is deprived of this opportunity. But cherry grows almost everywhere, so there shouldn't be any problems with raw materials.Moreover, in terms of its qualities, in the perspective of winemaking, cherry is barely inferior to grapes. Well, the third reason, which has, rather, the character of a pleasant bonus, is that cherry wine is fairly easy to prepare, just fermented and lightened and has excellent characteristics in terms of both gastronomic and medicinal qualities.

pitted cherry wine recipe

Selection of cherries

On the territory of Russia is growing a huge variety of varieties of cherries. They can be quite different from each other in their qualities, respectively, and the wine will be different from them. Therefore, before making a cherry wine, a step-by-step recipe of which you will find below, decide which fruit you will use. Residents of the Far East, for example, can make an excellent wine from felt cherries, which have small berries with a sour-sweet taste. But more common steppe cherry. It exists in the Urals, in the Volga region, in Siberia, in the Caucasus, and in central Russia. This variety is universal. To make a cherry wine out of its fruit, you can use almost any recipe. In addition, the berries of this type are very well processed.But most often in winemaking is used a variety of cherries or sour cherries. In general, if you want to prepare a cherry wine, the recipe proposed by us is best in harmony with such varieties as “lot”, “pork” and “Novodvorskaya”. Not bad also suitable varieties "Vladimir" and "shubinskaya."

cherry wine at home simple recipe

Cherry condition

To make a cherry wine at home, a simple recipe does not require special knowledge regarding the initial state of the raw materials. Nevertheless, there are a few rules. First, the cherry must be ripe. An unripe berry will make the wine sour. On the other hand, overripe fruits threaten that your wine will have an unattractive taste and aroma. The latter also applies to cases when sweet cherry is used. It is better to put it on the jam, and the wine is made from sweet and sour fruits.

As for the integrity of the berries, in order to prepare a cherry wine at home, a simple recipe only requires that they are whole, free from damage and rot. Another point that matters: on the surface of the cherries there are natural wine yeasts that improve the quality of the wine.Unfortunately, they are washed away with water, and therefore masters who know a lot about winemaking are advised not to wash the fruit. Bones from the berries can be extracted, but I must say that the classic cherry wine - with stones. The recipe given by us can be adapted to both options. But the classic gives the drink a special sour taste, aroma of almond nut and a specific bitterness, which is so appreciated in the cherry wine lovers. However, this is a matter of taste. Another detail - the collected cherries should not stand in anticipation of more than three days. Therefore, the sooner you start the process after the collection, the better.

cherry wine with pits recipe


Before you go into winemaking, you need to take into account one important fact - the cherry berry contains a huge amount of acid, but the sugar in its composition is in obvious deficit. What does this mean in practice? And the fact that the wine can be weak and very sour. To prevent this, making wine from cherry juice, the recipe recommends adding water to the juice and increasing the amount of sugar. This will help solve the problem of both insufficient strength and excessive acidity.

Cherry wine with pits: recipe (algorithm)

Now you can begin to describe the process. Starting to make wine cherry recipe advises that soak the berry in water and leave it for one day. The need for this step is due to the fact that the cherry berries are quite dense, and it seems very problematic of them to wring the wort without prior water treatment. A day later, the wort must be pressed. All the amount of pressed water will then need to be added back, so you should pay attention to this. If you do not want to make pure cherry wine with seeds, the recipe of preparation may also include other berries. Most often, cherries are mixed with black currants, raspberries or plums. But, in principle, you can use other berries.

wine cherry step by step recipe

Cooking options

Now consider several options for making wine. All of them are quite simple and easily doable, even if you took up the winemaking for the first time. All proportions are designed for a 20-liter volume of the finished drink.

Recipe number 1 - fortified wine

To prepare a fortified cherry wine with stones, the recipe will require:

- Cherries - 10 liters.

- Sugar - 2 kilograms.

- Water - 2 liters.

- Alcohol - 0.5 liters.

After you press the wort, add the wine yeast to the composition. The resulting composition must be left for 10 days, so he fermented. After this time, you will need to remove the precipitate, pour in the alcohol and pour in the sugar. After that, the mixture is infused for another 10 days, then filtered and bottled.

Recipe number 2 - light wine

This simple cherry wine recipe requires the same ingredients, with the exception of alcohol. But in addition, you will need 3 grams of tartaric acid. The latter can be replaced by citric acid. Prepared by the above algorithm. After fermentation for 10-15 days, the composition must be filtered and can be bottled.

cherry juice wine recipe

Recipe number 3 - dry wine

Cherry dry wine, also referred to as cherry, is prepared a little differently and a little more complicated. For its production will require more sugar (4 kilograms per 10 liters of berries). Follow the instructions below and then you will have a good dry cherry wine. The recipe is as follows: the cherry is poured with sugar and, without stirring, placed in the sun for fermentation. This process takes about 1.5 months or less. At least a month.When the specified time passes, you need to tie up the neck of the bottle with gauze and strain the composition. The berries that will remain after this will need to be squeezed and rubbed through a colander, and acid should be added to the wine. After that, the whole mixture is again placed in the sun for three days. Three days later, re-filtering is carried out, after which the wine will need to be put back in the sun for another 10-15 days. During this period, you can take samples and if it turns out that the drink turned out to be too dry and strong, then it should be diluted with 1-1.5 liters of pure water, preferably spring water.simple cherry wine recipe

Recipe number 4 - classic

This option is the main and most often practiced amateur winemakers. The ingredients will need all the same. Acid and alcohol are not needed, and sugar will need 3 kilograms. This is a very simple method that does not require special manipulations. You just need to mix all the ingredients and put a rubber glove on the bottle on top. The glove will inflate - you will need to look at it. After about 3 or 4 weeks, it will begin to deflate. This means that the wine is ready. It only needs to be drained and bottled. If you want it to be preserved for a long time, then you need to include in the composition 0.5 liters of good vodka or alcohol.

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