Chinese gymnastics: exercises for beginners. Chinese breathing exercises for weight loss

Century-old oriental traditions are honored today not only in the Asian region, but throughout the world. The accumulated knowledge and experience of the ancient sages passed the test of time and proved its viability, regardless of modern realities. Recently, Chinese gymnastics have been gaining in popularity - a system of exercises that makes it possible to strengthen the body and spirit at the same time by performing the simplest manipulations.

General Information on Qigong Exercises

Chinese gymnastics Qigong at home is considered one of the most ancient and effective methods of general healing and strengthening the body, it is actively used in both traditional and traditional medicine. It is believed that this technique originated in 300 AD, at least the first mention of it belong to the specified period.The name of the technique comes from the term "Qi", which means the energy of life.

Chinese respiratory gymnastics Chi Kung is considered one of the most difficult, currently divided into five main areas, namely, healing, author, philosophical, military, general. Each flow is characterized by specific features and three degrees of mastering the technique. Common features of gymnastics are:

  • special breathing training;
  • body relaxation;
  • relaxation of consciousness, release of mind from emotions;
  • training specific postures.

Chinese gymnastics

Training results

These activities in the complex provide for the restoration of the body, strengthening of physical as well as spiritual forces, which most positively affects human health. Exactly observing the rules of technology, you can:

  • slow down the aging process;
  • throw off "extra pounds";
  • prevent the development of chronic diseases, reduce periods of exacerbation;
  • improve mood, program yourself for positive and calm;
  • learn to control your body.chinese breathing exercises

Basic information about exercises Qigong

Exercises should be performed correctly, measured, without haste. Exact classes are usually determined individually with a professional instructor, this allows you to avoid mistakes and the lack of the desired result. Regarding the frequency and duration of their implementation, you should take time to exercise on a daily basis for about half an hour. You should not overdo it in doing the exercises either; it will not only not increase the positive changes, but also lead to the accumulation of fatigue.

At the initial stage, you can get acquainted with the Qigong technique, which involves the following three phases:

  • General strengthening of the body. Achieved by changing the state of relaxation and tension.
  • Physical recovery, prevention of diseases, increased immunity. Achieved through adherence to certain breathing techniques during movement and special postures.
  • Acquisition of emotional calm. Acquired with a skillful combination of physical movements, breathing and the work of consciousness (mind).

chinese gymnastics tai chi

Features and objectives of Wushu

Another popular Chinese gymnastics is called Wushu.This technique is great for both professionals and beginners, as well as any age groups, including senior citizens and young children. Its main feature is simplicity and high efficiency, a positive effect on the muscles, joints, respiratory and circulatory system. Regularly doing the exercises of Chinese gymnastics, you can:

  • slow down the aging process, to achieve the effect of rejuvenation;
  • boost your immune system;
  • achieve the ability to own your body perfectly;
  • achieve pacification and tranquility.

Wushu means a lot of different trends and schools, so before you begin to learn any exercises, be sure to study the material part and choose the direction you like. For review, we will clarify the list of activities recommended by the most popular school of Shaolin.Chinese gymnastics qigong

The simplest exercises

Chinese gymnastics for beginners is based on the following simplest exercises, which can be mastered by absolutely anyone. Among them:

  • Take a relaxed classic pose (feet shoulder-width apart, arms casually hang down on the sides, head straight, and look forward), tightly clench your fists as you inhale, sticking out your thumb and thighs.On the exhale, the hands must be relaxed, the manipulations are repeated 9 times.
  • Spread your legs shoulder-width apart, and raise your arms to shoulder level, thus forming a line parallel to the floor. Please note that your palms should be raised, not lowered. Your task is to strain your hands while inhaling, and then relax them as you exhale. Try to represent an ever heavier load each time.
  • Without changing the position of the legs, join your hands in front of the chest, sticking out and pressing your thumbs to the body. On the inhale, the palms will have to be diluted, and on the exhale to be reduced with a certain effort.
  • In conclusion, try moving the air. Again, you do not change the posture for the legs, and spread your arms along the shoulders in different directions, working with your hands with an effort, as if pressing on the free space in front of you.

chinese gymnastics thai

Preparatory recommendations

Such Chinese breathing exercises will be especially effective if you follow the general requirements. They consist in the following postulates:

  • At the initial level, the manipulations are repeated no more than 9 times, the professionals do the exercises up to 81 times during a gymnastics session.
  • All exercises are carried out some time after eating, do not forget to observe the intervals between food intake and physical activity.
  • For one day should not do more than three approaches.
  • If you feel tension in the muscles after gymnastics, be sure to make a light massage, it will relieve you from unpleasant sensations.

The effectiveness of the technique of Tai Chi

Chinese gymnastics Tai Chi is ideal for beginners, it is smooth and measured, and even reminds many dance movements. Due to the simplicity and relative ease of such exercises for the most part is popular with people with poor health, minimum physical strength or lack of even the most insignificant training.chinese breathing exercises for weight loss

Quite often, Tai Chi is referred to as Chinese breathing exercises for weight loss. Indeed, the technique is great for dealing with excess weight, but also helps with:

  • rehabilitation after serious illness or various injuries;
  • healing the body from the inside;
  • the need to normalize the metabolism;
  • high pressure;
  • low coordination of movements, lack of flexibility;
  • stress and to stabilize peace of mind, the search for new physical strength and resources.

Basic rules of technology

Let's formulate the basic rules that characterize Chinese gymnastics Tai Chi. First of all, they include:

  • Performing physical manipulations not only with the help of muscles, but also by visualizing all actions.
  • Mastering Chinese philosophy in all areas of life.
  • Performing movements in a quiet rhythm, smoothly, without sudden jerks.
  • Regular breath control, slow and rhythmic inhalation and exhalation.
  • The ability to control the feelings and emotions of your own body.

You should not expect an instant effect, tune in to the fact that positive changes will occur only after a certain period of time. In this case, the achieved results are maintained for a long time, and with constant gymnastics and throughout life.

Chinese gymnastics Tai Chi is based on the knowledge of the energy of "Qi". Absolutely everyone can master basic exercises, regardless of age and gender. It is preferable to pay attention to gymnastics in the first half of the day, for example, in China, all manipulations are carried out outdoors in the predawn hours.

Chinese gymnastics in this direction also implies the division into a significant number of different schools. At the same time, despite certain differences between individual currents, the principle of performing all the exercises is very similar (softness, taking into account the breathing techniques, meaningfulness).Chinese gymnastics exercises

The simplest Tai Chi exercises

Such Chinese gymnastics should be carried out under the guidance of specialists, in which case you will avoid a number of mistakes and be able to master the necessary skills as quickly as possible. However, with a certain zeal and attentiveness, you will be able to master the basic exercises yourself. Here is a list of the most popular special exercises for this area:

  • Dive Legs are shoulders wide, fold them in your knees, but keep your back as straight as possible, try to distribute body weight on both feet evenly, shifting to one side is not allowed. Fix the pose and inhale, raise your arms in front of you approximately to the shoulders. Then begin to bend and unbend the arms so that the palms rise to the level of the forehead and return to the starting point.
  • The hugs of the moon.Take the starting position indicated above, with your fingers on the right foot, firmly rest against the surface, and take the heel to the side of your left foot, touching the ankle. Stretch your arms forward, gently bending them in the elbows, as if you are trying to hold or hug a circle of considerable diameter (manipulations are made while inhaling).
  • Throw. The starting position is classic. When inhaling, you need to bend back and slowly straighten up. At the same time, you will need to bend your left hand in such a way that your palm can reach your head, the level of your forehead, and your right hand - mirror opposite down. Exhale, and then with a certain sharpness make an ejection with your left hand (the hand is bent, the palm forward).

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