Cinnamon: properties, use, contraindications

The aroma of cinnamon for someone is associated with home comfort and grandmother's apple pie, and for someone - with stupefying oriental perfumery.

What is most appreciatedcinnamon? PropertiesThis spice has long been widely used both in cooking and in perfumery. Antioxidant, antimicrobial, analgesic and fungicidal properties of the eastern spice have been used in medicine.cinnamon properties

Korichnik Ceylon

The birthplace of Ceylon korichnik, or cinnamon, is Ceylon Island. This evergreen tree from the family of laurel. The bark, which is a spice, is removed from shoots grown on a three-year root. The top layer is removed, and what is under it is separated, dried and wrapped in tubes or ground into powder. The thickness of the layer used as a spice does not exceed 0.5 mm. For therapeutic purposes, they use not only the bark of the tree, but also young shoots, leaves and even seeds.


The aroma of this plant spreads very far. It is not by chance that it is used in aromatherapy to treat depression, night fears and neuroses. The aroma of cinnamon is the scent of love. The famous aphrodisiac is used to create scented candles and oils in aroma lamps. Nevertheless, too frequent and abundant fumigating of the room can cause headaches and a general breakdown.

Cinnamon blends well with citrus and coniferous oils, as well as cardamom and patchouli, ylang-ylang and styrax, anise and fennel.cinnamon milk

Not to be confused with cassia!

In stores, real cinnamon is almost impossible to find. Those brown tubules that we take for cinnamon, most often - the bark of cassia, a plant that grows in the same latitudes as cinnamon. By the way, producers do not hide and do not mislead consumers, trying to give cassia for cinnamon. On the packages they always write the exact name of the plant from which the powder, tubes or oil are made. Cassia is very similar to cinnamon. The content of the main trace elements, for which cinnamon is so appreciated, is quite large in cassia, but our article is on it.cinnamon oil


Scientists working in the field of biochemistry, discovered a unique phenolic substance - eugenol, which containscinnamon. Propertiesof this element act depressingly on putrefactive bacteria and mycelium of cultures dangerous for human health, explain the powerful antifungal effect of cinnamon.

With long-term boiling, eugenol is destroyed. Therefore, cinnamon should be added to drinks and food at the last stage of cooking. Or, if the prescription is required to put the spice at the beginning, do not expose the product to boiling and long-term boiling over high heat, and simmer in moderate heat. Cinnamon also does not work without heating. The optimum temperature for it is from 60 to 80 degrees Celsius.ground cinnamon

Fight against seasonal colds

For any cold, if there are no individual contraindications, it is very useful to drink hot milk in which it is dissolved.cinnamon. Doctors reviewsconfirm its effectiveness in diseases of the throat, cough and runny nose.

The use of a drink with cinnamon during seasonal epidemics of influenza and ARVI can effectively protect against infection by the virus. If you drink a cup of drink daily, which is addedground cinnamonYou can not be afraid of getting sick. Eugenol will not allow the development of infection.

Seven-minute inhalations with one drop of cinnamon essential oil will relieve cough and infection in the nasopharynx.cinnamon sticks

Milk Drink

In the event that the disease is still overtaken, but has not yet played out, its development will help to stop the hottercinnamon milkdrunk the night before bedtime. Healing potion will make you feel quite healthy in the morning.

Preparing a drink as follows. At the bottom of a large mug, with a volume of at least 300 ml, pouredground cinnamon- 10 g. Hot milk is poured. Put in a microwave or water bath for 15 minutes.

Cinnamon Milkit is better to drink in the evening, so that overnight the eugenol will destroy the infection.water with cinnamon

Spice drink as prevention of SARS and flu

While the epidemic has not stopped, it is advisable to drink an infusion in which there is ginger, black pepper, cardamom andcinnamon. Propertiesthese spices have a beneficial effect on the immune system and, as a result, on the general well-being, are well known.

At work, it is not always convenient to prepare a hot drink with milk. No problem. 1-2cinnamon sticks, a pinch of ground pepper, fresh or ground ginger - 5-7 g, one star of a magnolia or a pinch of anise and cloves - 1 pc., placed in a thermos, filled with boiling water and infused for about 40 minutes. Drink this drink all day every day while the flu is rampant. Excellent protection against the virus and an increase in the overall tone you provided.cinnamon application

Tasty medicine

If a cold has gone to bed, do not rush to drink antipyretic pills. Hotwater with cinnamonand take off the heat of honey and chase the disease. You should drink it at night. Excessive sweating, which will begin within a few hours after taking it, will show that the disease has gone backwards. At night, you will have to change clothes that are wet from sweat several times to dry, in no case allowing hypothermia.

The drink is made very simple. One glass of boiling water is poured over twocinnamon sticks, cover with a lid, wrapped with a towel and put in a warm place. After 15-25 minutes, when the liquid has cooled slightly, the sticks should be removed, and 20 g of natural honey and a lemon slice should be put into the water. Stir and sip slowly. You can add some black tea.This does not spoil the quality of the drink, but will give it a beautiful shade.cinnamon application

Low blood sugar

Cinnamon helps patients with diabetes. The polyphenol contained in it is to some extent a natural analogue of insulin. It is possible to reduce the level of sugar in the blood to the norm, if within forty days, every day, in one form or another, eat cinnamon.

As for thathow to drink cinnamonto reduce sugar, the options are many. This may be tea, milkshake, fruit drink.diabetes cinnamon

Diabetic Drinks

For diabetic tea, one teaspoon of cinnamon needs to be poured with one liter of boiling water and held in a water bath for 15 minutes. The broth should be brewed daily for ten days and drink in small cups throughout the day every hour.

Diabetes Cinnamonmuch more effective than Jerusalem artichoke or Amur velvet. She must be present on the table of each patient. For at least forty days, it should be added to food as often as possible, however, what is called homeopathic doses, 2-2.5 grams each. Not more than seven grams per day.

Daily tea can be replaced by kefir with cinnamon.A glass of yogurt - 3.5 g of cinnamon. Drink twice a day - in the morning, on an empty stomach, and in the evening, before going to to drink cinnamon

Cinnamon oil

Cinnamon oilobtained by distillation from the bark, as well as from the green mass - the leaves and young shoots of the cinnamon tree. It does not dissolve in mineral oils, water and glycerin, but is soluble in vegetable oil and alcohol.

Cinnamon oilburning, warming and antiseptic. It is well proven in the treatment of fungal skin diseases. One drop of cinnamon oil is added to five drops of olive and rubbed into the scalp. Eugenol kills fungi that cause dandruff, a slight burning sensation causes a rush of blood and increased circulation. All this stimulates hair growth and positively affects their quality.cinnamon doctors reviews

Fighting overweight

Cinnamon in the form of drinks, rubbing and baths contributes to the removal of excess water from the body. And we know that what is called adipose tissue is un-excreted, accumulated and thickened intracellular fluid, that is, water not removed in time. This violation is due to the overall slagging of the whole body and the unbalanced work of individual systems and organs.Cinnamon perfectly thins the blood, as a result, the metabolism accelerates. Slags and toxins are removed. The organism freed from ballast is noticeably rejuvenated.

Persons suffering from excess weight and wanting to part with burdensome kilograms without harm to health, should like a diet, the main component of which is Ceyloncinnamon. Propertiescinnamon aldehyde, and its cinnamon oil about 90%, explain the fungicidal effect of cinnamon on the harmful microflora for humans.

cinnamon doctors reviewsIt is easy to understand why when you start adding it regularly to food, the weight noticeably decreases and the stomach falls off - parasites that poison the body with products of their metabolism die. Our organs stop working on two fronts in an emergency mode — on ours and on millions of microscopic creatures that have adapted to live in our intestines, bladder, stomach, etc.

Infusion for weight loss

Infusion for weight loss is a drink of honey and cinnamon in a ratio of 2: 1, where 2 parts is honey, and one part iscinnamon. Applicationdrink twice a day - in the evening before bedtime and in the morning on an empty stomach - contributes to a very rapid weight loss.Already after a week course, waist volume will noticeably to drink cinnamon

In parallel with the use of cinnamon inside, it must be added to the massage oil, and in the emulsion for the adoption of water procedures. Cinnamon has a beneficial effect on the epithelium. The skin is tightened, the color is leveled, the characteristic cellulite friability passes.

Men's health promotion

Cinnamon is very useful to include in the daily menu for men who have reached the age of forty. Diluting the blood, it has a positive effect on its composition. The level of cholesterol in the blood decreases, the risk of cardiovascular diseases is reduced. It also prevents the occurrence of stagnation in the pelvic area, which, in turn, prevents the development of prostatitis. In addition, normalizing blood sugar levels, cinnamon promotes testosterone production. Although in this matter, the palm should be given to Cassia.diabetes cinnamon

Men can recommend eating toasted toast from toasted bread, spread with a mixture of honey and cinnamon.

Ancient doctors about the healing properties of plants

Nikolai Lemeni in his reference book of simple medicines described cinnamon as a plant,shown to older people and melancholic to improve mood and improve digestion, but the young and passionate, he did not recommend it to use because of the risk of excessive overexcitement. He argued that cinnamon helps to set in motion all body fluids, therefore it is very useful for pregnant women. It also contributes to easy childbirth.

Avicenna also paid tribute to cinnamon, writing that it neutralizes snake venom, cures kidney and bladder diseases. It strengthens the internal organs and promotes the resorption of the tumor. Able to increase blood flow, it is indicated for painful menstrual bleeding.cinnamon application


As mentioned above, you should not eat more than seven grams of cinnamon daily. Individual intolerance is also possible, although this is extremely rare. Caution may be advised to cinnamon pregnant women - in this case, the question should be discussed with your doctor and based on the testimony of blood and urine tests.

As for the essential oil, it is necessary to check for an allergic reaction before using it in a cream or emulsion.To do this, apply a little oil on the inner surface of the elbow, behind the ear or on the inner part of the forearm and leave for 24 hours. If redness or swelling does not appear, then it can be used. The oil is quite aggressive and burning. In the vehicle is not recommended to add more than 1-2 drops.water with cinnamon


Cinnamon has a shelf life of 12 months. The best place for it is the top shelf of the refrigerator, since it is rather cool and dry there. In addition, there is no access for sunlight, which is harmful for cinnamon, regardless of whether it is stored in powder or in the form of tubes.

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