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Passion for cars in men appears from a very early age and continues throughout life. Today, collectible models of machines, exactly like real vehicles, can be seen not only among boys, but also among serious adult men. Why do these toys attract them? In order to answer this question, you need to get acquainted with the models of large-scale machines closer.

collectible machine

The history of collectible cars

The first transport appeared at the end of the last century. Soon after, toy manufacturers began to produce smaller copies of cars. The center for the manufacture of such products was the German city of Nuremberg. Many private workshops were opened here, where artisans produced tin machines of various types and models. Among them were met as the most ordinary toys, consisting of a body and wheels, and unique, with opening doors and a folding roof. At the beginning of the last century, mechanical machines already existed, which traveled independently.Such models cost a fortune, so only the children of wealthy people played with them.

collectible model cars

With the development of the automotive industry, collectible toy cars have also improved. In the 30s of the XX century, they were already released from iron and steel. They became more refined and more and more resembled real cars in a miniature form.

The origin of mass production

In post-war Europe, several companies engaged in the mass production of collectible machines opened at once. In the UK, the largest manufacturer of such products was the company Lessney, which began in 1953 to produce Matchbox series of cast toys, which became incredibly popular among the children of that time. The cars of this brand were so small that they were easily placed in a box of matches. At the same time, Wiking opened in Germany. Her workers produced collectible metal cars, which are exact large-scale copies of real vehicles.

collectible toy cars

Over time, a large number of brands engaged in serial production of toy cars appeared in different parts of the world. Gradually, the most popular scale of collection models is 1:43, where a copy is 43 times smaller than the original. It was first introduced to the market in the 50s by the English company Dinky toys.In addition to this aspect ratio, there are other, less common (for example, 1:18, 1:24, 1:36, or 1:87). Today, almost anyone (not only a child, but also an adult) can afford to assemble large-scale metal cars. Most models are affordable, and their range is so large that it is able to satisfy the vagaries of even the most demanding fan of transport.

Collecting cars in the Soviet Union

In the USSR, as well as throughout the world, picking up reduced copies of cars has become a hobby for millions of people. In the vast expanses of the Union functioned a lot of factories for the manufacture of toy machines. The highest quality and beautiful models of metal produced Saratov factory "Tantalum". All toys were produced on a scale of 1:43 and repeated the appearance of Soviet cars to the smallest detail. Cars of this factory in quality are the best in the world. Many of them opened the doors and trunk. Each toy was placed in a separate colorful packaging and was considered an excellent gift for a child. Collection cars of the USSR cost from 3 to 13 rubles.Although they were deficient, they could be met in any house where boys grew up. It is from these models that many people who grew up in the Soviet Union began their collections.

Features of modern collectibles

Picking up cars for most technology enthusiasts has turned into an exciting game. Usually, connoisseurs of scale models prefer a certain series of cars. It can be domestic or foreign models (for example, VAZ, Mercedes or Skoda). Less often, collectors collect brands of cars from different manufacturers under the same roof.

Copies of cars VAZ

Today, collectible cars VAZ are popular in Russia. They can be found among the products of such world-famous brands as Welly, Autobahn, etc. Do not forget about the “Tantalum”, for which domestic lovers of four-wheeled vehicles still hunt for cars. Cars listed manufacturers are found in different scales and colors. Among the most popular VAZ models are the 2101, 2102, 2105, 2107, 2121 Niva, 2108 Sputnik, 2109, 2110, 2112, 2115, 2118 Kalina. All 1:43 wide-scale toy cars open doors, and some have a hood and trunk.

collectible cars VAZ

To this day, the collection VAZ-2121 Niva with the Skif trailer produced at the Tantalum factory is of special value for lovers of technology. This is the only old model with turning wheels, half-open windows and real springs on the suspension. The trailer is easily transformed into a tourist tent with a spacious bedroom, kitchen and dining room.

It will help replenish the collection of reduced copies of the “iron horses” of the Volga Automobile Plant, the popular magazine Avtolegendy USSR, each issue of which is sold in a set with a domestic metal machine.

Toy KamAZ

Not less vazov popular in our country, large-scale copies of trucks. These are collectible cars KAMAZ. Finding them in free sale today is not so easy, because of this they become even more valuable. Since 1978, their production was engaged in the Kazan plant "Arek", which eventually transformed into the company "Elecon". His first metal KamAZ became a model 5511 dump truck. The cost of the toy was 5 Soviet rubles. After the Olympics-80, the manufacturer began to put on the machine a picture of five rings.Such products were sold for 7 rubles 25 kopecks. Today KAMAZ-5511 is considered a rarity among collectors, as it was the first Soviet copy of a truck.

Almost all models of trucks were produced with suspensions on wheels and folding cabins. KamAZ grades 5320 and 53212 were presented for sale in two forms: with open and closed body. Model 5325 turned out to be not the most successful: the wheels on the toy did not match the original, which was immediately noticed by truckers.

With the advent of new types of KamAZ expanded the range of products of the plant. Today “Elecon”, which has successfully adapted to the traditions of “Arek”, produces trucks of all existing models. Modern collectible cars are made using the latest technology, and therefore even more resemble the real KAMAZ in miniature.

collectible cars KAMAZ

Mercedes brand copy manufacturers

Those who decided to collect collectible cars "Mercedes", should pay attention to the products Kinsmart, Welly, Maisto, MotorMax. Toys of these brands are presented in the Russian market in a wide range and various sizes. On the shelves you can find boxes with all existing models of cars mentioned German brand, ranging from retro and ending with the latest.

Dear "Mercedes" from "Motormax"

Fans of Mercedes Benz cars should pay attention to the presentable and incredibly beautiful SL500 cabriolet from Motormax, released in 1:18 scale. Collectible machine is a model with a cast metal body without a roof. She opened the doors, trunk and hood. Particularly pleased that the wheels of the car obey the steering wheel and turn after him. The interior of the car and the interior are so detailed that even the smallest elements can be considered.

collectible cars Mercedes

Other toy collectible Mercedes cars from this manufacturer look no less realistic. Large sizes make these cars cheap (about 3 thousand rubles). Those who have a more modest income can be advised to choose a Mercedes model on a different scale (for example, in the traditional ratio of 1:43).

Welly brand products

The company Welly decided to keep up with competitors and created a whole series of miniature copies of Mercedes. One of them is the Mercedes Benz SLK 350 collection machine, which is a two-seater sports coupe. The case of the car cast. The model 1:43 scale doors open. Side windows are missing.The car of this model has a scale of 1:18 except the doors open the trunk and hood, turn the wheels. The small machine is a regular cast case with spinning wheels. Other Mercedes cars from Welly have the same characteristics.

Maisto Transport

Metal machine collectors have long been familiar with the name of the Maisto company that manufactures toy cars of 1:18, 1:24 scales, as well as prefabricated and radio-controlled models. The company produces copies of cars Audi, Jeep, BMW, Buick and other equally well-known concerns. As an example, we present a toy model BMW M5 Safety Car, made in 1:18 scale. A white collectible machine with police lights on the roof will be a real boon for a person collecting miniature copies of this famous German concern. The model is poured out of metal, supplemented with plastic parts, equipped with opening doors, hood and trunk. The surprise for collectors will be that the car turns all the wheels.

collectible toy cars

Fans of American cars will appreciate the miniature Chrysler ME Four Twelve Concept from Maisto. It is an exact copy of the famous 1:24 scale sports car.The toy model, the original of which appeared on the roads in 2004, is made of durable metal and has additional plastic parts. Equipped with opening doors and trunk.

Hobby features

Collecting metal cars is quite fascinating, requiring a lot of time and financial costs from a person. Previously, fans of technology was difficult to collect miniature cars, because high-quality models were a deficit. Some avid collectors with new copies traveled to neighboring cities and even brought them from abroad. The collapse of the Union opened a stream of goods from other countries in Russia, and store shelves filled with colorful packages with bright metal cars.

With the advent of the World Wide Web, it has become even easier to collect rare copies of cars: many Internet sites have appeared on the Internet, where people put up for sale their existing vehicle models and even exchange them. Today, the passion for large-scale machines has turned into a serious hobby that can bring its owner a good profit, because rare rare copies are estimated by collectors quite high.

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