Cooked sausage: composition, benefit and harm

There are foods that are present in the diet of people, regardless of their financial situation. These can be safely attributed to boiled sausage. This meat product is loved by both adults and children, and there is hardly a single person who refuses a traditional sandwich. Unfortunately, the quality standards for the manufacture of this product have undergone great changes, which means you need to be very careful in choosing a manufacturer.

Distinctive features of the product from other types of sausages

tasty boiled sausage

From traditional sausages, which are subject to mandatory smoking, boiled differs not only in the method of preparation, but also in the shelf life. Smoking serves as preservation and stabilization, which means that such a product can be suitable for food for up to one month. Boiled meat products are subjected only to heat treatment, and therefore can not boast of a long shelf life. But this is true only for natural and organic products, if the sausage is crammed with preservatives and stabilizers, then it can remain in its original state for quite some time.

Unlike smoked sausage, the one that is cooked has a more delicate flavor of natural meat. The whole thing is in the technology of preparation: a lot of spices are added to smoked sausages, and the mince is always fried before molding. This makes the product more fat and gives it a rich taste. It is believed that smoked products are much higher in class, because they are only meat and fat, but in the composition of the boil can be cartilage, and skin, and even offal, because everything is subjected to very fine grinding. Photo of boiled sausage in the section presented above - pay attention to the consistency: it is very dense and homogeneous. The color is delicate, with a beige or gray shade, this is how a quality product should look.

Gold standards: sausage according to GOST

cooked sausage cut

Interstate standards for the preparation of sausages were adopted in Soviet times. Then all meat products were subjected to rigorous checks, and only the freshest and natural ingredients were included. Boiled sausage according to GOST included only: fatty or low-fat meat, salt, pepper, animal fat (lard). Depending on the type, additives such as onions, allspice, garlic, cardamom, red pepper, cumin were allowed. Whole milk or eggs were added to enrich the product with protein.Unfortunately, not many manufacturers follow the standards when producing products, because now you can follow the specifications (specifications), and these criteria are not so strict and allow the replacement of expensive ingredients with cheaper analogues. Only the manufacturer benefits from such casting, as he saves significantly on production, and the buyer is forced to purchase goods of not the best quality, but at a rather high price.

Show all that is hidden: the composition of the sausage

cooked sausage slices

Boiled sausage must necessarily include at least 30% pure meat, the rest of the volume is usually made up of skin, bones, cartilage, fat and connective tissue. It does not sound very appetizing, but nevertheless it is all an organic component. Egg white and starch are used for the stuffing, they help make the mass thicker and stabilize its shape. However, many manufacturers manage to save literally everything and replace the meat component with soy and lard with vegetable fats. This allows you to significantly reduce the cost of the product, but significantly affects the quality and taste of the sausage.

To make the product spice necessarily used spices.Most often it is a mixture of fragrant varieties of pepper, salt and spicy herbs. But some manufacturers go even further and fill sausage with chemicals. If you pay attention to the label, then familiar inscriptions will surely come across: E250, E621 and E631 - all these are sodium-based flavor enhancers. Also, many brands of meat products contain artificial colors and preservatives, this makes the product more attractive to the buyer and increases the shelf life. Unfortunately, it is quite difficult to find a real organic product, but there is a way out - be sure to read the composition: the shorter it is, the safer it is.

For every taste: sausage varieties

elite cooked sausage

Depending on the composition, boiled sausage is divided into three varieties. The better and more natural ingredients, the higher the grade. This is also reflected in the price of the product, you will have to pay a little more for the real organic product. Consider the sausage varieties in more detail:

  • Top grade. It uses only the flesh of the meat, and of the highest class, as well as natural fat. To improve the taste, only the best spices are taken: nutmeg, cumin, cardamom and even saffron.
  • First grade.Also used first-grade meat and real fat, but the inclusion of milk or egg white is allowed.
  • Second grade. As a meat component can be used trim, skin and cartilage. Spices are the simplest, often the mass of the product increases due to flour and gelatin.

The main question: how to choose?

pieces of cooked sausage

Before buying boiled sausage, be sure to read its label. If you met the mark "GOST", you can safely drop the product into the basket, which means that the best and natural ingredients were used in the manufacture. You should not pay attention to the various tricks of manufacturers: the posts "Lux", "Elite", "Extra" and others do not at all talk about the high quality of the product. What else you should pay attention when choosing sausage:

  • The baton must be dry and elastic. The soft and sticky shell, the presence of mucus and foreign smell indicate violations of storage conditions, and therefore, the use of such a product is unsafe.
  • If possible, be sure to appreciate the cut sausage. The color should be grayish, the pulp is uniform. The poison pink color speaks about the use of dyes, and the uneven texture of violations in cooking technology.

Product storage

  • Sausage in an artificial casing can easily lie in the refrigerator for 1.5 months.
  • If you took the product in an organic shell, you should use it a maximum of 5 days.
  • Store strictly in the refrigerator, in a paper bag or parchment. You should not pack sausage in polyethylene or sealed containers, the product needs at least a small access of oxygen.
  • At room temperature, the sausage will begin to deteriorate after 3-4 hours, and therefore, with caution, let its children go to school and take this into account when taking it with you to a picnic.

No harm to the figure: calorie product

This product is hardly dietary, but the energy value is much lower than that of smoked products. Calorie cooked sausage - 300 kcal per standard portion of 100 grams. In this piece will be about 15 grams of protein and 30 grams of fat. If you are on a diet and can not do without a favorite treat, then it is better to still prefer this option. After all, for example, in the same volume of smoked sausage - 580 kcal and as much as 57 grams of fat.

Is sausage both tasty and healthy?

a loaf of cooked sausage

Nutritionists and doctors do not approve the use of sausages.However, if you choose high-quality products, you can not only indulge yourself with your favorite sausage, but also benefit the body. If you want to minimize the harm of the product, then find a good recipe for boiled sausage and cook it at home, then you will be confident in its composition. Well, if you purchase a product in the store, then give preference to expensive, but proven brands. Useful properties of sausage:

  • Protein content. All meat products are very useful for the body, because animal protein is the main building material of our muscles.
  • Cartilage contains valuable gelling agents that are very useful for joints, especially older people.
  • The skin and by-products contain such valuable trace elements as: phosphorus, calcium, as well as iron, magnesium and potassium. These are important minerals for the bone and cartilage tissue of the body, and also these substances strengthen the cardiovascular system of our body.

Possible harm and contraindications to use

Not all sausage is useful or at least harmless. Cheap low quality products contain a huge amount of chemistry in the form of dyes, flavor enhancers and stabilizers.In such products, meat is replaced by soy, and lard - vegetable fat. Naturally, such a sausage can not be useful, and harmful additives can adversely affect the work of internal organs and even cause allergies. It is best to eat homemade boiled sausage, it is guaranteed not to harm you. If you are not strong in cooking, then do not skimp on food. It is better to pay a little more, but be sure of the quality of the product. It is also worth refusing from the use of sausage in the following cases:

  • with gastritis and pancreatic diseases;
  • pregnant and lactating women.

Cooking Application

boiled sausage

Using boiled sausage at home is quite simple. This product can be fried, stewed and added to salads in raw form. It is very tasty to make hot or cold sandwiches with sausage, to apply it in casseroles or in baking. It goes well with a variety of vegetables, cereals and pasta. Perfectly adjoins to cheese and various sauces.

Cooking sausage at home

If you are a fan of cooking semi-finished products at home, then here is a wonderful and fairly simple recipe for homemade cooked sausages.


  • meat (preferably beef) - 600 g;
  • fat cream - 300 g;
  • egg whites - 3 pcs .;
  • garlic - 3 cloves;
  • black pepper - 1 h / l;
  • paprika - 1 h / l;
  • salt.


  • Grind the minced meat in a meat grinder, and then grind it again in a blender with garlic.
  • Mix with the rest of the ingredients until smooth and allow the mass to infuse in the refrigerator.
  • Start with a mixture of natural sheath or intestine, tightly tie the ends with threads or special clips.
  • Boil the sausage in boiling water, this process will take from 30 to 60 minutes, depending on the thickness of the loaf.

The finished product should be cooled at room temperature, and then sent to the refrigerator for 10 hours. After that, the sausage is ready to eat, but remember that it can be stored for no more than three days.

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