Correctional Facility

The correctional colony is the main speciesState institution, intended for the maintenance of citizens of adult age, who are sentenced to imprisonment. When passing sentence, the court determines the place of detention of a person who is punished for a particular crime.

Citizens who first received their term in the form ofimprisonment for crimes committed by negligence, as well as for unlawful misdemeanors, assessed by a small and moderate degree of severity, are sent to a colony-settlement. Convicts can also be transferred there, directed at correction to institutions that have more strict maintenance regimes, if during their stay they received a positive characteristic.

The general regime colony is designed for thosecitizens who for the first time committed a crime belonging to the category of grievous. In the same place, those convicted of light and medium offenses are held if, in passing the sentence, the court determined for them this type of institution.

High security correctional colonyis intended for convicts for crimes that are classified as particularly serious if they were committed for the first time. According to the verdict, there may also be repeat offenders if their previous unlawful misdemeanment was punishable by imprisonment.

There are correctional institutions in whichthe treatment regime is recognized as special. They are sent to male criminals who have to serve a life sentence. By its decision, the court can also send recidivists there if they consider them particularly dangerous for the society. The special regime colony is also intended for keeping criminals for whom the sentence was changed: the death penalty in the form of a pardon for serving a life sentence or for staying in a correctional institution for a certain period.

Women who have committed unlawful acts live separately from male criminals.

The correctional colony has a division into twozone. In the first of these are premises intended for the production process. The second, residential area, in turn, includes several local sections, which host dormitories for the living of prisoners, a canteen, a school, a library, a club, an outpatient clinic, and sometimes a small inpatient treatment center, as well as a bathhouse. In the same part of the premises are intended for administration. Often in the colony there is a small church or a place for prayers. The residential area includes special rooms intended for visits as short-term, in the interval from two to four hours, and long, for 1-3 days.

A correctional colony in which the contentprisoners are made in strict compliance with the regime, has a camera, locked on the locks. In them for twenty-fifty people are locked citizens, deprived of their liberty for crimes. The colonies of the other regimes are equipped with hostels, the sleeping rooms of which are designed for twenty-one hundred and fifty beds. The standard of living space, established by law, is two square meters per prisoner. If there is not enough space, the bunks in the sleeping room can be located in two or even three tiers. Criminals sentenced to serve their sentence for life are held in cells of two people.

In addition to the dormitory dormitories are equipped withrooms in which personal belongings are stored, food is taken, and locker rooms for outer clothing are located. In addition, there is a so-called "red corner", designed for spending leisure hours, equipped with TV, bookshelves, tables, etc. Before the hostel there is a small area for walking, where convicts can be in their spare time and various activities.

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