Costume brownie for a child. Return Kuzy

Characters of Slavic mythology are often found on New Year's holidays. Parents dress children in gnomes and, of course, brownies. And among the latter, the "young" brownies, that is, without beards, are especially popular.

Features and components of the costume

The basis for creating the brownie costume is the image of a small Kuzi - the main character of the Soviet cartoon about the adventures of a house keeper in a big city and city apartment.

New Year's image is quite simple to create. The following items are required:

  • A red chintz shirt with a pattern of large peas, without buttons, with wide sleeves. Among the ready-made things, it is difficult to find such things, but those with a needle and thread (even at the initial level) can sew it with their own hands on the pattern.
  • Pants with patches.
  • Bast shoes with hems or cloth-covered shoes with a fringe.

Creating a New Year's brownie costume, you need to remember that the animated Kuzya was very economical.Because his clothes are not new, slightly faded, with patches of different fabrics, a little big.

Pattern shirt for brownie

Shoes for New Year's costume of the young brownie

But the feet of the brownie traditional peasant shoes XVIII-XIX centuries. - bast shoes with supports (light footwear to the knees, wrapped with ropes). Acquisition of authentic shoes from bast or at least from birch bark will rise in a decent amount. But there is an opportunity to do with "little blood" and weave bast with newspaper tubes.

Each newspaper sheet is glued with stationery glue and rolled up as closely as possible. Weaving is performed according to the scheme:

The scheme of weaving bast

The finished product is painted with oil or acrylic paints and varnished. For greater strength from the inside homemade bast taped. These are shoes for one day.

Ordinary bandages, stitched with several stitches and attached straight to the pants, can be used as supports. In this case, the strings, that is, hets, will be woolen threads.

As an alternative to the sandals option, you can sheathe ordinary shoes with a fringe. "Shaggy" shoes on the feet of the child will look quite original.

Also, some wear a brownie costume without any shoes. Of course, it is undesirable to appear barefoot on a New Year's commemoration, because the “effect of bare feet” can be created with the help of long socks of skin color with fingers stitched.

The headdress of the brownie Kuzi

In the cartoon of the same name, Kuzya does not wear hats and beskozyrok - his head is covered with a magnificent red hair sticking out in all directions. In reality, such hairs are few by nature, so only one solution is a wig.

And parents can also choose one of two options:

  1. Buy ready-made wig in a store that specializes in sweepstakes and fancy dresses. Sticking unkempt patly claimed not only during the preparation for the New Year's morning performances. The required color of the wig can be given using ordinary hair dye. The average purchase price is 400 rubles.
  2. Make a wig yourself from calico caps and thick woolen threads of suitable color. Hair sewn around, starting from the bottom. Lesson is quite laborious and requires a large amount of time and patience.

Of course, creating a brownie costume with your own hands, do not forget about the face of this charming character. The image of Kuzi is simply unthinkable without a scattering of red freckles on his nose. You can create them with ordinary colors.

Even greater similarity with the cartoon character can give soot on the cheeks and nose. Kuzya very rarely went clean.

Brownie costume can be supplemented with accessories:

  • A bunch of bagels. So that the flour decoration does not crumble in the process of celebration, they are recommended to be slightly dried.
  • Print cotton bag with a wide strap.
  • Broom.

All these things do not embarrass the child, and if necessary they can be transferred to the accompanying person.

The image of the housekeeper Kuzi

In this preparation for the matinee is completed. You can safely let the child have fun.

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