Cuba ... Havana ... Towards adventure!

Cuba ... Havana ... What do we know about this place? Probably, someone will remember about the magnificent carnival nights, someone will recall the episodes from the works of E.Hemingway, and some will imagine the endless beaches bathed in the sun ...

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Cuba. Havana. general information

The capital of Cuba is one of the most amazingcities on the planet. It is located directly on the shores of the Gulf of Mexico. We can safely say that, being the main economic, political and cultural center of the country, Havana attracts a huge number of tourists from all corners of the globe every year.

If you go deeper into history, you can find out thatCuban capital in the beginning of the 16th century founded the Spanish conquistadors, which is why most of the locals now speak Spanish. Since then, the central part of the city, called Old Havana, managed to acquire an original and incomparable architectural flavor. It successfully combines different styles, directions and characteristics.

This is the most populous city in the country, in whichat the moment there are more than two and a half million people. Ethnic composition is very unusual: 70% of the total population of the metropolis are the descendants of immigrants from Spain, and the rest (a significant part) is represented by the population of Indian-African blood.

Cuba. Havana. What to see for tourists?

harbor cubeIn general, Cuba (Havana, in particular) offersrest for all tastes. The city lives a fairly active cultural life. Every year, here come those who do not mind enjoying incendiary music, dancing in nightclubs and just having a great time. The main fun here begins closer to midnight and does not stop until dawn.

But that's not all. Havana (Cuba) is, perhaps, a real paradise for outdoor lovers. A lot of luxurious and beautifully equipped beaches, exciting fishing, a variety of water sports. To realize these opportunities, travelers travel to the northern part of the city, to beaches with complex names for the Russian people Hibacoa, El Salado and Arroyo-Bermejo.

Those who are lucky to visit Cuba during one of the many carnivals, it is recommended to look at the Melekon embankment, for it is here where lush celebrations take place.

Cuba ... Havana ... The photos brought from this trip will become a real decoration of the family photo album.

Cuba. Havana. Local Features

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720 thousand square of the Cuban capital border with breathtaking bays - Havana and San Lizaro. The bay, whose name is consonant with the name of the city, connects through a narrow strait with the Gulf of Mexico. Havana boasts three ports: Guanabacoa, Marimelena and Atares. In each of them it is pleasant to walk in the evening, sit over a cup of coffee in a cozy cafe and admire the majestic ships.

The climate of Havana has to rest forthe whole year. The water temperature even in the cold months does not drop much below the +24 C ° mark, and the air warms up to +25 C °. For this reason, a comfortable holiday, without suffocating heat and exhausting heat is guaranteed to every traveler. Seasonality of the climate, it should be noted, is weakly expressed, therefore it is rather difficult to predict the weather. It happens that during the so-called rainy season (from May to October) there are sunny and dry days, and in November-April a real tropical downpour starts.

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