Cynovit: shampoo for dandruff

With dandruff, even once I've come acrossevery adult person. White flakes in the hair always appear unexpectedly and at the most inopportune moment, and their formation is accompanied by an unpleasant itch of the head. To get rid of them today there are many drugs, but not all of them are equally effective. As you know, dandruff occurs as a result of the lesions of the scalp with a fungal infection. Normal shampoos can not cope with this problem. In order to forget about dandruff forever, you need to buy medicines, which include antifungal components. Among these products is "Tsinovit" - a shampoo of the Russian company "Farmatek", engaged in the manufacture of drugs for the treatment and prevention of skin diseases.

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Composition, terms of sale and recommendations for use

The main components of "Cynovitis" areklimbazol, zinc pyrithione, dexpanthenol and urea. The action of shampoo is directed not only to the elimination of dandruff, but also to prevent its formation in the future. Climbazole and zinc pyrithione fight with a fungus, dexpanthenol has an anti-inflammatory effect, and urea exerts a moisturizing and exfoliating effect on the skin.
"Cynovit" is a therapeutic shampoo, therefore it is releasedonly in pharmacies. To purchase it, a recipe is not needed. The drug is sold in polymer bottles with a volume of 150 ml. Each bottle is placed in a cardboard box and supplied with instructions for use. Shampoo is a white liquid of medium density with a pleasant refreshing odor. After its use, a weak fragrance of menthol remains on the hair.

Medical indications for the use of shampoo are:

  • dandruff;
  • itching of the scalp;
  • seborrhea (oily and dry);
  • psoriasis;
  • atopic and seborrheic dermatitis.

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"Cynovit" is a medical product, thereforeUse it strictly in accordance with the instructions. Irregular application of shampoo will not bring the expected positive result, and abuse of it can cause health problems.

Shampoo "Cynovit": instructions for use

Each procedure for getting rid of dandruff consists oftwo stages. First, a small amount of the product is applied to the wetted hair, trying to cover the entire scalp, then foaming and rinsing with warm water. Curl after washing should be wrung out and get wet with a dry towel. After several minutes, "Cynovit" is applied repeatedly, carefully distributing it over the entire scalp. This time it needs to be held for 2-3 minutes, after which it should be washed off with warm water.

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To get rid of dandruff "Cynovit" you needuse instead of regular shampoo every other day for 1 month. But even when the problem is completely eliminated, you should not forget about it. To prevent re-education of dandruff, the drug should be used for preventive purposes up to 2 times a week. Usually the antifungal agent is well tolerated by humans, but the manufacturer warns that in rare cases it can cause allergic reactions. If, after the first procedure, the itching of the scalp is aggravated or the person starts to worry about the new symptoms, you should stop using "Cynovitis" and contact the dermatologist to prescribe another treatment.


Despite the fact that there are manyeffective therapeutic drugs against dandruff, the most popular among the population remains "Tsinovit." Shampoo, the price of which varies from 350 to 400 rubles in various pharmacies, is available to almost every consumer. This remedy, despite its relatively low cost, helps to get rid of dandruff no worse than expensive and widely advertised antifungal drugs. Buy it can be in any domestic pharmacy, it is highly efficient and convenient to use.

Shampoo "Cynovit": reviews about the product

People who happened to experience the action"Tsinovita", leave positive comments about it. Most consumers note that the complete elimination of dandruff comes 2 weeks after the start of shampoo, but the beneficial effect is noticeable after the first procedure: white flakes in the hair becomes noticeably smaller, and the head ceases to itch. In addition, the curls acquire a healthy glow and freshness. However, shampoo "Tsinovit" will not help to get rid of dandruff forever. The testimonies indicate that the remedy is effective only with regular application, and if they stop using it, after some time the "snow" will reappear in the hair and begin to cause a person inconvenience. To forget about dandruff, you need to wash your head with "Cynovitis" regularly and in accordance with the instructions.

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Other drugs

Pharmatech offers consumers a wholea line of medical products "Tsinovit." Shampoo is not the only product sold under this name. In addition to it, you can buy shower gel, cream and Cynovit spray in pharmacies. All preparations of this line have a similar antifungal effect and are intended for the treatment of dermatological diseases of different parts of the body.

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