Czech Currency: Travel Tips

Before you go on an exciting journey, it is very important to know which one is in circulation, as well as the peculiarities of the cash flow in this small hospitable country.

About the Czech crown

Although the republic has been a member of the European Union since 2004, the official currency of the Czech Republic is the Czech koruna. In international abbreviation, it is denoted by Czk, in Czech - Kč. One crown is divided into 100 gellers. To date, coins of 50 heler, 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50 Czk and banknotes of 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000, 2000, 5000 Czk are used in money circulation.

what currency in the Czech Republic

The currency of the Czech Republic enjoys deserved respect among the local population. In most stores, sellers accept payment mainly in CZK. But even if they have to take euros or dollars, they will recount them at a very unfavorable exchange rate and will give the change only in national currency.

Where better to change money

Before you buy Czech currency, you should carefully examine the appearance of banknotes and their degree of protection in order to protect themselves from fakes.

When exchanging money, it is advisable to adhere to basic safety rules.The most common methods of fraud in Prague are no different from the troubles that happen in any big city.

Czech currencyFirst of all, you should beware of strangers on the street who offer to exchange money at a very favorable rate. The probability of fraud or robbery in this case is very high. Often there are cases when Bulgarian banknotes are sold to foreigners instead of Czech currency. Sometimes fraudsters put fakes between real money. The client has the impression that he has a lot of bills in his hands. But when in the process of recounting it becomes clear that there was a hoax, fraudsters have time to escape.

currency of the Czech Republic to the rubleIn order not to become a victim of such a scam, it is recommended to change money in specialized exchange offices, which are usually located at the bus station, at the airport, at the railway station. Such exchange points are completely legal and safe, although some of them use dishonest commercial tricks. For example, on the tabloid near the exchanger, a high selling rate of CZK is indicated, and the purchase rate is very low. Or such a trick: there is an advantageous rate on the stand for buying Czech currency, and there is a note in almost imperceptible font near it,That this course is valid when you buy CZK for a large amount.

Banks remain the safest places for exchanging money. Although at the rates they offer, the currency of the Czech Republic will cost dearly. But reliability and safety is guaranteed.

The ratio of the Czech crown to the ruble

The Czech Republic is considered the most “cheap" country of the European Union. And precisely because of the cheap stay, tourists from all over the world willingly visit this country.

Recently, the currency of the Czech Republic has weakened slightly. At the time of this writing, Sberbank offices in the Czech Republic offered to buy / sell Russian currency at 35.30 and 38.62 kroons per 100 rubles, respectively. This course is the most profitable compared to other banks. On average, the currency of the Czech Republic to the ruble is in the ratio of 1: 2.69.

What currency is profitable to import to the Czech Republic

Many tourists prefer to go to another country with cash. Some receive foreign currency earnings, others do not trust banks and prefer to carry cash with them. What currency to take to the Czech Republic - the issue of concern to each tourist.

Today, the most popular currency is the euro.On the territory of the Czech Republic, euro rates are most profitable compared to other currencies, and its fluctuations are smooth. The second important argument is the universality of this currency, since, traveling to other European countries, travelers fall within the euro area.

If you have the opportunity to come with a crown, it will be the best option. Only to find her outside the Czech Republic at an acceptable rate will probably not be easy.

Plastic cards

currency of the Czech RepublicMany travelers claim that traveling to the Czech Republic is most convenient with bank cards. There are a large number of ATMs and terminals in the country. But before the trip you should definitely read through the Internet with the rules of conversion and the size of fees for withdrawals in all Czech banks. On average, about 0.5% of the transaction amount should be left for transactions with money when paying with a card for goods and services, and up to 3% for cash withdrawals.

Sometimes Czech banks may require a fee for information on the balance of funds on the card account. But before that, a notice of such a fee should appear on the ATM screen.

If necessary, a bank transfer from abroad can be obtained on the territory of the Czech Republic. To do this, simply open an account in the desired currency. As a rule, for crediting money, banks charge a commission as a percentage of the amount received.

When planning a trip to the Czech Republic, it is important to remember the recommendations described to prevent unpleasant situations. The trip should leave only pleasant memories.

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