Danil Ishutin: photo and biography of a cyber sportsman

Danil Ishutin, better known under the pseudonym Dandy, has been a professional mid-line player of DotA 2 of Natus Vincere since 2010. Having earned more than 730 thousand US dollars in his career as a cyber sportsman, he is ranked 44th in the world by this indicator.

Danil Ishutin: biography

Born on December 30, 1989 in Lviv, Western Ukraine. He has a brother and sister. According to the gamer, his childhood was rich. Danil Ishutin (the photo is given in the article) studied at a music school, and later studied dance, basketball and acrobatics. Such a variety of hobbies may seem strange, but the Dandy lived in a city that is sometimes called little Paris. The capital of Western Ukraine has a rich centuries-old history and a great cultural heritage. Lviv Philharmonic and Opera are known all over the world. Parents were forced to learn how to play the piano, because otherwise he would have fought all his days with his brother in computer games. However, Danil was born in a talented family - his brother, sister and mother were musicians, so he gave 5 years of music school. He could not decide how to spend his leisure time.

However, Danil Ishutin managed to make time for entertainment. The personal computer in the family appeared early, and from a young age he carefully watched his brother play. Sometimes the guy himself managed to play something. At first there were not very many games, but gradually he installed everything he could find. The most famous of them are StarCraft, Worms, Warcraft 2000, DOOM, Need For Speed, Quake, etc. Danilo especially liked the game Heroes of Might and Magic 2.

Danil Ishutin

Defense of the Ancients

In 2008, the DotA multiplayer online strategy, which was one of the many extensions of the World of Warcraft III, gained great popularity. It was the map of Defense of The Ancients that made Danila (Dendi) Ishutin a star of eSports. The goal of the game is to have a team of 5 people destroy the enemy’s base located at the opposite end of the map. Participants control the actions of the characters, increase their level and spend gold to buy the equipment necessary for the task. DotA instantly became interested in Ishutin for its simplicity, variety of game characters and required skills.

Start of sporting career

Danil (Dandy) Ishutin began by conducting hours-long sessions in Internet cafes and similar places.After he became interested in Warcraft III and Counter Strike, he really became addicted to games and acquired the necessary skills, so he began to participate in small tournaments. Most of them were held in Internet cafes, and the organizers did not have access to a large budget or a long list of sponsorships. But it was a good way to start and gain all the skills and know-how necessary to participate in a professional or semi-professional team. This was part of his plans.

Dendi was ambitious and smart enough to combine entrepreneurship with his passion for games, and began to create his own team. He wanted to bring together strong gamers so that they could take part in larger tournaments. This idea arose when Danil got into the taste of online games, participating in small contests, and wanted to see for himself how it would look on a larger scale. And he succeeded. Dandy was able to gather his first semi-professional team. She mainly participated in Warcraft III tournaments, but since DotA and DotA2 were more popular, he had to become a professional in these games. That is what played a role in Dandy's career, as he will soon receive his first serious offer to join a team that was at a completely different level.

danil dandy ishutin


The team proved to be extremely successful, it began to attract attention at the local and international levels, since then e-sports was in a state of rapid growth. Dendi, of course, attracted attention because he was a highly qualified DotA specialist. In 2006, Danil Ishutin at the age of 16 was invited to join his first professional team, Walker.Gaming. This was a turning point in his career. The team included the best players of DotA, and he easily joined it. The decision to include Danila (Dandy) Ishutin in WG turned out to be successful, as Walker.Gaming soon managed to take the 3rd place in MYM Prime Nations, which was the biggest event Dendi had ever participated in before. Just a year later, the team managed to reach the final of MYM Prime Defending, which made Walker.Gaming famous internationally. Many business proposals were sprinkled, including mergers and acquisitions, full purchases, and the number of sponsors increased. Ultimately, this success led to a merger with the Kingsurf.International team, which was later renamed Ks.int.

Migration to DTS

Dandy was a full member of Ks.int., Until in 2008 he joined DTS. True, he came back for a few months, but then he was back in the DTS, where he remained until 2010.

Danil Ishutin's professional growth is impressive.Every time he managed to become a member of the best teams. Speaking for DTS in 2010, he won the ASUS Spring tournament, beating world-class gamers. It was a great achievement, but a couple of months later, the Dandy reached new heights, defeating the favorites of ENOME from China in the final of the ESWC cyber tournament. Before that, no one spoke against them.

Danil Ishutin photo

After the popularity of DotA slowly began to fade and give way to other games, Dendi thought that soon his professional career in eSports would end. However, in the fall of 2010, the computer game development company Valve announced plans to release a popular card, very similar to DotA, but on a different platform, with different characters and capabilities. And it was Danil who was to become one of those who would have the chance to experience a new game.

DotA 2

At the end of 2010, rumors of a large Valve species on the DotA2 game spread online. The team Natus Vincere (Ukraine) took the opportunity and organized a strong top five. Danil was invited to join it in 2011. In June, Dmitry Kupriyanov (LighTofHeaveN) from the cyber-team of Moscow5 and Klement Ivanov (Puppey) from Estonia joined her ranks. The transition Kupriyanov added interest, and it became clear that the Grand DotA2 tournament will take place.By the time the competition was announced on August 1, 2011, Ishutin and other NaVi participants had been training to play DotA2 for several weeks, since all participants had access to it.

The prize of $ 1,000,000

The creators of the modified Warcraft map, which users downloaded 20 million times, of course, wanted to draw attention to themselves, presenting it for the first time in a tournament with a reward for winning $ 1 million. For this, Europe's largest Games show championship was held, in which 16 best teams participated. In total, the organizer has created a prize fund of $ 1.6 million. In addition to the European and American teams, 7 Asian are among those invited. Before the start of the tournament, Natus Vincere participants were not considered favorites. Many gave more chances to win the Danish MYM and Asian EHOME and Invictus Gaming. But Dendi was not afraid of eminent opponents, he carefully studied them. Ishutinu had a chance to fight several times with MYM, but he met his rivals from Asia for the first time. Danil was eagerly waiting for the start of the competition. According to him, he felt fine and considered himself ready to oppose teams from China, but in this he also relied on the rest of the NaVi participants.

Danil Ishutin biography

Way to victory

All doubts about the competitiveness of NaVi dissipated during the group stage of The International competitions. The team from Ukraine, speaking in a group with the best European teams nevo and GGnet, won a crushing victory. But the Chinese did not lag behind, playing quite hard in their group. The team from Singapore Scythe.SG, which finished in third place, lost to NaVi, which applied tactics that had been developed for six months. The cybersportsman Danil Ishutin described it as follows. Of great importance in DotA is the destruction of the towers, because it brings the maximum benefit. Destroying their party gets a decisive advantage. If game characters are chosen who are able to demolish 6 enemy towers while simultaneously retaining their own, then the team will eventually win. However, the outcome of the fight is impossible to predict. Loss is always likely - just make one small mistake. You can spend a whole hour, be killed and lose. Therefore, it is better not to delay, but onslaught to win in 20 minutes.

Such tactics and asked the game the Ukrainian team. Having come out on top in her group, she went to the playoffs. In the ¼ final, NaVi gracefully won the Russian Moscow5.After the defeat of the Chinese Invictus Gaming, many realized that Dendi and the team really could win at The International. According to Ishutin, their confidence in victory was 80%, and this was encouraging.

During the game, NaVi practically suppressed the resistance of Scythe.SG, doing away with them on two cards. Over the course of 7 matches, the team never lost. By the final match, she already had a prize of 250 thousand dollars, but it seemed that she could not do more.

Danila dendi ishutina

Intensive training

Natus Vincere was greatly surprised by the huge advantage. But the result was not a mere coincidence. Before the competition, the team practiced for several weeks at the training center and was advised by the best gamers of NaVi in Counter Strike. The latter allowed to train on their own base and told about the moments that the rivals could have missed. They advised how to behave during the game and what to concentrate on. Colleagues helped to believe in their strength and the possibility of winning the tournament. Danil is grateful to them for this, because their advice has been effective. However, even this did not help prepare the young team for the fact that it fell on it before the final.

Battle for a million

The decisive match of the tournament was an opportunity for Daniel Ishutin to radically change his life, and he did not miss the opportunity.There were only two possible outcomes: winning or losing, and Dendi was hoping for the first one. Rival in the final was the team ENOME, from the very beginning was considered the favorite of the competition. Chinese gamers confidently won in all matches of their group, and it seemed that no one could stop them. Nevertheless, ENOME lost to Scythe.SG. However, the team did not give up and, having played brilliant games with losers, met Scythe.SG again. Having won it, ENOME nevertheless reached the final.

Danil Ishutin Cybersportsman

Before this match, the Ukrainian team had never encountered the Chinese team and did not know what to expect from it. NaVi chose a strategy that brought good luck during the entire competition. It was planned to attack the enemy's towers, while maintaining their own. But this strategy was losing. Tactics that did not let the team down to the finals did not help. For the first time during the tournament NaVi suffered a defeat. But it only increased the desire to win. According to Ishutin, he felt that the next game would have a different outcome. In the final, his team was leading in the long run, as it belonged to the group of winners, and the loss equalized the score. Consequently, it remained to play at least 2 matches, so the team changed tactics. A special pattern of character selection was invented.According to Ishutin, he used Enigma for the first time in the final game with EHOME and was therefore slightly worried. This choice, combined with the choice of Alexander Dashkevich Specter, allowed NaVi to score. The last game also brought victory - in the match and in the tournament.

Further career

Before the triumph at The International, Ishutin studied at the Faculty of Automation and Computer Technologies at Lviv University and earned very little from gamer-making. After the victory, he became a rich man by Ukrainian standards. Danil (Dandy) Ishutin did not hurry to receive the money received, planning to invest part of them in real estate.

Dendi continued to speak. His team won the eSports World Championship in DotA2 in Paris, but didn’t stand out in China at the DotA World Cup. NaVi became the 2nd in The International 2012, losing to Invictus Gaming. The following year, the team became the only participant in all 3 finals of this competition, losing to the Swedish Alliance. A year later, NaVi managed to take only 8th place - for the first time, Danil Ishutin did not fight for the main prize. After an unsuccessful 2015 season, when NaVi took 13–16 positions in The Interntional tournament, the team’s dissolution was announced. But a few days later there were reports that Dendi and GeneRaL will return to the new DotA team. In the summer of 2016Natus Vincere took the second place in ESL One Frankfurt and won the second season of StarLadder i-League StarSeries

growth of danil ishutin

Personal life

Despite the generally accepted opinion that eSports and personal life are incompatible, Danil is quite successful in this. Although Dandy does not share information on such a sensitive topic, his professional successes are perfectly combined with his personal life. Confirmation of this can be found in the photos and status in social networks, from which it follows that the girl has Danil Ishutin and he meets with her for quite some time. There is nothing surprising in this, because, as they say communicating with a cyber sportsman, Dandy is not only an experienced professional, but also a cheerful and open person. In 2015, the network reported that Danil Ishutin had a daughter, but there is no evidence of this.

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