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Denis Maydanov is a young and extremely charismatic man with a voice that is remembered after the first listening to a song. However, Denis is not a simple singer, he is also a talented composer, poet, engaged in production, playing in movies. According to the artist himself, the main strength of his work is the songs that he writes independently. Unlike many modern authors, Maidanov writes songs not in one day, it takes months and sometimes years. We heard his works performed by such masters of the domestic show business as Kobzon, “The White Eagle”, Marshal, etc. Today Denis finally came out of the shadows and is an independent unit on the stage.Denis Maidan biography

Childhood and youth

February 17, 1976 in the Saratov region, namely in the city of Balakovo, was born Denis Maydanov. The artist's biography starts here. Maidanov was born in a family of ordinary employees, completely unrelated to music.His father worked at the chemical industry, his mother was an inspector, and then took over as head of the personnel department of a construction plant. Since his childhood, Denis was a very capable child, he quickly learned everything new. At school, he enjoyed attending a music and theater group with great pleasure. From early childhood, he showed a penchant for poetry, at 8 years old the boy began to write poetry, and at 13 he picked up a guitar and wrote his first song in his life. While studying at the technical school, Maydanov actively participated in any kind of amateur art activities, even was the captain of the student KVN team. At the age of 16, he won a prestigious local pop contest. He worked as a director in the musical theater of his native city, in the local house of creativity Denis Maidanov also headed the corresponding department. His biography was also associated with work as a producer. Under his command a recording studio and the center of Lenina-street were opened. The center included more than a dozen different groups and performers working in completely different genres. It was under the direction of Maydanov that an annual regional music festival was held here.songs of Denis maydanova

Composer and author

In 2001, Denis Maidanov arrives in the capital.His biography here begins with a clean slate. A talented author sought to bypass the production centers, preferring to make money writing poems and music. It should be noted that he is perfectly able to. In addition to songs, he is engaged in writing soundtracks, music Maidanova sounds in such well-known television series like "Zone", "Angelica" and "Bro." Over time, the songs of Denis Maidan begin to sound from the stage with voices at that time only by novice performers such as Jasmin, Buynov and Basque. About 10 years of his life Denis gave the composition of hits that we all are well acquainted with.wife of Denis Maidanova

Performing your own songs

All this time, a talented author and, as it turned out later, the performer remains in the shadow. For many years of writing hits, Maidan has accumulated a lot of great songs that he wrote for himself and not for others. Finally, in 2008, he decides to start performing with his compositions on his own. A year later, his first collection, Eternal Love, was published and was a resounding success. Now the whole country knows and sings songs of Denis Maidanova. The second album of the singer “Leased World” comes out after two years and is sold out even better than the first one.Already in 2013, another compilation was released entitled “One Flew Over Us”, the song of the same name from which immediately takes the lead in all the charts. According to the author himself, at the moment he has enough material left to create 3 more collections, which means that very soon the singer will please his fans with new compositions of his own composition.


As mentioned above, not only the most talented author and performer was Denis Maidanov. His biography is also closely related to cinema. It is important to note that Denis is a graduate director, he studied at the Moscow University of Culture and Arts at the directing department. This is certainly very useful to him in his work. Maidanov took part in the filming of television series, such as "Footprint", "Hunt for Izyubrya", "Moscow Saga" and many others. This once again demonstrates how talented and many-sided person Denis is.

Personal life

Many modern pop performers are too busy with creativity to create a family, others, on the contrary, constantly change partners, and fans are not tired of being surprised at their new passions, smiling from the pages of glossy magazines. Personal life of Denis Maidanova has long been arranged.In 2005, Denis married for big love. His wife bore him a daughter and son, what else can a real man dream? Natalia was his first listener and helped Denis in everything. Recently, she is also the director of the team. She was the one who convinced him to start performing independently and constantly supported her husband. Natalya is not only the wife of Denis Maidanova, she is his muse and ideological inspirer.private life of Denis Maidanova

An extraordinarily talented author and performer, Denis Maydanov is an honorary winner of the well-known music festival “Song of the Year”, and has several awards in the field of music, such as the Golden Gramophone. And one more little-known fact - Maidanov is one of 12 artists invited by Sergei Shoigu (Minister of Defense of Russia) for an updated performance of the national anthem.

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