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In the Russian Federation a great many talented people in completely different fields, including art, architecture, sculpture and even fashion. One of such outstanding personalities is the designer Denis Simachev. He is known to the world for his unique collections of men's and women's clothing, which are not similar to the work of other fashion designers.

Biographical information

Born now a famous artist and fashion designer in Moscow in June 1974. Despite the fact that Denis Simachev was raised in a military family, he enrolled in the College of Art and Graphic Design (Moscow). Later, fate brings him to the Spanish Academy Pivot Point, and then - in the Studio Y. Grymov, where he becomes a specialist in the field of advertising.

In parallel with the studio, Denis has time to get another education at the Moscow Textile Academy in the design of footwear and clothing.

Denis Simachev

He received the first award in 1999, when the international exhibition of footwear was held.In the same year, Denis Simachev won the honorable first place and became the best among young designers at the Step into the Future competition.

Then new achievements: access to the final round of the competition called Smirnoff International Fashion Awards, which was held in Hong Kong, where the audience saw his collection “Quasi-Future Eternity”.

Climb the career ladder

In 2001, Denis Simachev decided to create his own company under his own name Denis Simachöv. Literally a year later, viewers saw a new collection at a famous fashion show.

Interestingly, as early as 2006, a boutique opens in Moscow, selling items exclusively for the Denis Simachöv brand. The following year, Simachev received a proposal to develop a design for the snowboard Atov DSS, and from that moment began his cooperation with sports companies.

For the first time a fashion designer showed his collection in the capital of the Russian Federation in 2009.

Denis Simachev was invited as a co-host on Channel One to lead a project related to fashion trends. In August 2011, he became the leading well-known audience "Fashion sentence".

Every year at the Fashion Week in the Spanish city of Milan, the Simachev collections participate in prestigious shows. It is noteworthy that in the clothes and shoes designed by Denis, there is a bet on national motives.

Denis Simachev clothing

Awards and Prizes

Denis Simachev, whose clothes are already worn almost throughout the world, was repeatedly awarded prizes and awards for his talent and achievements in the field of fashion. So, in addition to winning the “Step into the Future” competition, he was awarded a prize at the Youth Podium competition, which was held in Moscow.

In 2005, in the same Moscow, Simachev won the Astra Award in two categories at once: “Designer of the Year” and “Designer of Men's Clothing”. A year later, the famous GQ magazine recognized Denis as the best among designers in the country.


Once in an interview, Denis said that the release of clothing was not part of his plans, but after Hong Kong a process of serious development began. He began to receive offers of work, and he himself thought about the models of the Russians, permeated with patriotic motives. This was his personal style, which had a lot of fans.

What makes Denis Simachev? Clothing sold under its brand includes items for men and women of different directions and styles, as well as accessories, shoes, etc.

Especially stand out from the general background tracksuits. They combine convenience, fashionable design and colorful prints: Russian flower ornaments, images of dolls, Khokhloma patterns, etc.

designer Denis Simachev


Denis Simachev T-shirts - bright, colorful, with frank inscriptions in Russian and understandable for the most part only to Russian people - brought Denis Simachev into a separate fashionable graph. They immediately attract the attention of others, so it is impossible to go unnoticed in a T-shirt by Denis Simachöv.

The most famous inscriptions on his T-shirts: “I am not the sea, I don’t care”, “Our everything is oil”, “Pret” and many others. There were even products with a portrait of the current president of the Russian state, as well as with the heroes of famous cartoons.

The collections present a harmonious combination of different shades, practicality, affordable prices and ease of wearing. Hoodies are created with the same sense of style. All products of the Russian brand unite the brightness, creativity, love of folk traditions and glamor at the same time.

Denis Simachev T-shirts

Bar and boutique

The clothes and shoes of the Russian designer received such great fame among fashionistas that he had the idea to open a boutique for selling products of his brand - the so-called mono-brand store. In this case, it was also decided to act unusually and combine the boutique with the bar.So, in the general building one floor, the first one, took the bar, and the second one - the shop.

This location led to the store an even greater number of customers who, after shopping, were located at the table of a cozy cafe. Here, exquisite dishes are created with taste and served in a fusion style, which attracts even the discerning gourmet. Thanks to the efforts of the whole team and Simachev himself, both institutions quickly became popular.

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