Deposit rate. In which banks are the most profitable deposits?

People who have available funds often think that it would be nice to “provoke” money for work and profit. Accordingly, many are beginning to study bank offers in order to understand which of the institutions has the most favorable rate on deposits. In Russia, there are several hundred different financial organizations, but attention should be noted only to those in which people most often apply for a deposit.

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Naturally, first of all it is worth telling about how profitable deposit rates are at Sberbank, which is the country's largest financial institution.

To obtain a stable maximum income it is recommended to issue a deposit called “Save”. It implies the highest rates (up to 5.66% in rubles). What percentage will be offered to the client depends on the amount he wants to invest and the term.The maximum rate is offered for deposits of 700,000 rubles and for a period of 3-6 months.

The maximum term of such a contribution is 3 years. But the rate for this period varies from 4.3 to 4.8%. So it is more profitable to issue it for a short time, and then re-open a deposit account at the same rate. It is worth remembering that the “Save” deposits do not provide for partial withdrawals and deposits.

To see how profitable such deposit rates are at Sberbank, it is worth giving an example of calculating income. If a person invests 700,000 rubles for half a year, then at the end of the term he will receive approximately 19,445 p. As profits. Total monthly income is 3 304.25 rubles.

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VTB 24

This bank can be offered a more favorable rate on deposits. VTB-24 has a tariff called “Accumulative”. The maximum rate for customers who decide to open a deposit online is 7.14%! If a person applies directly to a bank for a service, then it decreases to 7%. In any case, the maximum percentage is offered to people willing to invest the amount of 1,500,000 rubles for a period of 91-180 days.

However, even minimal deposit rates are profitable in this bank. VTB offers 6% to customers wishing to invest from 100,000 thousand rubles to the previously mentioned period. 100 m. P. - the minimum amount.I am glad that replenishment of the deposit is available (in the amount of 30 000 rubles). As the amount of funds is added to the deposit, the rate grows.

What is the profit? With a deposit of 700,000 p., Open for 180 days, it is 22,741 p. And even at such a relatively small amount, you can notice an increase in income. And if you invest more? The maximum amount is limited to 30 million. Having invested these funds for a year, it will eventually turn out to gain a profit of 2,136,735 p. Impressive numbers. They make sure that in VTB-24 rates on deposits in rubles are very favorable.

deposit rates in Sberbank

Alfa Bank

It is worth noting the attention and this organization, talking about the favorable interest rates on deposits. At the moment, the most profitable offer is the “Victory +” tariff, offering up to 8.08% per annum! And the minimum deposit amount is only 10 000 r. The term can vary from 92 days to 3 years.

The maximum percentage can be obtained by issuing an annual deposit in the amount of more than 5 million rubles with the Alfa Private package. The total profit from interest in this case will be 404,000 p.

But also to clients with not such large sums good interest rates are offered on deposits. For deposits from 10,000 to 300,000 rubles, they can be 7.12% (when opening an account for a year).If you invest 100 000 p., For example, then at the end of the term you will receive a profit of 7 760 p. (such amount is obtained taking into account% capitalization).


Listing offers from reputable financial organizations, it should be noted the attention and rates of this institution. The most profitable is known under the name "Gazprombank-Perspective". The minimum amount for this type of deposit is only 15,000 rubles, and the interest rate is 8%, regardless of the amount of investment and term. Which, by the way, can vary from 91 days to 3 years.

Another popular is Gazprombank Dynamic. The rate, of course, is less - 7.7%. But then there is the possibility of partial withdrawal of funds, account replenishment and prolongation.

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UniCredit Bank

This organization is also ready to offer good interest. The best option for new customers of the bank "UniCredit" is the tariff called "For friends". The minimum amount is only 15,000 rubles. The interest rate depends only on the period for which the client wants to make a deposit. For 3/6-month deposits is proposed 8.5% per annum. For deposits opened for 368 days - 8.25%.

People who are already clients of this bank can count on the best deals. Take, for example, the tariff "For life". This is a high-return offer that is available to people participating in investment and savings insurance programs. A great option for anyone who wants to fix a profitable percentage for a long period. The maximum term is 1,800 days (almost 5 years). The bank offers its customers 10.55% per annum with a minimum amount of 100,000 rubles (the maximum is limited to 15 million). It is reasonable to draw up such a contribution if there is a relatively large amount on hand. As an example, you can take 1,000,000 p. Having invested this amount for 1,800 days, a person upon expiration will receive 520,220 rubles as interest payments! Really good offer. Therefore, the larger the deposit amount, the better.

VTB deposit rates


The Ural Bank for Reconstruction and Development should also be noted with attention, talking about the most profitable deposits in Russia. UBRR offers its customers to issue a so-called savings certificate, the maximum percentage of which can reach 9%.

Conditions are more than acceptable.Clients with an amount from one to two million rubles and the opportunity to put this money on an annual deposit can count on the maximum percentage. The offer is really profitable. From the maximum amount at the end of the term the person receives 177,534 rubles of profit

Customers with not so much money on hand can also count on a good offer. 7.25% is offered for annual deposits in the amount of 10 to 100 thousand rubles. The rate increases to 8.5% if the amount of funds varies from 100 to 999 tons. P.

You can, by the way, issue a certificate for 180 days. But in this case, the rate will be less by 0.25%.

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Bank of Moscow

In the offices of this financial institution, potential clients are also offered a good deposit rate. The best offer is known as “Maximum Income”. Customers wishing to make a deposit at this rate are offered a rate of up to 7.75% per annum. The indicator rises to 8.05% if a person does not come to the branch, but conducts an operation through online banking.

Interestingly, the minimum amount for a deposit is only 1,000 rubles. And the period varies from 91 to 1095 days.

Profit, as well as final conditions, depends on the amount owned by the client, and the duration of the period of the deposit. The average rate on deposits of this tariff is 7.3% per annum.It is offered to customers who wish to make a 3/6-month deposit in the amount of up to 199,999 p. Thus, having invested 100,000 rubles for half a year, a person can eventually gain 3,650 p.

Of course, with an amount of one and a half million profit is more impressive. Having invested this amount for the same period, a person receives 60,375 rubles as interest.


In the offices of this organization is also offered a favorable rate on deposits. Take, for example, the “Ordinary Miracle” tariff as an example. Up to 9% per annum! And customers who have made a deposit at this rate, not only increase their funds. They also make their contribution to the Sinara charity fund, where SKB-Bank monthly transfers a part of its income earned from deposits.

The maximum rate is valid for deposits made up in the amount of more than 1,000,000 rubles for a period from 271 to 365 days. 8.5% per annum is valid for deposits whose account contains less funds.

By the way, the maximum period is 1080 days. But for this period, regardless of the amount, the rate is only 2.5%. So it is most profitable to draw up a contribution for the year. Having invested 100,000 rubles, for example, upon the expiration of a term it will be possible to make a profit of 8,500 r.

the most profitable deposits

Agricultural Bank

Finally, a few words about the proposals of this institution. Special attention deserves the new tariff, known as the "Investment". Two terms are available - 180 and 395 days. In the first case, the rate is 8.6%, and in the second 8.75% per annum. The minimum deposit amount is 50 000 rub., And the maximum is not limited. Only it can be issued if at the same time a person buys a share of investment funds managed by RSHB Asset Management. The acquisition must be made for the same amount that the customer has made as a down payment to the deposit.

If a person does not intend to buy a share, then the “Classic” tariff will suit him. This deposit can be opened for a period of from 31 to 1460 days for an amount of 3,000 rubles. The maximum rate is 7.95%.

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